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This is where we share information, news, helpful hints and ideas on yoga and healthy living. From detox to diet, breathing exercises to yoga pose instructions our team of experts and guest bloggers are happy to share their wealth of knowledge with you.

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Continuous Professional

On-going professional development is a must for all teachers, whatever the subject shared in education, and it is especially important in the teaching of yoga. Education methodology and ethical practices are constantly subject to research and revision, and yoga – although many thousands of years old, and with a rich tradition of teachings – is an ever-evolving art and science with cross-disciplinary connections.

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The Soy Saga

Once known as the ultimate health food for vegetarians and vegans - the ideal replacement for meat and dairy, these days soy is often referred to as dangerous or even evil. So what on earth happened and is it even safe to eat it?

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Somatic Bodywork – Part 2

SOMA -- “The living body inits wholeness," described by Thomas Hanna (Somatic Philosopher) is somatic bodywork. When we think about our physical body, we think . . . I have an injury or problem in my knee so therefore I have stuck energy in my knee. We tend to look at the physical first, right? We think, if I fix this injury to my knee, the problem goes away. Then a few months or years later the problem is back, the knee hurts again. Then we think, I will just do my PT exercises and it will be fine. If not, then we tend to say to ourselves, well I guess I am just going to have to live with this pain, or get a new knee.

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10 Minutes to Restful Sleep

When teaching guests at our retreat, we often hear that at home they have difficulty falling asleep because their minds are too active. And they are not alone. It is very common that people with busy and/or stressful lives find the incessant chatter in their heads makes it difficult for them to fall asleep. Even if they do get enough sleep they can wake up feeling tired because the quality of the sleep was poor.

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Somatic Bodywork – Part 1

Kate Howe and Tamara Gundrum will be hosting "Happier" a yoga and bodywork retreat based on realizing that we have choices in healing and wholeness. Kate and Tamara met when Kate was attending massage therapy school in 2008 in Bozeman, Montana where Tamara was teaching. Kate already recognized that Tamara had extraordinary skills as both an inspirational instructor and a Bodyworker, and then, something unexpected happened.

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