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“Anything worth doing will take time to cultivate and time to practice. Most of all it will take time for its effects to blossom within us and to be revealed.” ∼ Swami Kripalu
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About our Detox Programs

detox-infographicThe Detox Programs at Samahita Retreat have been developed through years of personal experience and research. We do not use common off-the-shelf detox kits. Instead, we have carefully developed an Ayurvedic herbal detox formula, combined it with professional therapies, supplements, yoga practices and an optimal food and juice balance suited to your energy and toxicity level.

We do not claim to be medical experts or offer such advice. As a leading Thailand Detox resort, we are, however, deeply immersed in healthy, holistic living and carry with us our experience of detox and balanced living. As a result we offer you a positive, purpose-built, complete and supportive environment in which to enjoy your detox program.




Detox Program

Learn about Samahita’s world renowned, personalized Ayurvedic detox program.



Candida Detox Program

This is a specialised detox for those who suffer from or suspect they may have Candida. What is Candida? Read on for details.


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