What to bring
“The practice of yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation) must be continued, but without any expectation. Growth comes, but it is gradual. Sincerity, regularity and patience will ensure eventual advancement.”
∼ Swami Vishnu-Devananda
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What to Bring

Be eco-conscious:

To help soften our impact on Mother Nature, please use refillable water bottles, biodegradable products, and cloth shopping bags while conserving, too, on electricity and water.

Recommendations of what to bring

You will find all these items available on Koh Samui or at our shop (if you prefer not to take them with you).

yoga mat
yoga clothing
sun hat
mosquito repellent
open sandals
shampoo/conditioner/soap (we do not provide in the guest rooms due to unnecessary waste in the hotel industry)
refillable water bottle
feminine sanitary products
travel documentation, passport with more than 6 months before expiry and visa if needed
mobile phone, ipods, laptop (if can't live without them)
* * *

No shots are required.