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Connecting to and embracing change: An excerpt from “Unbound”

By Dorien Israel

Much of what appears to you to be personal tragedy upon your plane of earth is, in reality, nothing more than an unwillingness on the part of the personality to listen to the wishes of the deep self. In this way does it set up the drama for movement.

The ego shall have a view of the purpose of life that is forever in direct conflict with that of the soul’s. The ego’s major wish is for the safe, the known, and the secure.

The soul, in its absolute knowingness of its indestructibility, wishes only for growth, expansion, and new challenges so it may express its unlimitedness. The soul sees change as the path to the wholeness it seeks to rejoin. To the soul, change represents the most direct route to expand beyond the limits presented by a fearful personality.

The ego was given the function of keeping self safe until the age of reason. It is at that point that you are aware of clear, inner messages and you have the ability to interpret these messages and ultimately choose your actions accordingly. Many of you, however, have reached well beyond the age of reason and still do you allow yourselves to be dictated to by the parental ego, seeing yourselves as powerless children.

It is always your choice. The path without change, the limited way of the ego, will give your body the message that life is not unlimited and that it is dangerous to live fully.

Ultimately these messages will cause the body to begin to turn away from life through disease and aging.


If, however, you begin to listen to the soul – speaking to you through the sounds of intuition and the insights of imagination – your life will be extraordinary. You will begin to reflect the view of yourself as dynamic, creative, ongoing movement and energy. The ultimate message to the body then will be that life is good and meant to be experienced fully and that the body should choose more and more of life.

Do you want to know how to make your life less traumatic and more understandable? Listen, simply listen to those inner stirrings and promptings your ego would have you disregard. In this way will you begin to make the choices that will end your need to create catastrophe in your life so that you will be physically forced to listen.

You, more than any other creatures we have known, have devised the most creative and ingenious ways of effecting growth without appearing to have done so. You will go to any length so that you might take no responsibility or control for the situation that forces you to move and grow – from accidents involving physical injuries, to being fired from jobs that are no longer appropriate, to being robbed of possessions that are in truth burdens, to being abandoned by friends so that you might make space for new ones.

All of this drama, simply to appease an ego so afraid of initiating movement on its own that it would prefer to deal with trauma rather than experience the unknown.

Change, the most fearful of words to the ego, is what all things upon the earth plane do. Change is a constant, a given. The process of change is your closest connection to the creative unlimited energy of the Divine.




Dorien Israel

Your concept of God is quite strange. You believe God to be perfect, but if something is perfect it is finished, the standard is set, it is complete, absolute, and limited. Is that concept not also the one you have of death? The energy we know as God is ongoing, totally alive, ever-moving, expanding, and growing. It is dynamic and creative and, beloved, changing constantly.

The more your life reflects those God-like qualities, the more you move within the Divine’s conscious stream of light and power. Bless those situations that impose the greatest difficulty. You have caused them so you might no longer experience a drain on your life force.

You have caused it all. You have used your power to remove people from your life, to create “accidents” that “just happen.” Robberies are not random chance, illnesses are not punishments from a God who does not love you. You create it all.

None of this need occur in your life if you listen and act from an open heart that expresses the desires of the deep self. Listen, trust, act in accordance with what you feel inside – even if other does not understand your way.

Well what can a girl do when she hears an Irish jig in Ireland?

โพสต์โดย Dorien Israel บน 2 มิถุนายน 2016

Excerpt from “Unbound” by Dorien Israel
Article Name
Excerpt from “Unbound” by Dorien Israel
Much of what appears to you to be personal tragedy upon your plane of earth is, in reality, nothing more than an unwillingness on the part of the personality to listen to the wishes of the deep self. In this way does it set up the drama for movement.

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