Six reasons (with huge pay-offs) to breathe through your nose by Paul Dallaghan

Every Centered Yoga retreat or training involves set times for Q&A periods with Paul Dallaghan. During this past year’s 2017/18 Christmas and New Year Retreat he was asked about why such a focus on nose breathing is emphasized.

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An introduction to Bhramari Pranayama By Manuel Molina de la Torre

Unlike the way our ancestors lived for so many generations, today’s pace of life is extremely fast. Although we are aware of the negative impact this hurried way of living has on the planet, increasing global warming, and we know the effect high levels of stress has on our health, it seems that we usually cannot stop this behavior. As a society, we are somehow forced to run towards the dead end of self-destruction. As individuals, society is constantly pushing us to quickly adapt to a faster world, without having much time to pause, reflect or to look back on our lives. Who hasn’t at one time or another felt like they are living in a “rat race”? I was having a good conversation with a close friend of mine and he taught me for the first time about the term “VUCA” -- have you ever hear about it?

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How to Detox

Detoxification, or detox, is the process of eliminating the toxins from your body. In the modern world, food additives, stress, exhaustion, environmental pollution, and more work together to leave our bodies and minds sluggish and unhealthy. Detoxing returns your body to the basics, giving it the opportunity to naturally cleanse itself. Yet figuring out exactly how to detox can be confusing for beginners. Although there are many different methods, yogic thought focuses on gentle methods that can last, rather than harsh cleanses.

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Why should we incorporate yoga into a fitness routine?

Yoga asanas are the physical postures that we all know well and see in local fitness studios, healthy lifestyle magazines and on wellness retreats. Indian sages spent lots of time contemplating the human body and nervous system and developing asanas over generations to mobilize the body and create a sense of psychosomatic balance. When combined with breath, this idea of balance is experienced and extends to the mind, helping it move towards silencing the ongoing dictation of deadlines, worries and troubles that knock us 'out of sync’ with the present moment.

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On the value yoga retreats and spiritual vacations

As we calm our minds and begin to unravel the knots of the stress that is wound throughout our bodies, we can ask, "what do I really want from this life, and will that make me truly happy?" After all, happiness is what we are after, and all the money in the world cannot buy it.

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David Robson

Boiling the Blood

In Ashtanga, we sweat a lot. Following the vinyasa system, we jump back and forth between postures and between sides. That creates a lot of heat. And then there’s the internal heat that we create with our breath. By controlling the inhalation and exhalation while we practice, making them long and even, we fan our internal, metabolic fire.

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A tasteful yoga practice!

In the yoga tradition the relationship to food and eating is almost looked upon as something holy. We are eating to live and encourage life which involves a lot more than how many calories are in the meal, or nutrients. Yoga would say that even things like how the food is prepared, how we eat it and the condition of our mind as we eat, has an effect on how the food is able to support us and our health.

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cooking spices

5 Unusual Ways to Boost Your Energy, Happiness and Wellbeing ~ Jessica Blanchard

Ever feel overwhelmed? Like you’re a hamster running on a wheel, and you long to jump off? But just between the essentials like work, family life, relationships, and getting food into your mouth, there's an incredible amount to fit into each day. So you keep running for dear life. On the days when you squeeze in a yoga class or morning meditation you feel incredible. But frequently you just can’t find the time. Sigh.

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Six Ways to Spot a World-Class Detox Retreat

Detox retreats are becoming the chosen holiday spots for many individuals around the world, especially as our polluted environment and processed foods are taking their toll. Many people, feeling the burden of stress from their lives in the form of sleepless nights, mood swings, anxiety, depression, skin problems and other “dis”-eases are looking for ways to reconnect to themselves and find peace again. Some people, knowing that their unhealthy food and beverage choices, mainly consisting of convenience items easily incorporated into a constant on-the-go lifestyle, know that cleansing the body of its accumulated toxins may be in order.

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sunset on a beach

Do You Know What Most Centers and Grounds You? ~ Carmen Marshall

I always love thinking about and savoring the current year we’re in, before we head in the next….and simplifying the core principles of my company, Create A Life You Love. These are some of the questions I’ve been asking: What are my non-negotiable practices, that most ground and center me? What have I learned this year that has helped me most relax, feel connected and more easily co-create with the universe? What do I want “pack in my suitcase” for 2016? I love threes. My brain thinks in 3’s, 7’s and 10’s. So here’s my 3 non-negotiable practices that most ground and center me:

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The Deeper Connection ~ Sara Granström Thorsson

When I ask yogis from different parts of the world why they practice yoga the answer they give has usually to do with something that is referring to a deeper connection with the core of their being. This connection can show itself in many different ways. Someone will say: “I become calmer when I do yoga and feel more at peace with myself.” Someone else describes the same connection as something that makes them kinder towards other people. 

Many also experience that yoga gives them “a gap” or perhaps “a space” where they are able to see things more clearly. The great thing about this pause is that it creates options for how to react in different situation. The “gap” is the calm and quiet environment where you allow yourself to observe yourself.

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Peter Nathaniel

A blog about Breathwork

My Breathwork Journey began with a drowned man. I arrived in Ubud, Bali, after two weeks on the Gillie islands. Two days before I’d witnessed the calm blue paradise waters take a life, without so much as a ripple to mark his passing. The experience of watching the last breath of a man I had never met float past my face, rising from a depth to deep to reach below me, had left me hollow and raw. So when a friend invited me to join her for a breath class, which might help with stress relief and the release of tension, I went along, though at first I failed to see any connection.

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Why I Detox & What I’ve Learned

Having just come off my annual 7-day detox I’m feeling inspired to share some thoughts on the vast and often confusing topic of detoxing or cleansing. I’m not going to pretend I know everything there is to know and how it all works but I do feel that my experience to-date gives me some level of expertise. I have personally done in the region of 8-10 detoxes in the last 6 years. I’ve also worked at a detox center supporting guests through their experience, designed detox programs for health coaching clients, friends, colleagues and yoga students, and supported them through the experience, observing their results.

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Time for transformation?

Something really important during the process of transformation is to be very compassionate with your feelings and emotions. Try to give space to anything that is arising. Think about acceptance and integration, these are two key words. Another important element is time. Any changes in your life should be made with love and care, in a gradual way and allowing yourself as much time as needed.

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woman meditating on the beach

The magical power of pranava japa

It’s pure magic. According to Patanjali, Isvara (the Self) is expressed as pranava and the continuous chanting (japa) of the word Om brings many benefits, such as purification of the mind, the body and the environment, removal of attachments and attainment of all four aims of human life, namely obligatory duty (dharma), wealth (artha), pleasure (kama) and liberation (moksha).

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So you think you love yourself?

Everywhere you turn from personal development books to Oprah, we are told to love ourselves, but what does this really mean? And what are the benefits of loving yourself? In my own journey to “loving myself” my enquiry started with just that question “Do I really love myself?” Coming from Scotland, a culture that delights in its self-depreciating humour, “loving yourself” is not seen as an endearing characteristic in any way!

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