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“From the bitterness of disease man learns the sweetness of health.” ∼ Catalan Proverb
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Candida Detox Program


Candida is a yeast that grows naturally in the gut, however, when this yeast multiplies out of control it can unbalance your whole system, creating an acidic environment where bad bacteria can thrive. Over time this imbalance in the intestinal flora lowers the immune system, leaving the individual open to disease. In addition, the presence of heavy metals in the system can mean that even a strict anti- candida diet will not solve the problem, as the yeast will continue to proliferate. The Samahita Retreat Candida detox has been carefully designed to target the problem by seeking to eliminate the yeast overgrowth on a permanent basis.

Are you at risk from Candida Overgrowth?

  • Have you taken or do you take birth control pills?
  • Have you used antibiotics or steroids for an extended period of time?
  • Have you given birth in the last 5 years?
  • Is your diet high in sugar, fried and refined foods?
  • Do you suffer from hypothyroidism?
  • Do you suffer from diabetes?
  • Do you suffer from stress?
  • Do you have worms and parasites?
  • Do you suffer from chronic constipation?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then read on.

For Whom is a Candida Detox?

For those who suffer from or suspect they may have Candida. For those who may have been following an anti-Candida diet for some time and still experience symptoms. For those who suspect they may have heavy metals in their system For those who regularly experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Constipation/diarrhea
  • Abdominal gas and bloating
  • Headaches
  • Muscle and joint pains
  • Yeast infections
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Feeling spacey or foggy
  • Poor concentration
  • Depression
  • Genital itching

A simple Candida questionnaire can help you to assess whether or not your symptoms are yeast related.

The Diet

The candida detox diet is designed to starve the yeast, reduce acidity and bring the body back to its ideal pH balance. It consists mainly of green juices and steamed vegetables to alkalize the system. During the Candida Detox program you will receive Candida Detox herbal tinctures and natural supplements to target the yeast, zeolite liquid mineral supplement to chelate heavy metals, probiotics, plus our special ayurvedic herbal detox formula.


This candida cleanse detox is particularly beneficial for re-establishing the balance of good bacteria and yeast in the colon. This helps to restore healthy functioning to the bowel, relieving gas, bloating and other candida symptoms as well as removing heavy metals in an effort to eliminate yeast overgrowth on a permanent basis.

The Program

The Candida Detox Program comprises a special anti-candida diet of fresh green juices and steamed vegetables, Candida Detox herbal tinctures and natural supplements, probiotics, plus our special ayurvedic herbal detox formula. Candida detox therapies including daily Far Infrared Sauna sessions, daily use of the Candida-Parasite zapper, Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massages, holistic treatments, daily detox support meeting and detox welcome kit including everything you will need for your detox program. For more detailed information relating to Candida, please read the following article by our Wellness Director, Claudia Could Candida Albicans be Affecting Your Health?

Program Inclusions

  • A specially adapted Candida Detox diet
  • Candida Detox herbal tinctures and natural supplements
  • Our special ayurvedic herbal detox formula
  • Yoga practices and breathwork
  • Yogic cleansing techniques
  • Far infrared sauna therapy sessions daily
  • Daily use of the Candida-Parasite zapper
  • Chi Nei Tsang – therapeutic abdominal massage
  • ‘Body & Soul’ therapies
  • Fiber, probiotic and superfood supplementation
  • Specially developed ayurvedic body oil to perform abhyanga
  • Specific foods, broths, juices and teas
  • An optional liver and gall bladder flush
  • Detox Welcome Kit
  • Full Samahita Retreat facilities including pool and steam room
  • Full staff support including daily meetings with our experienced wellness team
  • Pre-arrival guidelines to help you prepare for your detox
  • Post- detox guidelines to help you transition from your detox

Optional Liver and Gallbladder Flush

Each participant has the choice, though it is recommended, to add in this flush towards the end of the detox program. It aids the detoxification process. The liver flush helps prevent gall stones, lowers cholesterol levels in the blood, can reduce referred pains from the liver or gall bladder (e.g. shoulder pain), reduce and prevent liver related headaches and migraines (i.e. those with nausea), helps food allergies, helps in weight reduction, constipation and improves vitality levels.

Length of Time to Detox

To get the most out of the process it is recommended to participate in a detox program for at least 7 to 10 days. One can continue a little longer if need be. However, we do offer program packages of 3 and 5 days also. We understand people’s time limitations coupled with the desire to fit everything in, so encourage you to plan it out in advance.

Candida Detox Program Rates

Detox programs include accommodation, yoga and all detox therapies. It is recommended that Detox Program guests reserve a single room to ensure the privacy needed during the Detox with a private bathroom. Shared room is possible if guests are coming together as a couple or friends.

Candida Detox Program Rates 

Length of stayInclusionsShare (THB)Semi private (THB)
Private (THB)
3 days3 x Far Infrared sauna
1 x Chi Nei Tsang massage
1 x Body & Soul Massages or Radiance Spa therapies
5 days5 x Far Infrared sauna
2 x Chi Nei Tsang massage
2 x Body & Soul Massages or Radiance Spa therapies
7 days7 x Far Infrared sauna
3 x Chi Nei Tsang massage
3 x Body & Soul Massages or Radiance Spa therapies
10 days10 x Far Infrared sauna
4 x Chi Nei Tsang massage
4 x Body & Soul Massages or Radiance Spa therapies
14 days10 x Far Infrared sauna
6 x Chi Nei Tsang massage
6 x Body & Soul Massages or Radiance Spa therapies

* We strongly recommend adding on private mind & body coaching sessions to help support your de-stress program.

Session Rate
Package of any 3 private sessions (60 mins) 8,160 THB
Package of any 5 private sessions (60 mins) 11,900 THB

These add-on packages can be booked onsite at our Wellness Center reception, based on availability.

If you have any questions regarding these private sessions or how to book. Please contact us.

Friend / Family Room & Board Rates

These are available to any registered Samahita Retreat guest's partner, family member or friend, who is not interested in participating in any of the programs but will stay in a room and board capacity. Shared accommodation, food, and the facilities are open to the Room & Board guest(s).

During our Peak periods, the friends and family rate applies to single and deluxe rooms only.

Deluxe One Bedroom Suite

We only have two deluxe one bedroom suites located in our most private building closest to the sea. They have a private bedroom, living room, fully equipped kitchen, generous bathroom and an extra large balcony. Both suites offer a modern open living room with sofa bed, LCD TV, working desk and DVD/ iPod Stereo. They are perfect for a family or couple. The additional rate is a flat rate based on the room and is added on to the total rate package whether a single individual, couple or family.

Deluxe One Bedroom Suite - Additional cost on the total program package:

  • 2,100 per day
  • 13,440 for one week
  • 26,040 for two weeks
  • 37,800 for three weeks
  • 46,200 for four weeks

Our guestrooms are set back just over 50 meters from the water to provide with you with a private community and greater security. A selection of our rooms enjoy this spectacular sea view, while others enjoy the tropical gardens scene.

It is possible to extend your time on detox day by day from an above program as fits your timeline. You can also add extra therapies and treatments to your program at a special discounted rate.

The rate is inclusive of:

  • Full yoga and fitness program
  • Fully equipped accommodation with AC
  • Full brunch and dinner buffets
  • Mineral drinking water
  • Herbal steam room
  • Salt water swimming pool
  • Wi Fi internet
  • Service charge
  • VAT government tax


I would do it again. Detox is not new to me; what’s new is the great staff here at Samahita. Congratulations! Keep up the spirit. Many thanks. ~ Christa, Austria (2014-01-01)   Enjoyable stay. Program is well run. Staff in Wellness, etc, are all very kind especially the nurses and the people look after our meals. Very caring and help me feel more calm and confident about the detox process. ~ Czarina, Hong Kong (2014-01-01)   I want to return and stay looonger! :) ~ Ala, Austria (2014-01-01)   I came in as an agnostic and left a believer, food smells better and tastes even better after the detox (10 days). The yoga was brilliant. Feeling revived and renewed. ~ William, Australia (2014-01-01)   Very professional instructors, good adjustments, and new point of views. ~ Alina, Romania (2014-01-01)

How to Reserve Your De-stress Program

  • First, be clear this is a program you would like to do and are ready to go forward. Review all our information so you are clear and comfortable.
  • Then, complete the De-stress Reservation Form on this site.
  • Our reservations team will respond to you with availability and confirmation.
  • Once confirmed, our wellness team will contact you with a pre-arrival questionnaire.
  • After you complete it and return it via email we will forward you a set of guidelines to better prepare you for your de-stress program.
  • A full schedule and de-stress welcome kit will be prepared for you to have upon your arrival.
We sincerely hope you can join us here.

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