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From Dance to Yoga and Back

Six years ago, the sudden death of my husband’s aunt, a mentor both for him and me, left me uninspired, dried out, with no desire to dance, to feel and move that way. Reintegrating belly dance into my life after a long hiatus has been an interesting part of my journey.In 2001 my aunt gave me one of my first belly dance classes in Beirut. Her style excited me, drew me into dance – she was tribal, raw, and earthy. I was looking for a way to break free from the rigorous, classical Indian dance form that I had grown up with. There was a feeling of connectedness, of going within, and freedom that I accessed momentarily through her lens of this dance form.

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ASIAN BULLFROGFrogs are amazing animals. I have been fascinated by them since I was a child and I still feel joy and happiness whenever I come to see or hear them. I have noticed that Children from many cultures have an innate attraction to frogs. What makes frogs so naturally adorable?

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Cycle Practice

Cycle PracticeAsanaOf course people know not to do inversions. But a lot of times you will see women modifying their pranayama and skipping the inversions while continuing to do everything else full-on in asana practice.You also want to avoid · A lot of jumping (particularly in the Ashtanga practice, when the hands are on the ground and you are really working mula bandha). · Deep binds and twists that work with the internal pressures in the body · Any postures that put the feet in lotus or foot in half lotus. · Anytime you are required to sit on your heel or press your heel into your pelvis (i.e., Janushirshasana B and C) · Any poses that require a great deal of pelvic floor support should all be avoided.That doesn’t mean we are invalid. Some things are quite good to do during your cycle.

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Easy Yoga Poses By Summer Dien

Virabhadrasana B also known as Warrior B Pose Virabhadra= name of a fierce warrior, an incarnation of Lord Shiva Asana= Pose (key words: yoga, yoga poses and benefits, yoga poses for beginners, easy yoga poses, strength, balance, warrior) Virabhadrasana B or Warrior B pose comes at the end of the standing sequence in the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series after Virabhadrasana A or Warrior A. It strengthens many parts of the body and I find it also increases stamina and endurance.

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Continuous Professional

On-going professional development is a must for all teachers, whatever the subject shared in education, and it is especially important in the teaching of yoga. Education methodology and ethical practices are constantly subject to research and revision, and yoga – although many thousands of years old, and with a rich tradition of teachings – is an ever-evolving art and science with cross-disciplinary connections.

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