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Great Sleep

20 More Tips for Great Sleep!

Having been a great sleeper most of my life, whenever I do suffer periods of sleeplessness, I really suffer! It’s not fun but on the plus side, figuring out how to get my sleep back on track has been one of the most rewarding feelings. And the difference in how I feel when I’m sleeping well just makes me more and more convinced about the importance of great sleep for overall health and wellbeing.

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In my last blog, Getting All of your Minerals as Part of Healthy Diet Part II: The Macro-minerals, Highlight on Potassium here, I emphasized the importance of Potassium, a macro-mineral (“macro” meaning that we need them in greater quantity than we do the micro-minerals) that is easily blocked or depleted. (Before that, we discussed the important macro-mineral, Calcium here. ) All minerals are essential, meaning that we need to get them from our foods. Check out my first blog in this series here. for greater detail, but basically, in order to be sure that you are receiving the full variety of minerals as part of a healthy diet, try to eat organic here , whole foods, and “eat the rainbow” to ensure diverse nutrition.This week we look at Magnesium, a macro-mineral which is actually quite difficult to absorb from our foods (at about just 30-60% absorption rate), so we really need to ingest this one in quantity (tips for that are below)! As mentioned in the previous article on Calcium and Potassium, the other four macro-minerals are Phosphorus, Sodium, Chloride, and Sulfur, which we get abundantly in our food supply.

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Yoga Retreat in Thailand

Yoga Retreat in Thailand

Are you planning to join a yoga retreat or do a yoga teacher training? You may have noticed that there are plenty of options to choose from, so the question is, “Where?” I think there are many reasons to come to Thailand and experience this unique part of the world. Thailand is a very safe and nice place, locals are generally very friendly and it is easy to feel comfortable around them, even if you come from a very different cultural background. They will greet you with a warm and sincere smile. Thai food is inexpensive and available almost everywhere. In general, it is healthy and tasty, but beware, it is spicy!. The weather is warm and humid most of the year and that makes nature rich in biodiversity. There are gorgeous islands with beaches that will make you feel like you are in paradise. The country is very well connected with other Asian counties and that makes things easy if you are planning to travel around.

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Dahpne Tsu

Honoring my Inner Guru

This morning as I rose with Guru Purnima (a day of honoring all your teachers) and the big blue full moon upon us, I contemplated and gave gratitude for all the gurus who have supported and help guide me on my spiritual path. As the face of each teacher passed in front of me I recognized that every one of these gurus is an external guru. I honor each and every one of them yet, when I distilled it down to what is guiding me internally I realized that primary guru is my breath. Before any of my external teachers, it was just me and my breath. My friend and co-teacher, Ellen Watson says, “Your breath is your most intimate partner, closer than any lover will ever be to you.”

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Corporate Retreats with a Difference

I remember back in my early corporate days during the boom in Ireland, being taken on an all expenses paid break with the entire office to a five star famous resort in Ireland. We were wined, dined, stayed in plush accommodation, went horse riding, played golf and clay pigeon shooting, partied and basically spent a ton of money. The business was doing well, it was celebrating an anniversary and we were being rewarded with a rather large social budget. There was certainly no work done, perhaps some teambuilding, but definitely a lot of drinking and partying.

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