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Blacklight Paddle Board Yoga and the Monkey Mind

Last weekend, a friend of mine asked me if I would help her set up her booth at Wanderlust, a traveling yoga festival, and in exchange, she would give me a wrist band which I could use to go to some yoga classes. I’ve never been to a yoga festival before, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, I wasn’t really sure I wanted to go. I practice Ashtanga yoga in a town where we don’t have an Ashtanga community, and so my practice is solo or with a friend or two in a quiet, mirrorless studio in silence. I love it.

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The magical power of pranava japa

It’s pure magic. According to Patanjali, Isvara (the Self) is expressed as pranava and the continuous chanting (japa) of the word Om brings many benefits, such as purification of the mind, the body and the environment, removal of attachments and attainment of all four aims of human life, namely obligatory duty (dharma), wealth (artha), pleasure (kama) and liberation (moksha).

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Top Picks for Yoga Music

Swami Sivananda, of whom The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres are named after, recognized music as yoga, a way to connect to a Higher Power. He said, “That this form of art happens to be also a delectable medium for getting into tune with the Infinite is one of the favors bestowed on Mankind by a merciful providence…It was always held to be but an extension and outward symbolization of the Omnipresent Pranava Sound-OM-and utilized only for purposes of God attainment…” Read more in his book, Music as Yoga.

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Shiva, God of Dance

At every Bharatanatyam Indian classical dance lesson I took growing up, we opened the class standing, with the feet together, palms touching at the heart, elbows up. The teacher was sitting cross-legged on the floor facing us, palms together with closed eyes.Together, we would chant two verses. The first is a Shanti Mantra, “Sahana Vavatu…” familiar to many of us in the yoga world, as well as the following Dhyaana slokam in praise of Shiva, the God of Dance.

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So you think you love yourself?

Everywhere you turn from personal development books to Oprah, we are told to love ourselves, but what does this really mean? And what are the benefits of loving yourself?In my own journey to “loving myself” my enquiry started with just that question “Do I really love myself?” Coming from Scotland, a culture that delights in its self-depreciating humour, “loving yourself” is not seen as an endearing characteristic in any way!

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