What is a Healthy Diet? How Raw Foods are Part of a Healthy Diet

Tracy McDonald I have some exciting things to tell you about raw foods that I will be sharing with you over the next few weeks! These foods are ABSOLUTELY part of what is a healthy diet – it doesn’t matter if you cannot “do raw” 100% of the time – you can still gain the benefits of raw foods cuisine with ANY amount of raw that you can add to your daily fare.

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How Ayurveda Help You Learn to Love and Honor Your Body NO MATTER WHAT

Samahita Retreat is a yoga and detox center that follows an Ayurvedic way of understanding health and well being, so we can start off by acknowledging that not all bodies are the same – and that is OK! and it is even a good thing! as each body has its “pluses” and “minuses,” advantages and disadvantages, health-wise and from an integrated mind-body-spirit perspective!

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