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“Anything worth doing will take time to cultivate
and time to practice. Most of all it will take time
for its effects to blossom within us and to be revealed.” ∼ Swami Kripalu

Our Approach – Stress Relief Program

Our Approach

Here at Samahita Retreat we take a long-term, holistic approach to stress management and wellbeing. Samahita is a Sanskrit word that literally means ‘Balanced Living’. At Samahita Wellness this is both our philosophy and way of life and our aim to share it with you. It is our hope that you return from your de-stress program at Samahita Retreat renewed and refreshed, with new tools and techniques to help you to manage your stress in a much healthier way.

Our De-stress Program is Ayurvedically inspired, meaning that we use the ancient wisdom of this life science, coupled with yoga practices to guide your system back into balance. The program is personalized to suit your needs based on your dosha (your constitution in Ayurveda), and dosha imbalances. The therapies, herbs, supplements, smoothies and juices are specially selected to support your body and mind in its transition back to vibrant health and wellbeing.

In todays fast paced world there are many ways to relax and unwind from the stresses of modern day living yet many of them such as alcohol, cigarettes and recreational drugs only add further stresses to the body. Combine this with poor eating habits and lack of exercise over prolonged periods and stress can have a profoundly negative effect on the system leading to serious health problems.

We believe that by making a long-term change in one’s approach to stress management, balanced living and vibrant health are easily achieved and maintained.

Before embarking on a stress relief program,it is essential that you make a sincere commitment to your ownwellbeing. By making a firm decision to eliminate stress and change unhealthy habits it is possible to let go of old patterns and balance health and wellness.

To help you in this transformation you will have thedaily guidance and support of our experienced Wellness Team, ready to assist you where needed. We also have numerous healthy resources available in our Wellness Center; books, articles and DVD’s on healthful and balanced living.

Along with the beautiful, natural surroundings of Samahita Retreat; we are ready to support you on your journey to restore health and balance to your body and mind.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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