Three tips to start your day off right

When you first open your eyes in the morning, what is your first thought? Is it, “Ugh, oh my god, I don't want to get up…Not another day…I don't want to go to work” Or is it, “Today is going to be a beautiful day. I have a good feeling about today.”

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The breath is the most important part of the practice. Focus on the breath, even if you forget the posture or the sequence. Breathe through the nose with sound, constricting the glottis, and creating an aspirated sound in the throat. Breath should be soft, smooth and audible. Breathing with sound creates an object for the mind to focus on, creates heat within the body, building an internal fire, and helps to circulate the blood. Coordinate one breath with one movement and let the breath initiate the movement. Breathing properly ensures that you receive the subtle benefits of the practice.

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Easy Food Recipes by Summer Dien

If you’re like me, you probably love good food as much as you love yoga! I know a lot of yogis who are hardcore foodies as well. A healthy, balanced diet is an important part of living a yogic lifestyle. The diet should complement your practice, give you energy and leave you feeling satisfied and nourished. Invest in your health today by eating and drinking what will support you and your lifestyle, and you needn’t worry about health and medical bills later on in life. Eating a whole foods, plant based diet will leave you feeling clean, clear, light and energetic. Before you eat: Give thanks for each meal and infuse it with your gratitude and loving energy. This will completely change the molecular composition of the food. Give thanks to the person/people who prepared the meal, the people at the grocery store/farmer’s market where you bought the ingredients, the people who planted/packaged the ingredients, the suppliers, the delivery people, the seeds, the soil, the sun, the rain. Give thanks to everyone/everything who played a part in making it so you have good food to eat. It makes such a huge difference when you do this, and everyone/everything can feel the love that’s being sent out.

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Downward Facing Dog

Adho Mukha Svanasana, or as my teacher, Paul Dallaghan, likes to call it, Adho Mukha Sukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Happy Doggie), is a pose that you will encounter in most yoga classes, Ashtanga and otherwise. It comes in the sun salutations in the beginning of the Ashtanga sequence, as a resting posture and then later on as a transitional pose. It is great for building strength and although it can be labeled as an “easy yoga pose” it can be quite challenging as well! Hopefully with some guidance, your tail will be wagging in this Adho Mukha Sukha Svanasana.

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Easy Yoga Poses By Summer Dien

Virabhadrasana B also known as Warrior B Pose Virabhadra= name of a fierce warrior, an incarnation of Lord Shiva Asana= Pose (key words: yoga, yoga poses and benefits, yoga poses for beginners, easy yoga poses, strength, balance, warrior) Virabhadrasana B or Warrior B pose comes at the end of the standing sequence in the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series after Virabhadrasana A or Warrior A. It strengthens many parts of the body and I find it also increases stamina and endurance.

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Easy yoga poses by Summer Dien

Vrksasana is not a pose in the Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga but my teacher, Paul Dallaghan, likes to add it in before Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana as a primer and hip opener. In vrksasana, take on the qualities of a tree: strong, rooted, grounded, balanced, connected to the earth with deep roots, and reaching for the sky, taking in the sunlight. Feel the sense of two opposing forces at work to help you balance: feel rooted into the ground and growing tall towards the sky.

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How Do You Do Chair Pose?

Utkatasana is a pose that works to strengthen the ankles, thighs, calves, and spine. It also stimulates the abdominal organs. Utkasana appears in Surya Namaskara B (Sun Salutation B) and is the 3rd pose of the Ashtanga Primary Series before moving to the seated postures.

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How do I do Half Moon Pose?

Samahita Retreat teacher Summer Dien shows us the benefits of easy yoga poses. This weeks focus is Half Moon Pose.

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Easy Yoga Poses By summer dien

Yoga poses and benefits, yoga poses for beginners, easy yoga poses, backbends, backbend preparations, spine strengthening poses

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Maintaining a Yoga Practice After Injury

You can always drop to your knees for chataranga, do a restorative practice, just do Surya Namaskar A (one is better than none), or just sit and breathe. There are so many options available to you. It's up to you to figure out what works best for your body. Remember, YOU are the expert when it comes to your body, no one knows it better than you. Experiment, do some research, try something new, and see your practice and your body with new eyes!

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