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Koh Samui, Thailand


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“Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do.” ∼ Rumi
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“Relax and renew with massage and healthy food on your yoga holiday.”
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“Choose health and vitality - join us for a yoga retreat to unlock your true potential.”
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“Discover leading edge yoga with renowned international teachers.”


Laem Sor Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand

Samahita ProgramDETOX

Choose from our personalised programs and let our professional team bring you back into balance.

Detox, Wellness Spa, De-Stress and Healthy Weight

There’s a minimum three-day stay and you can start any day of the year. All levels welcome.

Time for a Detox?

Samahita RetreatYOGA

Join Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation Retreats at Asia’s best loved beach front retreat center.

Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, joining a scheduled week long retreat or a 3 day Daily Yoga Program, all are welcome.

Request Training Application May 2 – 30, 2015
Education in Yoga: Foundation Course
Paul & Centered Yoga teaching team
Request Training Application May 30 – June 6, 2015
Happier! Unpacking and re-imagining
Kate Howe and Tamara Leach
Request Training Application June 6 – 13, 2015
Optimal Health
Tracy McDonald and Amy Arman
Request Training Application June 13-27, 2015
Practical Anatomy
Arielle Nash and Elonne Stockton
Request Training Application June 20 – 27, 2015
Connected and Centered:
Steve Rubin
Request Training Application June 28 – July 11, 2015
Pranayama Detail and Practice
Paul Dallaghan
Request Training Application July 12 – 25, 2015
Hatha Pradipika Chapters 4 – 5
Sri O. P. Tiwari and Paul Dallaghan
Request Training Application Jul 25 – Aug 22, 2015
Centered Yoga Teacher Training
Paul Dallaghan
Request Training Application August 22 – 29, 2015
7 Days to Vitality: Cleansing & Yoga Retreat
Tracy McDonald and Summer Dien
Request Training Application August 29 – September 5, 2015
Integrated Yoga Practice
Daniel Stringer
Request Training Application September 22 – 29, 2015
Relax & Restore
Amy Arman
Request Training Application September 26 – October 3, 2015
Yoga and Belly Dance
Natasha Devalia and Dorien Israel
Request Training Application Oct 3 – 10, 2015
Building & Deepening
Rachel Grey
Request Training Application October 11-18, 2015
Thailand Soulful Happiness
Silvia Mordini
Request Training Application Oct 25-31, 2015
Strengthen & Balance
Amy Arman
Request Training Application Oct 31 – Nov 28
Education in Yoga: Foundation Course
Centered Yoga Teaching Team
Request Training Application Nov 28 – Dec 5, 2015
The Bridge: Gateway to Freedom
Daphne Tse, Ellen Watson and Cristi Christensen
Request Training Application Dec 5 – 19, 2015
Prenatal and Postpartum
Arielle Nash-Degagne
Request Training Application Dec 12 – 19 2015
The Power of Being
Paul Chambers and Alison Ritchie
Request Training Application Dec 19 – 26, 2015
Christmas & New Year
Paul Dallaghan and Special Musical Guests Edo & Jo
Request Training Application Dec 26 2015 – January 2, 2016
Christmas & New Year
Paul Dallaghan and Special Musical Guests Edo & Jo
Request Training Application January 3-10, 2016
Your Body Your Yoga
Melanie Cooper & Stu Girling
Request Training Application January 10-17, 2016
Ashtanga Yoga – A Breathing Practice
Mikko Seppinen
Request Training Application January 10-24, 2016
Samasthitihi in Every Pose
Chuck Miller
Request Training Application February 7-14, 2016
Deepen your practice through breath
Sara Granström Thorsson
Request Training Application February 14 – 28, 2016
Ashtanga Yoga, Finding the Balance
Adam Keen
Request Training Application February 28 – Mar 6, 2016
Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat
Lana Lavanina
Request Training Application Mar 13 – 20 2016
Learn To Float Ashtanga Intensive
David Robson

Samahita EducationYOGA TRAININGS

Continue your Education in Yoga with Yoga Alliance Foundation & Advanced Teacher Training.

Our teacher trainings have earned the reputation of being one of the world’s most respected and longest running Yoga Alliance Registered Programs both at the 200 and 300 levels.

Apply Now July 15

Learn about the Samahita Live artists and their upcoming concerts here

About Samahita Retreat

Samahita Retreat was established in 2003 on Koh Samui, and is known as the island’s hidden gem.  Formerly known as ”Yoga Thailand”, our boutique, full service retreat center features 40 rooms, a detox and wellness center and the celebrated health-food restaurant. Sattva Dining.

Samahita Retreat is a small, intimate retreat center located on a peaceful beach, away from the busy tourist areas and chosen for its proximity to the important cultural and historical landmark, Laem Sor Pagoda. Read more

Owned and directed by senior yogi, educator and researcher, Paul Dallaghan,  Samahita Retreat has been a location for practice, learning and relaxation for tens of thousands of guests, from all walks of life. Samahita is a place where new friends are made. We welcome guests to come and find connection to the practices and to new friends, joining an international yoga and health community which continues even when people return to their home countries.

Whether you are brand new to yoga or well-established in practice, our range of Retreats, Programs & Yoga Teacher Trainings are specially designed to promote growth and well-being.

We offer both ‘Led’ and ‘Self-Practice-Mysore style’ classes in all our offerings, enabling you to develop a set of practices to take home.

Choose from a range of detox, health and wellness spa options, including relaxing massage and de-stress programs or simply relax and enjoy a healthy beach holiday.  Check out our schedule.

For your health and environment, Samahita Retreat is a smoke and alcohol free retreat center.

We look forward to welcoming you.