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Fitting Yoga into Busy Life – Elonne Stockton

Fitting Yoga into Busy Life by Elonne Stockton Many people struggle to fit yoga into their perpetually overflowing lives. Although finding time gets easier as you practice, it may always require effort, sometimes more effort and sometimes less. Here are some basic tips for fitting yoga into a ...

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Yoga Poses by Summer Dien

Easy Yoga Poses By summer dien

Easy Yoga Poses By Summer Dien yoga, yoga poses and benefits, yoga poses for beginners, easy yoga poses, backbends, backbend preparations, spine strengthening poses

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Anthea Grimason Practice Yoga at Samahita Retreat

The Power of Retreats By Anthea Grimason

Holidays...who doesn't love them? When you're feeling stuck in a dull routine, with busy day after busy day blending into one, stressed out, run down and tired, there's nothing more appealing than heading off somewhere, anywhere to escape from it all. The exciting build up, leaving worries behind,

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How Ayurveda Help You Learn to Love and Honor Your Body NO MATTER WHAT

Samahita Retreat is a yoga and detox center that follows an Ayurvedic way of understanding health and well being, so we can start off by acknowledging that not all bodies are the same – and that is OK! and it is even a good thing! as each body has its “pluses” and “minuses,” advantages and disadvantages, health-wise and from an integrated mind-body-spirit perspective!

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Elonne Stockton Practice Pranayam

What is Uddiyana Bandha?

The term Uddiyana Bandha is confusing to a lot of practitioners. I will try and explain the term and its applications, as I have come to understand them with the help of Tiwariji and Paul. The whole abdominal region is the zone of Uddiyana. And the term Uddiyana Bandha may be used in 3 different ways:

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Maintaining a Yoga Practice After Injury

You can always drop to your knees for chataranga, do a restorative practice, just do Surya Namaskar A (one is better than none), or just sit and breathe. There are so many options available to you. It's up to you to figure out what works best for your body. Remember, YOU are the expert when it comes to your body, no one knows it better than you. Experiment, do some research, try something new, and see your practice and your body with new eyes!

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Fresh Juices at Samahita Retreat

Detoxing: The Intelligent Approach by Anthea Grimason

Recognizing the fact that we’re all unique in terms of our body types, stages of life, issues going on with our health, climates we live in and foods we eat daily - it makes sense then to approach detoxing in a way that takes these factors into consideration. Just because one method of detoxing may work for one person, doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. Fasting, for example, is a very quick and effective way to detox but it may actually be quite unhealthy for certain body types. Hence, in my view and from my experience, it’s fairly critical to have an intelligent, individual-focused approach to detoxing, in the same way it is important to recognize individual needs for diet in general and yoga practices for that matter.

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