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“As I see it, every day you do
one of two things: build health
or produce disease in yourself.” ∼ Adelle Davis

Detox Spa and Wellness Retreats

We have been leading weight loss, detox retreats and wellness programs around the world since 2000 and at Samahita Retreat since 2003. Joining our health retreats gives you both guidance and informative lectures and discussions. It is an excellent time to engage deeper over a focused period of time while giving yourself a well balanced break.

Weight loss, Detox Retreats and Health Retreats in Detail

Retreats at Samahita Retreat run for a fixed period of time and offer the participant an opportunity to go deeper into the subject matter with the program leader. It is a focused time spent on working on oneself, whether through a detox retreat, fasting or weight loss retreat approach, complimented with yoga practice and any included therapies and treatments. Each program has a different focus with different inclusions. Retreats are at a set rate that covers the full yoga program, accommodation, and meals.

Detox Retreats and Health Retreats

These programs offer an expertly guided approach to detoxing the body and mind coupled with yoga practices. Featuring one of our senior wellness team, including Wellness Director Arielle Nash-Degagne and Nutrition Specialist Tracy Macdonald combined with senior yoga teachers regularly leads a focused retreat group in providing an educational, community oriented and supportive environment to aid the detox process. We also have guest teacher programs such as internationally renowned Naturopath and Homeopath, Graeme Bradshaw and his wife Carole, are the primary facilitators offering a host of mind-body sessions to aid the detox process. This time period can be used to modify the yoga practice to the body’s needs in a detox, or to begin a yoga practice. The primary focus is detox and under expert guidance you will be monitored and have all your questions answered.

Weight loss Retreats & Wellness Retreats

These programs offer a variety of specialties from the wellness area. Each retreat includes the yoga program and will focus on a separate specific area such as Ayurveda, Thai or therapeutic massage, self-healing, reflexology, Reiki, digestive health and many more. As on any retreat, it is an opportunity over a focused time to delve into the areas of yoga and wellness, learning the art of taking better care of yourself and ideally carrying that home with you. For the programs outside the focus of detox and fasting comes the added bonus of our delicious home-cooked meals to enjoy as well as any relevant therapies and treatments included in the program. On the specially tailored weight loss retreat guests can to start to get to the root issues of body weight whilst finding balance within their lives.

One to One Personal Retreats

“Free Your Spirit” is a one on one unique retreat offered at Samahita Retreat, ideal for those looking for personal growth, self discovery and an experience to move you forward to the next level of an extraordinary life. Join Dorien Israel, a skilled coach, author and facilitator, for this exploration into consciousness.

The retreat will help you rediscover and reclaim a joyous life while also equipping you with all the tools, and techniques you need to effectively empower yourself in any situation. It is an exhilarating rediscovery of both self and spirit.

Upcoming Weight loss, Detox Retreats and Wellness Retreats

June 6 – 13, 2015Optimal HealthAmy Arman and Summer
August 22 – 29, 20157 Days to Vitality: Cleansing & Yoga RetreatTracy and Summer

February 9 - 16, 20137 Day Detox and Yoga RetreatRachel Grey and Andrea Mayer
September 7 - 14, 2013Stress Management with YogaRachel Grey and Andrea Mayer
November 16 - 23, 2013Yoga & DetoxAmy Sharpe and Andrea Mayer

May 19 - 26, 2012Healthy Weight Loss & Yoga RetreatClaudia Jones
June 30 - July 7, 20127 Day Detox and Yoga RetreatClaudia Jones
September 1 - 8, 2012Healthy Weight Loss & Yoga RetreatClaudia Jones
October 6 - 13, 2012Yoga and Your HealthClaudia Jones
December 16 - 22, 2012De-stress & Yoga - Balance for Body & MindClaudia Jones

How to Reserve Your Program

Please use the Retreat Reservation Form  for any yoga, weight loss and wellness retreat reservations.

Upon receipt our Reservations team will get back to you regarding availability and confirmation.

If you prefer to join us on a Wellness Residential or a personalized Detox Program during a time period and program tailored to your needs then please use the Detox and Wellness Reservation Form.