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Meet Senior Yoga Teacher Arielle Nash – Degagne

Wellness Director and Senior Yoga Teacher

Wellness Director and Senior Yoga Teacher at Samahita RetreatArielle has been interested in human movement since she was a competitive teenage athlete. This led her to pursue her degree in Kinesiology. Following university, while maintaining a fitness career and competing at the national level, the rigors of intense training and a physical job began to show up in her body. Physical discomfort and imbalances steered her toward yoga. Recognizing the healing and balancing effects that a committed Ashtanga practice created within her own body, she followed an aspiration to share this medicine with others. In 2005, Ariellecompleted the Centered Yoga Teacher Training, with Paul Dallaghan, where she was fortunate to be introduced to Sri O.P. Tiwari and the study of pranayama. In addition to spending over 3 years travelling through Europe, South America, Central America, India, China and Southeast Asia, she returned to Thailand annually to grow in her practiceprior to making it her home in 2013.

It was during time in Mysore, India, practicing under the guidance of R. Sharath Jois when Arielle founded the Ashtanga Yoga Research Project. With the participation of over 1100 practitioners, research scientists and fellow teachers, AYRP conducted research on gender differences in Ashtanga asana practice, the results of which are integrated into her teaching.

Arielle teaches a holistic, integrated approach to anatomy in teacher trainings and continuing education courses, at Samahita and other yoga studios. She has also presented continuing education courses for the sport and fitness industries in movement mechanics and exercise physiology in both North America and Asia. As a course presenter, she is a gifted educator with the ability to explain complex information in an interesting, practical and easy-to-understand format.

Arielle has completed specialized training in pre/post natal anatomy and physiology, the physiology of respiration, restorative yoga, and Myofascial Compression Techniques. Combined with a committed regular practice, this education has enabled her toapply knowledge on yoga as therapy, the science of pranayama and rebuilding faulty biomechanics into her Ashtanga teaching, guiding practitioners toward a better understanding of their physicality. Arielle is grateful to her teachers, Paul Dallaghan, Tiwariji and R. Sharath Jois who have shared a part of themselvesto guide her along this path.

Off of the mat Arielle is Samahita’s Wellness Director. Back home in Canada, she can often be found in the west coast mountains, climbing up in summer for a decent run down, or in the winter, improving her snowboarding skills. Either that, or shoe shopping.


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