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Do You Know What Most Centers and Grounds You? ~ Carmen Marshall

I always love thinking about and savoring the current year we’re in, before we head in the next….and simplifying the core principles of my company, Create A Life You Love.These are some of the questions I’ve been asking: What are my non-negotiable practices, that most ground and center me? What have I learned this year that has helped me most relax, feel connected and more easily co-create with the universe? What do I want “pack in my suitcase” for 2016?I love threes. My brain thinks in 3’s, 7’s and 10’s. So here’s my 3 non-negotiable practices that most ground and center me:

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The Ashtanga Opening Chant.

Vande Gurunam Caranaravinde—I bow to the lotus feet of the gurus (sometimes translated as ‘the supreme guru’). Vande means ‘I worship’, gurunam is ‘the gurus’ or ‘the supreme Guru’ and charanaravinde means ‘I bow to the lotus feet’.Depending on what you believe or how you see it, here the chant acknowledges and expresses gratitude to all the people who have passed yoga on for thousands of years so we can practice it today.

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Thailand, the land of the dragons

One of the most impressive creatures I encountered when I came to Thailand was the Water Monitor Lizard. This majestic animal can be found wild in nature in this part of the planet or even free in some urban places like Lumphini park in Bangkok. It reminds me of an ancient lost world, the world of big reptiles and dinosaurs. The Water Monitor lizard is a member of the Varanidae family, which includes the Indonesian Komodo Dragon, very famous for being the largest living species of lizards on Earth. The local Thai word for a Monitor Lizard is “hia,” which is an adjective or exclamation that has a very negative connotation, meaning to condemn something as a failure or to express anger, disgust or annoyance. It is also a word that is thought to brings bad luck and some people prefer to call them “silver and gold” in order to avoid the curse.

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Why I Detox & What I’ve Learned

Having just come off my annual 7-day detox I’m feeling inspired to share some thoughts on the vast and often confusing topic of detoxing or cleansing. I’m not going to pretend I know everything there is to know and how it all works but I do feel that my experience to-date gives me some level of expertise. I have personally done in the region of 8-10 detoxes in the last 6 years. I’ve also worked at a detox center supporting guests through their experience, designed detox programs for health coaching clients, friends, colleagues and yoga students, and supported them through the experience, observing their results.

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Nine Nights of Dance

Navratri falls somewhere in September/October every year, depending on the moon, I remember celebrating it as a child in Zambia with the Gujrati community. Even though the festival is about worshipping the 9 forms of the Devi, fasting, and performing rituals, to me it meant only one thing – Garba. Garba is a gujrati folk dance that people come together to do during Navratri. “Nava” “ratri”, those “nine nights” were pure joy, non-stop hours of dance.

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