Accept your past for a better future

How many things in your life do you “not want to talk about”, often pushing these backwards and locking them in a little box where you hope they will never come out? I do not know of anyone that doesn’t have something they are yet to deal with, I did for years and this is how I dealt with it!

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Best Retreat Destinations by Mae Bejo

Be warned: Like Sirens luring you in from the sea, Thailand has a way of drawing you back in. This vibrant kingdom of Southeast Asia paints a mystical picture with its spectacular temples that offer a quiet solace away from the noise of tuk-tuks, bustling streets and commotion of the major cities. Thailand is a favorite among yoga enthusiasts because of its deep connection with traditional healing treatments, most popular of which is Thai massage, which combines acupressure with yoga-like stretching techniques. But where do yoga retreat regulars go when they want some of the best wellness experiences in Thailand? Here are four luxurious retreat destinations worth giving a try.

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What then? … “Adapt and overcome”

Goals are great and are sometimes needed as checkpoints in your on-going journey called life ... but, once you have achieved this goal ... what then? Often we become fixated on an end result … "When I get to Friday ..." , "When I get a six pack" ... "When I can handstand" , "When I get on my weeks holiday abroad next year I will be happy." etc.

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Excerpt from “Unbound”

Much of what appears to you to be personal tragedy upon your plane of earth is, in reality, nothing more than an unwillingness on the part of the personality to listen to the wishes of the deep self. In this way does it set up the drama for movement.

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Yogis united

Over the past 7 years I have been returning to Samahita Retreat regularly to continue my studies with my teacher Paul Dallaghan - continuing on my path of diving deeper into the practices of Yoga. And whenever I return back home to my own community of students, I bring along new insights and inspiration to share with them.

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