Looking for a healthy and sustainable diet

Diet is a topic that I consider very important, since our health, and also the wellbeing of the environment we live in, are things that concern all humans. I have personally studied the effects of a vegetarian diet in my own body for almost a decade. All I can say is that this has been the first step of a long personal journey, and I keep an open mind, always learning and investigating. Indeed, the more I research a healthy and sustainable diet, the less I dare come to any conclusions or take anything for granted.

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trip to Koh Tan

A trip to Koh Tan and its coral reef

During my Yoga Teacher Training at Samahita, I joined one of the weekly activities that are complimentary at the retreat, and I enjoyed it very much. It was the trip to the neighboring, small island of Koh Tan. My favorite part of the trip was the snorkeling in the coral reef close to Koh Tan. Back at the time

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From the Pyrenees to the South of Thailand: My personal journey of the heart

The Alchemist from Paolo Coelho, is a book that transformed my life a few years ago. It is the story and adventures of Santiago, a young Andalusian shepherd, on his journey to the pyramids of Egypt, after having a dream of finding a treasure there. This beautiful tale really encouraged me to take an important step in my life. Back at the time, I was working somewhere I didn’t like and I really knew this was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life…or even for a few months!

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Thailand, the land of the dragons

One of the most impressive creatures I encountered when I came to Thailand was the Water Monitor Lizard. This majestic animal can be found wild in nature in this part of the planet or even free in some urban places like Lumphini park in Bangkok. It reminds me of an ancient lost world, the world of big reptiles and dinosaurs. The Water Monitor lizard is a member of the Varanidae family, which includes the Indonesian Komodo Dragon, very famous for being the largest living species of lizards on Earth. The local Thai word for a Monitor Lizard is “hia,” which is an adjective or exclamation that has a very negative connotation, meaning to condemn something as a failure or to express anger, disgust or annoyance. It is also a word that is thought to brings bad luck and some people prefer to call them “silver and gold” in order to avoid the curse.

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Time for transformation?

Something really important during the process of transformation is to be very compassionate with your feelings and emotions. Try to give space to anything that is arising. Think about acceptance and integration, these are two key words. Another important element is time. Any changes in your life should be made with love and care, in a gradual way and allowing yourself as much time as needed.

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Yoga Retreat in Thailand

Yoga Retreat in Thailand

Are you planning to join a yoga retreat or do a yoga teacher training? You may have noticed that there are plenty of options to choose from, so the question is, “Where?” I think there are many reasons to come to Thailand and experience this unique part of the world. Thailand is a very safe and nice place, locals are generally very friendly and it is easy to feel comfortable around them, even if you come from a very different cultural background. They will greet you with a warm and sincere smile. Thai food is inexpensive and available almost everywhere. In general, it is healthy and tasty, but beware, it is spicy!. The weather is warm and humid most of the year and that makes nature rich in biodiversity. There are gorgeous islands with beaches that will make you feel like you are in paradise. The country is very well connected with other Asian counties and that makes things easy if you are planning to travel around.

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Is it healthy to live on a vegetarian diet?

The practice of Yoga is often related to vegetarian and vegan diets. Some modern teachers claim that in order to achieve the "state of yoga" one must live on a vegetarian diet. In the "yoga world," it is common to hear that in order to respect the first yama (yamas are the first limbs of Patanjali’s 8 limbs), which is called "ahimsa" and translates as "non violence," we yogis and yoginis should practice vegetarianism. But, is it healthy to live on a vegetarian diet? Many of us who are interested in yoga, healthy foods, animal rights or maintaining a diet that is more likely to sustain our planet, had to deal with this question. I find it to be a very trendy topic nowadays, and I want to share my experience and my point of view.

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Thailand, a paradise for birds

Thailand, a paradise for birds and yoga lovers The beautiful Island of Koh Samui in Thailand is a paradise for birds and bird-watchers. There is a surprisingly wide variety of species, and some of them are very easy to observe and identify. I have been surprised to see some beautiful species around Samahita Retreat, like the Blue Indian Roller and the majestic Greater Coucal. As I sit here writing this article I can hear many birds churping and tweeting, and I wonder if others are aware of the magnificent concert that is going on right now. Going for a walk around the area can be very interesting, and species like the Myna or the Magpie Robin are very easy to spot, as well as a few varieties of sunbirds, the yellow-vented bulbul, swallow or egrets.

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ASIAN BULLFROG Frogs are amazing animals. I have been fascinated by them since I was a child and I still feel joy and happiness whenever I come to see or hear them. I have noticed that Children from many cultures have an innate attraction to frogs. What makes frogs so naturally adorable?

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