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“Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” ∼ Anonymous

Meet Director of Communications & Programs and Yoga Instructor, Anthea Grimason

Director of Communications & Programs & Yoga Teacher

Anthea Grimason Anthea Grimason VDO BioAnthea grew up in Dublin, Ireland, with a passion for travel and a deep curiosity for the cultures and languages of the world from an early age. She has studied Irish, French, German and Italian, lived and worked in dynamic cities such as San Francisco, Rome, Sydney, Copenhagen and London, all the while exploring different career paths and trying to find her way in the world. It was back in Dublin where she initially discovered yoga and later Asia that would draw her back time and time again to dive deeper into this ancient practice.

Although Anthea first set foot in a yoga class in 2003 she didn’t stick with it until returning in 2007 to do the same course with the same teacher, David Collins of Ashtanga Yoga Dublin, who became her teacher for 5 years. Anthea worked in a corporate job at the time but quickly committed to developing her daily practice of yoga and began regularly travelling to Thailand and India at any given opportunity. In 2009, she immersed in a year-long intensive at Ashtanga Yoga Dublin which only sparked a desire to learn more. In 2010 she travelled to Thailand and trained to teach with Paul Dallaghan, who she has practiced with every year since 2008, both in Thailand and Dublin. And while it was’t her intention initially the pull to teach was too strong and so she started upon her return to Ireland and has been teaching ever since.

Leaving her job in early 2012 Anthea continued to travel and teach, on a mission to deepen her understanding of yoga and gain more experience as a teacher. She practiced Ashtanga with Sharath in Mysore, studied asana, philosophy, meditation and pranayama with Paul Dallaghan and his teacher, Sri OP Tiwari in Thailand, taught at Mysore Style in Dublin, and studied Ashtanga and Ayurveda at Ashtanga Yoga Bali with her teachers Prem & Radha, who she also taught with, under their guidance, after completing their intensive for teachers in early 2013. In these years of exploration, her love of Ashtanga has grown but her practice and teaching have also evolved to include the more subtle aspects of pranayama while being strongly influenced by Ayurveda.

The learning continues and Anthea is endlessly excited about passing on what she can to new students. Anthea also welcomed the opportunity to get involved in the business side of Samahita Retreat, seeing it as an opportunity to use other parts of her brain and skills gained from her past experience in Sales & Marketing, Human Resources and Change Management.
Anthea Grimason

Anthea’s teaching is underpinned by her commitment to her own daily asana, pranayama, meditation and mantra practice, along with ongoing study of yoga philosophy. Without a doubt yoga has been the major influence in Anthea’s transformation from a busy work-hard, play-hard city life to now happily living amongst nature in beautiful Koh Samui. Support from family, friends, having inspirational teachers and an absolute inner determination to move beyond a life that didn’t quite feel satisfying, were also key factors. Anthea remembers a wise teacher once saying that the desire to teach should be bursting out of you and she feels grateful, after years of exploration: travel, trying different careers, ‘feeling the fear and doing it anyway’, to have finally found that passion.

Outside of practice and work Anthea enjoys being creative in the kitchen, sparked further by her recent nutrition and health coaching studies with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Her raw chocolates go down a treat with yogis. She writes nutrition blogs and does part time health coaching with yoga students. Anthea’s other creative outlet is photography, inspired immensely by the colours and vibrancy of Asian culture. She is also a certified Reiki Master and loves to give treatments and teach this wonderful healing practice. Music is never far from her ears and given the opportunity she likes to shake it on the dance floor.


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