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Samahita Reviews and Guest Testimonial

It is our honor and pleasure to have had literally thousands of guests over the past few years. Many have expressed their experience and impression by writing to us afterwards. We have compiled an extensive list of this and feature many on our Samahita Retreat reviews and yoga retreat reviews guest feedback page.. Here we would like to offer some specific words and testimonials sent back to us about our Health Programs and Wellness Retreats.  

10 days ago, I arrived exhausted, my body was overstressed and damaged from the heavy treatments I had undergone during 7 months of radiation. Today, I am relaxed, happy, and finally reconnected to myself. I can feel sensations in my body again! I have learned a lot about nutrition and experienced how 10 days of a Nature’s Detox makes a huge difference. I was looking forward to coming here again when I had to push myself to go to the hospital everday for radiation treatments, and all this nightmare is so far away from me now. I came here totally confident and sure that this was the right place for me at this moment to close one chapter and open another one full of positive energy, love, and balanced emotions. Nothing could have been better for the beginning of my new life. I am now aware of very good ways to heal myself with good food and practice. It takes time to recover and in this amazing environment, I feel pleasant and can go so deep. I realize how fortunate I am. Thank you, thank you all!
The Destress Program at Samahita was the perfect choice for me to unwind, let go, and replenish my energy in a healthy, balanced way. The natural beauty of the environment, the nurturing treatments, the warmth and guidance of the staff have soothed my soul and really empowered me to live a life I desire.
~ Jen, Australia (2015-03-01)

Coming from a hectic personal and business life, I really found what I needed to relax and destress. My energy level as well as my spirit rose by the day during my stay. Great program-both for yoga lovers as well as for stressed managers!
~ Florian, Germany (2014-02-01)

Highly professional and very comforting. The treatments were better than I have ever experienced before…[The yoga is] Amazing! I loved every minute and learned a lot. Thank you!
~ Susan, UK (2013-12-01)

Amazing! Best instructors I’ve ever experienced. Loved every second… Samahita is truly paradise. I leave feeling more alive and more enlightened. The staff here are outstanding. I would love to return next year. This is an experience I will never forget. Thank you so much for all your Kindness and Inspiration.
~ Andy, UK (2013-12-01)

It was an amazing experience. I came here with lots in my mind. Specially negativity. But since the moment I arrived, I felt completely different, relaxed and calm. Over the days I also start to feel happy again. All the people is great, always with a smile in their face, and with lots of energy. The food is delicious. I really hope I can return again some time.
~ Maria, Mexico (2013-11-01)

Being at Samahita was just what I needed. Nothing to think about, the wellness center staff taking care of me, and just relax in the sun, do some yoga and go to bed early. The detox itself was really doable. Although near the end I was really ready for “normal” healthy food! But I feel great and I also look better than when I first arrived. So thank you so much Samahita Wellness team! You are lovely!.
~ Marloes (Jan 2016)

When I decided to do a detox after chemotherpay I chose Samahita Retreat based on it’s reputation and location. I was not disappointed. The food and service was excellent. I did not feel hungry over the 7 days. The retreat premises are beautifully maintained and in a peaceful and idyllic location. The staff at the Wellness Center really look after you and manage your program. The yoga and other exercise options as well as the treatments are all very good and delivered in a nurturing way.
~Susanne (June 2016)

I have been at Samahita for 1 week now, just finished my first detox and practiced yoga each day. Thoroughly enjoyed it here. The environment is is perfectly set up for a wellness retreat. Every little detail has been thought of so you find yourself needing nothing! I normally have 1 or 2 glasses of wine most days but just haven’t felt the need or desire for any alcohol whilst here, which is due to the efforts put in to making Samahita a place of paradise and tranquility.
~ Steve, UK (Nov 2015)

Being at Samahita was just what I needed. Nothing to think about, the wellness center staff taking care of me, and just relax in the sun, do some yoga and go to bed early. The detox itself was really doable. Although near the end I was really ready for “normal” healthy food! But I feel great and I also look better than when I first arrived. So thank you so much Samahita Wellness team! You are lovely! – Marloes, Netherlands (Jan 2016) Samahita provides a lot of paradise to relax and gently detox. The detox is provided in a safe and supportive envionment. The team is super friendly and the wellness advisor is always around to encourage you and to hear any worries.
~ Louise, Ireland (Sept 2015)

A very enlightening experience for a 70 year old who has never done yoga before! I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and was able to take time when necessary. The detox programme was interesting and beneficial. I learnt a lot about the digestive system. Beautiful setting by the sea with the opportunity to take peaceful walks and get in tune with oneself and nature. Perfect location for mind and body.
~ Sheila, UK (Nov 2015)

My ten day essential detox was an extraordinary experience. I have never before done such a detox and therefore didn’t know what to expect. I decided just to go with it. The Wellness Team is incredibly professional, attentive, caring, kind, and knowledgable. I was supported every step of the way. The detox program, wellness treatments, and daily yoga classes are combined in a way that leaves you feeling completely renewed and revitalized. I highly recommend this program. Thank you Team Samahita!
~ Ilona, Canada (2015-02-01)

I have done a five day Nature’s Detox program at Samahita, combined with a yoga retreat with Sara Granstrom. It was the perfect way to start the new year–excellent, knowledgeable staff, experienced yoga teachers and a well structured program to get you on the right track. All the while my energy levels were high and I feel lighter and happier!
~ Christine, Malta (2015-01-01)

This is me: I am married with two kids, own my own business, and working and travelling for business a lot. I started yoga in January 2014 and realized how “full” my life was and how there was no space for ME. I was working and stopped by Samahita after another tiring business trip, for four days, three of which was for a detox. I made it like a retreat, no work, no email, only me by myself. I realized how far from reality I am. Yes, I do eat organic but not in the correct (too much sugar, too much coffee). I am really grateful to the wonderful team who showed me how to take care of myself, listen to my body, and how to make decisions in my life step by step. So thanks and kap khun kha!
~ Catherine, France (2014-05-01)

It was my first time to travel to a new place for more than five days by myself. I didn’t know anything about detox. I hardly eat vegetables and fruits. The vegetables and fruit juices are not so bad, tasty. The Wellness staff are so nice. Tracy and Summer are lovely and they take care of us so well. I like all the programs from the breath work in the morning to the meditation session in the evening. I chose three kinds of massages and they were awesome. When I went home, my family was surprised to see my face. There were no pimples and no rash like before. Now I eat fruit and salad everyday and so does my family. We really like our new habit. The program brings me confidence, in meeting new people and communicating in English, which is not my first language. This is a nice place with nice people. I love it.
~ Emilia, Indonesia (2014-04-01)

An excellent retreat, vey well thought out and designed programs. Rooms are spotless clean, the atmosphere is calm, relaxed. Staff are always friendly, willing to help and good listeners. Chef created a vegetarian banquet everyday. I’m torn between eating food and detox so I did both and will look forward to feeling cleansed and a better lifestyle. I will start saving money to come back again. Five star service without the attitude!
~ Thien, England (2014-03-01)

The detox was very well presented and thought out. All the staff were kind, caring, and thoughtful, willing to help with specific needs. The food is like a five star restaurant. It is a very comfortable and safe environment. I feel at home here. It is like paradise. Keep up the good work!
~ Richard, England (2014-03-01)

It’s a nice place to spend one to two weeks with a great offer of yoga classes, nice facilities, professional treatments and well organized detox programs.
~ Inessa, Germany (2014-03-01)

I would do it again. Detox is not new to me; what’s new is the great staff here at Samahita. Congratulations! Keep up the spirit. Many thanks.
~ Christa, Austria (2014-01-01)

Enjoyable stay. Program is well run. Staff in Wellness, etc, are all very kind especially the nurses and the people look after our meals. Very caring and help me feel more calm and confident about the detox process.
~ Czarina, Hong Kong (2014-01-01)

I want to return and stay looonger! :)
~ Ala, Austria (2014-01-01)

I came in as an agnostic and left a believer, food smells better and tastes even better after the detox (10 days). The yoga was brilliant. Feeling revived and renewed. William, Australia (2014-01-01)

Very professional instructors, good adjustments, and new point of views.
~ Alina, Romania (2014-01-01)

Samahita is the perfect place to work hard at your yoga with patient and exacting teachers whilst relaxing, being very far away from normal life, gaining perspective and getting healthy. Detox is a great addition to any stay here to truly take charge of your health.
~ Sandra, UK (2014-01-01)

I came to Samahita with 80 kg, that I could lose 5 kilos in 9 day, was amazing experience for me. Then I think that much people…see that training us to eat well and practice exercise we can live better.
~ Jurema, Angola (2014-01-01)

I arrived with the hope of helping my prostate pain. Through the yoga and meditation and the detox, more pain has been reduced. The program me was run in a friendly and professional manner, with a fantastic ‘can do’ attitude. Thank you to all the staff for your part in helping me destress, chill out, detox and immerse in the yoga.
~ Richard, UK (2014-01-01)

Is my first detox and I feel very good. I lost weight and I feel better. I rest, make yoga, make detox. The place is very nice and quiet. I like very much.
~ Augusto, Angola (2014-01-01)

Having done several other detox programs in other countries, I rate this one the best. Friendliest staff, most information and support, individual attention.
~ Christine, UK (2014-01-01)

Samahita Retreat provide a wonderful environment in which to reset, rejuvenate, revitalize and renew your body and mind. I came solely for Chuck Miller’s yoga retreat which was as incredible as I had expected, leaving me feeling genuinely inspired and balanced, as I have come to expect of Chuck’s teachings. But Samahita was a pleasant surprise and I feel sure that I will return. Thank you.
~ Rowena, Hong Kong (2014-01-01)

The ideal place to rebuilt power, joy of life, to clean your mind and your body, to understand better what yoga means.
~ Magdalena, Poland (2013-12-01)

An interesting experience that will affect my eating habits in the future.
~ Franziska, Switzerland (2013-12-01)

I feel more educated, more prepared and more at ease after 5 days. I’m ready to take better care of my body, my mind, my being. This isn’t just an escape from reality, it’s a place to come to recognize your reality and your blessings and bring them home with you.
~ Jenny, USA (2013-12-01)

I feel that my body has lost some ‘toxic things’ and I just feel healthier than before…The wellness therapists and the treatments were amazing.
~ Lisa, Switzerland (2013-12-01)

My goal was to cleanse. That I have done. Great people around detoxing or treating themselves with very nice food, yoga in an anti-stress environment. Yoga is very good – and for me the stress feeling is very much down. My energy level is up. It is like a big family being here. The massages is perfect. Good and experienced. Most “crazy” was to see that I could clean out pretty big gall stones. I am very happy I have been here. Now it is just up to me.
~ Lena, Norway (2013-11-01)

I didn’t know what to expect when entering the Candida detox program at Samahita retreat and days before my arrival I was terrified how it would go (detoxes are never fun). But the staff kindness and helpfulness as well as approachability really helped. In the end after 5 days, I feel much better than on day one and two. I hope it only goes up from here… Thank you to Samahita for this full body experience. I would definitely consider coming back. Best, Angela
Angela, Switzerland (2013-11-01)

I will return to Samahita Retreat for sure, either do a yoga retreat or/ and a detox program. Looking forward to it already
~ Iris, Austria (2013-11-01)

Excellent therapists/ treatments.
~ Martin, Switzerland (2013-11-01)

Good experience. Was the first time and not the last. Very good organized.
~ Claudia, Switzerland (2013-11-01)

My experience was very good and it was so nice with the people working and the guests.
~ Marcel, Norway (2013-11-01)

A worthwhile time to spend giving back to yourself. If I could stay here for a month, I would. The entire wellness team are magical. All so lovely and friendly. Always so keen to help and they are all an absolute pleasure.
~ Melanie, United Kingdom, 7-day Detox (2013-10-05)

This is my second visit to Samahita Retreat. To me, it is the perfect place because I can practice yoga and have my girl always with me. In addition to this the staff is fantastic, always helpful, always smiling and the food, which I didn’t have the chance to enjoy this time is the best I can hope for. The detox program, has been so easy to be together with my family and the best has been feeling supported and nurtured.
~ Kelly, France, 3-day Detox (2013-10-01)

This is the first time I have ever done anything like this. After 7 days of detox, I feel absolutely fabulous. I would certainly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about making changes in their lifestyle. And also to anyone who feels the need to cleanse or simply just to get away and relax. Amazing!
Kerry-Ann, (2013-09-01)

Having fasted several times before in Thailand, I expected it to be much more difficult. However at Samahita, it was supported via the Wellness advisors and a view to changing long term eating patterns rather than a quick fix, which is not sustainable. As a fan of Ashtanga yoga, the daily yoga led classes were the highlight of my day. Plus, given my love of the yoga, it meant I wasn’t anxiously weighing myself every day, hoping to see the numbers going down. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I have lost nearly 4 kg, which I’m very happy with. I hope to return soon.
~ Eve, France (2013-08-01)

Knowing that a number of people are doing retreat detoxes here made me feel good about my choice to come to a detox place. I will definitely come back if I can. I felt right at ease and at home with the people, the staff, the teachers and the practice. I am excited about the life-changing experience I had at Yoga Thailand and I hope I can sustain/continue this learning when I go back to the Philippines.
~ Venus, Philippines (2013-08-01)

This was an excellent holiday- I relaxed, read a lot of books, had free wifi, and lied by the beach and pool. I did loads of yoga and didn’t feel tired. I even ate and drank well, though I was detoxing. The food was well planned and I was never hungry! (I’m small.) Thank you.
~ Adeline, Singapore (2013-06-01)

I was not really sure about the effects of yoga and detox on me when I arrived. However I was really stunned—only after 2 days I felt energized, calm, refreshed, slimmer, and more flexible. The staff are amazing, really friendly, attentive, caring, and approachable. They are also extremely knowledgeable. I feel like a new person. It might sound like an exaggeration but it really is not! Thank you so much for everything!
~ Durya, (2013-04-01)

I think Samahita is really one of a kind. You’re able to detox and recharge yourself in such lovely surroundings. The food is always fresh and delicious, catering to vegans and vegetarians, with very little fish. The staff are always friendly and helpful. I will be happy to return for a 3rd time!
~ Guest, (2013-04-01)

Very friendly, helpful and happy people in a tranquil environment. You leave feeling refreshed, healthy, relaxed and even a bit lighter.
~ Steve, (2013-04-01)

I thought detoxing would be a dreadful experience, but the staff here at Samahita surely do make it enjoyable. Not only did I get to know more about my body but I also got to make great friends. Everyone received me with a big smile. I felt at home here. I was afraid to even try yoga because I felt it wasn’t for me. (I’m not too flexible, I’m afraid.) But the instructors were great and taught me different ways to do the poses so that I could follow the class. I had a great time here! It will definitely be hard to go back to real life.
~ Marcela, (2013-03-01)

This is my second time doing Detox at Samahita and both times the experience and the results have been amazing. I not only lost weight, but felt lighter physically and mentally. I was able to re – connect with my body and really get rid of all the toxins. The place, the teachers, the trainers and the whole staff really made my detox a great experience. The wellness center staff is amazing.
~ Geovanna, United States (2013-02-27)

The detox program goes very well with the yoga teaching. The yoga teachers are very sensitive to people who are detoxing and this way the combination works out well. Even though it’s hard to watch friends eating while detoxing, there is something to expect after finishing the program. Thanks!
~ Dan Biderman, Israel (2013-02-23)

Samahita Retreat is real gem! I feel so grateful having been able to spend a week detoxing in this beautiful yet peaceful environment. Everything was just perfect, starting with a very complete and informative Detox Information Pack, great support from the nutritionists and the other detoxers, and then a totally manageable detox program. I thought the yoga teachers were really good and inspiring. They made me look at Ashtanga yoga and all the asana in a different way- paying attention to small details that make a huge difference in one’s practice. It was a fantastic experience. I will go home feeling light, feeling grounded and balanced! And with a new perspective on life! Thank you!
~ Dominique, (2013-02-01)

Samahita Retreat has definitely lived up to my expectations. The detox program was well organized and all the staff were very helpful and supportive. Coming here has been a great experience for me. I’d certainly recommend it to others who are considering a detox program in a nice, relaxing environment.
~ Christine, (2013-02-01)

I can truly recommend Samahita Retreat. They are professionals who know exactly what to do and are able to tailor the detox program to your needs. With the combination of yoga, this retreat exceeded all my expectations.
~ Chetranshah, (2013-01-01)

Effective, Proffessional, Relaxing!
~ Svetlana, Russia (2012-11-01)

It’s my second time doing the detox program here and I’m very happy. Goals achieved. I will try to do this every year. Its very good and I can really feel the difference!
~ Anon, (2012-11-01)

12 days to come back to myself : a great possibility to balance physical, mental and also spiritual needs. Clean, purify, practice…hold your breath…enjoy life with all challenges!
~ Gisella, Austria (2012-11-01)

It was much harder than I imagined, but I am glad I did it and will try to do again in the future. It helped me rethink my relationship with coffee and my eating habits.
~ Chami, Thailand (2012-11-01)

Samahita Retreat is very peaceful, tranquil and beautiful. From the sounds of the birds, to the butterflies flapping their wings. To the plants that are so healthy and green. The calming sunsets and the clear water beach, smiling faces, gentle natured, beautiful people. What an amazing place.
~ Wendy, Australia (2012-10-01)

It was my first detox. I found it an intense experience, mentally and physically. You realize lots of things, your body metabolism changes, and your thought processes too. You go through phases and learn to accommodate. You end up slightly changed and more aware of the connection between what you eat and how you feel. We are what we eat aren’t we?
~ Mrs Strage, UK (2012-10-01)

Overall a very good experience. Very relaxing; nice Yoga, Treatments were nice and the staff were very friendly
~ Carmen, Singapore (2012-10-01)

I am very happy with my detox program, in 7 days I lost 3.5 kgs, feeling more happy, healthy and younger. I’m 100% recommending this place!
~ Danito, Australia (2012-09-01)

I will definitely recommend Samahita Retreat to all my family and friends. The programs are good and according to the health issues of each person. I love the breathing and yoga classes as it improves my posture and my overall health along with the programs that I’ve chosen (detox program). All the staff are very well mannered, love talking and laughing with their guests, although communicating in English, they are happy dedicated, caring and give excellent service. So, more power to all and keep the good excellent work!!! Thank you very much, me and my family will be back.
~ Riezel, Australia (2012-09-01)

I have been sick for a while, fainting with no found diagnosis, muscle pains, stress and constipation for many years. A friend of mine invited me to attend this retreat, I attended the detox program for 7 days of Yoga. After 7 days detoxing and following the program I found that I sleep well, my snoring has gone, my muscle pain on my arms is gone. I highly recommend to all to be open minded, that your health will be better. The therapists at Samahita Wellness were experienced and approachable. Thanks to all the staff for making me better. More power to you all.
~ Maria, Australia (2012-09-01)

This is the first time I have ever done anything like this. After 7 days of detox, I feel absolutely fabulous. I would certainly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about making changes in their lifestyle and to anyone who feels the need to cleanse or simply just to get away and relax.
~ Kerry, South Africa (2012-09-01)

I am really happy to have had this experience, I was exhausted and struggling when I came here and now I feel more balanced with my body and mind. Actually, I could go on detoxing easily, I have no hunger at all. It is a nice and peaceful place here, far away from the stressful life at home. The lovely people make it easy to feel comfortable and cared for a lot. Special thanks to Tan, who was always smiling and caring. A really lovely girl. But of course also the rest of the team. Looking very much forward to coming back again.
~ Katrina, Germany (2012-08-01)

The combination of Yoga, Detox, and Wellness programs is a powerful one. The effect can really make a dramatic improvement in a short amount of time. Loved everything and the ease that one can just come and follow the program.
~ Liz, US (2012-08-01)

I feel squeaky clean and transparent after the 7 day detox-super light and full of energy THANK YOU! P.S. Hats off to all the ladies at reception-Tan and Mew, and the other therapists who have their hands full with people on the detoxes asking for stuff all the time and always keeping a smile on their faces even when the centre is busy and buzzing.
~ Jamie, Netherlands (2012-08-01)

Knowing that a number of people are doing repeat detoxes here, made me feel good about my choice of detox place and program. I definitely will come back if I can, I felt right at ease and at home with the people, the staff and teachers and the practice. I am excited about the life changing experience I had in Yoga Thailand and I hope I can sustain / continue this learning when I go back to the Philippines.
~ Venus, Philippines (2012-08-01)

This is a comprehensive well planned and thoughtful approach to detox. I felt vey well looked-after on every level and feel like I have detoxified my life not only physically but on other levels as well.
~ Leonnie Cranney, (2012-07-09)

This was an excellent holiday – I relaxed, read alot of books, had free wifi, and lay by the beach and pool. I did loads of yoga and didn’t feel tired. I even ate and drank well, though I was detoxing. The food was well planned and I was never hungry! (I’m small) Thank You.
~ Adeline, Singapore (2012-07-01)

The program was great. It was an excellent way for me to get my life back into balance and get back into exercise and healthy eating.
~ Di, UK (2012-07-01)

I was surprised on the detox that I did not get very hungry-the way the juices, supplements, cleansing salads and broths were spaced out, I felt full(ish) throughout the whole week.
~ Anna, Australia (2012-06-29)

An amazing experience that anyone can succeed in. The staff and support that you receive make the detox program very achievable. If you are wanting wellness then Samahita Retreat is for you.
~ Pam, Australia (2012-06-29)

My 7 day detox has made me realize how good you can feel if you eat well and exercise. The re-education about foods will help me change my diet so I achieve my goal of feeling energized and healthy.
~ Ruth, Australia (2012-06-29)

I enjoyed challenging myself through the 7 day Faster’s detox. It was an experience to have my normal food routine taken away and having to stick to a particular schedule. Not eating as soon as I woke up was probably my biggest challenge as well as feeing quite tired everyday, but this forced me to relax and really take the whole process in. I wanted to challenge my body and mind with the detox and that’s exactly what I did.
~ Natasha, Australia (2012-06-29)

Samahita is a lovely retreat surrounded by lush nature, picturesque beach, beautiful and friendly staff and delicious food for those not on a detox. I envied the smell of food however my program was full of juices, coconut water and blended salad that I was able to stay focused and empowered knowing I was investing time, energy & money into feeling great and changing bad habits and forming new ones. I leave here feeling amazing and determined to try and continue healthy life style with yoga and nutrition.
~ Priscilla, Australia (2012-06-29)

Staff at the wellness centre was excellent. Rooms very comfortable and great location. Very clean!
~ James, Australia (2012-06-29)

The program is fantastic, the staff lovely and the resort beautiful. I will definitely come back
~ Maja, Germany (2012-06-01)

Staff at the Wellness Centre were excellent. Rooms very comfortable and great location. Very clean!
~ James, Australia (2012-06-01)

I feel blessed to have discovered Samahita Retreat and privileged to have spent time with the wonderful teachers here! They have created the most beautiful space where I just love to come and unwind, reflect, cleanse and deepen my yoga practice. This is my second time at Samahita and I look forward to returning year after year to continue to grow, relax and be nurtured in this amazing and unique environment. Thank you so much!
~ Melanie, Australia (2012-05-01)

The perfect mix of wellness, professionalism, comfort and activity. Rare to find a place with good Yoga and such well considered surroundings, lovely food and good staff
~ Kerstin, UK (2012-05-01)

This is my second time doing detox at Samahita but a different program. I had fluctuation in my energy and emotion this time alot more than last time, but I got through the period as I had support from the detox and Wellness team, including other friends. Staff are very nice and food / juice are well prepared. The environment is very relaxing and suitable for detoxifiying your mind and body. I would definitely recommend everyone to come here for this experience. The team can adjust the program according to the individual which is really nice too. One of the best getaways, everyone should try!
~ Aoy, Thailand (2012-04-01)

The detox program is detailed, well planned. Together with an excellent yoga program, this was a good starting point for someone in search of a new healthy diet.
~ Tracy, Singapore (2012-04-01)

A beautiful sun-soaked and reviving break in lovely surroundings with supportive staff.
~ Henrietta, UK (2012-04-01)

A good balance of constant next event, yet still time to enjoy the atmosphere and facilities in between, plus very flexible and accomodating staff. Guest info pack was very helpful and constantly refferred back to it. Overall very satisfied, I feel great and most of all feel alot more knowledgable about my body. Loved the yoga teaching and look forward to continuing back home and hopefully someday return to your retreat.
~ Brent, Australia (2012-03-01)

I have been to the world famous Ashram in California to shape up, then proceeded to learn about cleansing and do several long 42-49 day juice fasts on my own while healing from an eating disorder. I have also done the ‘Arise and Shine’ cleanse. Of those, this is the ‘softest’ feeling cleanse I have done. I am still breast-feeding my 18 month old and have a week of travel after I leave here, so I wanted something gentle, nurturing and warming. This was perfect, the herbs you use feel good in the body whereas some other cleansing herbs I have had in the past made me feel jumpy. I appreciated the overall grounding effect that this cleanse had on my daily practice. I haven’t been doing much yoga lately , so I missed a few days due to lightheadedness. but I think anyone with a regular yoga practice could easily keep it up during this cleanse. THANK YOU!
~ Ellena, USA (2012-03-01)

Samahita Wellness is an excellent place to be for detox and relaxation. I felt very well taken care of and all the experience was very nourishing. I will definitely be back for more!!
~ Jennie, Indonesia (2012-03-01)

I definitely recommend the Samahita Detox program!I feel light and healthy and full of energy. my skin feels amazing, I could go deeper in my Yoga practice and feel more connected. I will come back! :-)
~ Helga, Australia (2012-03-01)

Samahita Retreat, a little piece of paradise. A huge thank you from a detox virgin to ALL and everyone working at Samahita Retreat. It was truely a life experience. The beautiful setting, the tranquil and inspiring atmosphere, the very kind and attentive staff, the skilled therapists and the amazing food I couldn’t eat! Thank you for making me respect and want to care for my body and mind and thank you for bringing Yoga back into my life. I’m smiling from the inside and will soon be back. Thank you
~ Jenny, (2012-03-01)

The Wellness Director has built a wonderful team of caring practitioners. Being away from the busy Samui areas, Samahita Wellness really gives you an opportunity to completely refresh your senses. Take the Reiki course if you can – Fantastic!
~ Cynthia, Canada (2012-03-01)

I didn’t have any noticable problems going through the 10 days detox program, perhaps because I did the healthy weight program before, for 7 days. I didn’t feel hungry, I could sleep very well, I was full of energy most of the time. Right now as I’m finishing the detox program I feel great, energetic and I learned to eat much less quantity of food.
~ Michelline, France (2012-03-01)

I feel our everyday bad habits, such as drinking and eating unhealthy liquids and produce can creep up on us without realising the long term effects on the body. Doing a detox here at Samahita taught me so much about how my unhealthy habits over the years had affected my overall health. Especially the importance of our bowels! 10 day detox is one of the best things I have ever done for my being, as I leave happier, healthier and holier :-)
~ Elle, Australia (2012-02-01)

This detox program was really great! Everyone was very supportive, helpful and kind. I would recommend this detox program as well as Yoga at Samahita. I have really enjoyed my time here and felt supported through a tough thing like detox.
~ Kirsten, US (2012-02-01)

didn’t know what to expect really when I first came here. The daily schedule was well organised which meant there was something to look forward to each day from the massages to treatments in between keeping up with the detoxing food drink program. I lost some weight which I was happy about and feel great after the detox.
~ Pirjo, Australia (2012-02-01)

After a very difficult time of depression I managed to find inner serenity and a more relaxed state of mind again, a certain detachment of my problems and a new appreciation for the beauty of life. Anxiety and emotional pain began to dissolve with the wonderful combination of Detox, Massage treatments, Yoga and Meditation. The team is beautiful. Thank you.
~ Sabine, Switzerland (2012-01-01)

I am happy to say that I celebrated New Year’s eve on detox. It was one of the most rewarding and transformational experiences on both a physical and mental level. The staff were really helpful and supportive and not to mention full of useful information to absorb. I highly recommend this program to anyone who would like to gain more energy, mental clarity, better skin tone and a sense of inner awareness. What a way to compliment one’s yoga practice and life!
~ Ivana, Croatia/New Zealand (2012-01-01)

This Detox and Yoga program really helps in uplifting my being, physically and mentally. This is the 2nd time I’ve come here for the detox program. Awesome!
~ Vicky, China (2012-01-01)

I appreciated the time spent by staff in talking through your issues during the program. The flexibility in the timetable so as not to disrupt the yoga program is very professionally done! I hope to redo it again
~ Priya, UK (2012-01-01)

It is very beautiful and an ideal place for body and soul retreat for anybody. If I knew it I could have visited here earlier! I would love to visit here again and again whenever I can.
~ Hiah, Vienna (2011-12-01)

I felt very comfortable, the program was easy to follow due to all the support from the staff.
~ Natasha, UAE (2011-12-01)

I have been to the world famous Ashram in California to shape up, then proceeded to learn about cleansing and do several long 42-49 day juice fasts on my own while healing from an eating disorder. I have also done the ‘Arise and Shine’ cleanse. Of those, this is the ‘softest’ feeling cleanse I have done. I am still breast-feeding my 18 month old and have a week of travel after I leave here, so I wanted something gentle, nurturing and warming. This was perfect, the herbs you use feel good in the body whereas some other cleansing herbs I have had in the past made me feel jumpy. I appreciated the overall grounding effect that this cleanse had on my daily practice. I haven’t been doing much yoga lately , so I missed a few days due to lightheadedness. but I think anyone with a regular yoga practice could easily keep it up during this cleanse. THANK YOU!
~ Ellena, USA (2011-12-01)

I decided to do a 7 day detox program after 4 months of traveling and a 2 year stint working in a developing country – needless to say I did not have a healthy diet for the past 2 years. This was the first detox program I have ever done so I didn’t know what to expect. The staff were absolutely wonderful and professional, I felt 100% supported the entire time. I came away from the detox with a new perspective and felt that the program gave me a kick-start in the right direction. THANK YOU THE WELLNESS DIRECTOR AND THE WELLNESS CENTRE STAFF!!!
Cassandra, USA (2011-11-01)

If you really want to make a change in living and healthier lifestyle, this is the way to do it!! Just being here makes you realize and understand more about your organs, your body and appreciate it more! The atmosphere is perfect, everyone is friendly and it feels like home! :-)
Sandra, Netherlands (2011-11-01)

Therapists were very skillful and knowledgeable, very polite and caring. The yoga teachers were very professional and passionate about the subject! – Thanks alot! Elena, Belgium (2011-11-01)

Samahita Yoga Thailand is an extraordinary place where you are taken care of. I was on a ten day detox and received so much care, support and advice from a team of people who genuinely wanted to help. Everything about SYT is authentic, the staff, who become your friends, the cleanliness of your room, which becomes your home and the wonderful communual areas, where you can relax in comfortable tropical surroundings listening to the waves on the beach. The treatments available are first class, and the Yoga does more than stretch your hamstrings. But if you want to discover how beautiful this place really is, and how it can help you in ways you never imagined, I suggest you book now, I promise you will not regret it. Do something wonderful for yourself.
~ Kelly, UK (2011-10-01)

Natures Detox: Loved this program as I was able to detox, yet still able to eat food (i.e. soups and salads etc) which never left me feeling hungry or weak. Really well thought out program. Highly recommended! Added bonus was that I lost weight in the meantime!!
~ Iliana, Australia (2011-10-01)

The fasters detox was fantastic and complete program. The juices and supplementation are fulfilling and enjoyable, staff and retreat are great The daily detox support meetings are also invaluable. I would highly recommend the program to anyone, even those with otherwise very unhealthy lifestyle – e.g. me!!! It’s definately not as challenging as it looks and the benefits are boundless – Oh, and you won’t feel hungry!

~ Amy, Australia (2011-10-01)

The Wellness Director, Tang and Rachel and the wonderful bevy of therapists have been wonderful in supporting me in the detox journey. They have created a balanced haven of nourishing Therapies and a supportive diet regimen to support my needs as a Yoga practitioner. The week was a great opportunity to ‘reboot’ the system after years of poor dietary and lifestyle habits. Thank you!
~ Liann, Malaysia (2011-10-01)

Had a great experience, learned alot about healthy eating and lifestyle. Will definately change the way I eat in the future.
~ Andy, China (2011-10-01)

My partner and I got a great deal out of the detox / wellness program; physically, spiritually and as a couple. As great checkpoint and reset for us. I would highly recommend it to others.
~ Jane, Hong Kong (2011-09-01)

If you’re looking to detox with professional help in wonderful surroundings, I can strongly recommend Samahita Yoga Thailand, and if you’re into Yoga, even more.
~ Christian, Germany (2011-09-01)

I would like to thank everyone at Samahita Yoga Thailand for making this a great experience. Thanks for the love and support. You’re all worth a million. Hope that one day I will return to your lovely people. Thanks so much
~ Hilda, Holland (2011-09-01)

This is the second time I’ve done the detox and as last time, it has been a great experience. All the detox team, from the director to the therapists have been very supportive. I would definately do it again.
~ Diana, Argentina, UK based (2011-08-01)

I came to Samahita Yoga Thailand after reading great reviews on Trip Advisor. I wasn’t dissapointed. Accommodation was simple but clean and suitable. Food, when I got a chance to eat was fantastic and everyone including guests were really friendly. The detox worried me a little, but I found I wasn’t too hungry and the staff were really supportive, and who can complain about a massage a day! – Overall great value for the price, I would come back again. Thank you :-)
~ Adrienne, Australia (2011-08-01)

An amazing place that helps one to relax, find peace and improve health and balance.
~ Natalia, Slovakia (2011-08-01)

The overall detox program is wonderful. Each of us have been taken care of very nicely. The first day I received all the necessary information I should know and it helps alot to start the first day. The Detox meeting is very useful for increasing knowledge as each person experiences a different impact and effect from the detox. At the end I also received all the information I should know for transitioning from the detox. The staff and the director are very friendly. The Accommodation is suitable for detoxing and helped me to understand why it was good for me to stay alone. I feel so light and wonderful after 7 days. Thank you Wellness and Samahita Yoga Thailand team so much. Namaste :-)
~ Aoy, Thailand (2011-08-01)

Great management and staff. Excellent Yoga classes and highly restorative massage treatments. Beautiful and perfectly kept infrastructure. For a first experience with Yoga and detox, couldn’t have asked for more! We will certainly return.
~ Cristina & Felix, Spain (2011-08-01)

I would recommend a stay at Samahita Yoga Thailand for anyone seeking a getaway to nurture the body mind and spirit. It is a very wholesome and healthy environment generally. With the warm staff, comfortable Accommodation, fresh and whole foods, fantasic Yoga and wonderful wellness therapies. I did an 8 day detox program which was comprehensive, guided and supported everyday. The hardest part was not being able to eat the wonderful brunch and dinner buffets available in the dining area! I’d recommend a detox after 1 or 2 days of settling in and enjoying the food, then at least a day or two post detox as well to round the stay. Samahita Yoga Thailand has very friendly guests to share detox experiences with and I hope to return for another stay sometime soon.
~ Mina, USA (2011-08-01)

It is like an Eden’s garden here. The people are soft spoken, calm and friendly (both clients and staff) and the environment makes your mind immediately calm down. I keep telling myself this is what life should be! Definately will come back again!
~ Shirley, Hong Kong/ Canada (2011-08-01)

I would never have thought that I could have stones in my body, but I had 2 big ones. Surprisingly and happily they came out. You should try.
~ Narumol, Thailand (2011-08-01)

I came specifically for a weight loss problem, this I achieved, and got a detox for free!! Everyone is friendly, professional and nice. You need a Gym for people like myself who did not do Yoga!!
~ Clive, UK (2011-07-01)

The knowledge and guidance and support received during my detox programme has given me confidence in how to move forward with overcoming Candida. Thank you to all the wonderful staff who have encouraged me to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The knowledge, tips and ideas shared are invaluable on embarking a new, exciting and healthy life!
~ Lindy, South Africa (2011-07-01)

The fasters detox proved to be a well thought out program, practically ensuring my goals were achieved. However, the combination of the wonderful staff at Samahita Yoga Thailand, and the detox program is genius. I have nothing but praise about my 45 day stay here at Samahita Yoga Thailand :-)
~ Jodey, US (2011-07-01)

I’ve just completed my first 7 day detox and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel like I’m about to leave my cocoon now, but looking forward to applying what I’ve learned into my daily life to improve my overall wellbeing. The Yoga was great and the Mysore style of teaching has been challenging and a real learning curve. The program is comprehensive and allows you enough time to relax and enjoy your time in between Yoga, juices, meals and treatments. The massages are incredible, the staff are most helpful and genuinely want to assist you in any way they can. Samahita is a very relaxed environment, and I can highly recommend it to anyone looking to detox or retreat to a peaceful Kho Samui beach setting. I’m leaving with alot more energy than when I first arrived and more clarity than before. A big thank you to all the staff!
~ Katherine, Australia (2011-06-01)

Great Experience : combines Yoga practice under excellent guidance and all expert, effective detox program. Will come back!
~ Giancarlo, UK (2011-06-01)

I loved the intimacy of the atmosphere at Samahita Yoga Thailand, it is small enough that everyone gets to know each other and chat. This made my experience on detox that much more enjoyable!
~ Pauline, Australia (2011-06-01)

Very calming facility. Great for body mind and spirit.
~ Alan, Australia (2011-06-01)

I want to give you and your great team my full hearted appreciation. :)I came to Samui in 2008 for a 5-day vacation and loved it. I think it’s the people. Thai people are really nice and friendly. But your team is just nicer and friendlier. Out of this crazy daily job, so many people asking for so many things, and the busy busy detox and supplement schedule, they’re all able to face it with smiles, and bring calmness and serenity here. You’re so wonderful to be able to put together a crew like this.Many of my fellow retreat friends asked me how I feel after detox. Do I feel lighter or anything like that. I didn’t feel I’m “lighter”, honestly, although I did lose 2~3kg (Hoorrrrrraaaaayyyyy!!! :D). I didn’t find the word, until I was in the super hot infrared sauna today and I got it – I actually feel more “centered”. I feel I’m back in “me”, who I really am, body and mind together, like putting a ball of water into water, it doesn’t go up, it doesn’t go down, it just stays in a perfect equilibrium. I’m already adding some “forbidden” food to my diet, but as you suggested, one by one, to test it out. I figure since I’ll ruin it in Italy, I might as well do it here so if I need help I still have you! During the test, I find I can receive what my body wants to tell me clearly, this is acceptable, that is not so good, and the peanut butter – you’d better not eat for the rest of your life! (really too hot for pitta ^^) Sincerely,
~ Jane , (2011-06-01)

We did a 7-day detox last year and I found it very hard. The Wellness Director said the results come afterwards, but I was skeptical. She was right and the weeks after detox I lost weight and felt really well. We’ve changed our eating habits alot in the last year and during this detox I’ve noticed a real difference – I feel well, have more energy, and I enjoyed the detox. The Wellness Director tips have been truely life changing for me. I now practice Yoga regularly and eat more healthily.
~ Alex, Singapore (2011-06-01)

This is my first time ever doing a detox program and Samahita Yoga Thailand has definitely made it a very impressive experience. I’ve been inspired to live a healthier lifestyle and would surely share this life-changing experience with my loved ones. Thank you Samahita Yoga Thailand.
~ Supachai, Thailand (2011-05-01)

This is a team of professionals, who are very knowledgable about their field, while being kind and supportive throughout the program. Samahita Yoga Thailand also offers a healthy calm environment perfect for relaxing and especially for detoxing. I highly recommend this retreat and their detox program.
~ Patricia, US Panama (2011-05-01)

I was overwhelmed by the thoroughness and seriousness of the program on the first day. But I am very happy I took the step and went through the program for 5 days. The environment, the weather and the care and support of the Samahita Yoga Thailand team make the detox experience a very pleasurable one!
~ Carolina, Switzerland (2011-04-01)

Samahita Wellness allowed me to relax while feeling incredibly taken care of. The detox program was not only cleansing, but informative. I leave here with a better understanding of a well balanced life. Losing 7lbs was the cherry on the cake, not that I eat cake.
~ David, USA (2011-04-01)

I did the 5 day combined detox. I found it very beneficial to my practice and my overall health. I think it is important to give your digestive system a break and clean it out. The Wellness Centre cater for your every need, they are so organised that you don’t have to think, just go with what they offer and enjoy it. I never felt hungry and my energy was quite good throughout the detox. The best part was that I found I connected more to my practice and my breath. The whole process was fun and interesting. Something I will try to keep up twice a year!
~ Danielle, Ireland (2011-03-01)

This was my first guided detox. Very well organised, especially while participating in a very busy schedule such as the Yoga Teachers Training. I feel very good, I’ve learned and will practice these new techniques. The staff were more than helpful – you truely felt well taken care of. Overall a switch has gone off in my mind and the inside of my belly. I am so much more conscious of my digestive system. And will still continue the good habits showed to me in only 3 days.
~ Lisa, Canada (2011-03-01)

Samahita Yoga Thailand really opened my eyes towards my eating habits. Everyone takes such great care of you and it’s easy to keep up. They showed me a different view towards Yoga, even though I was a beginner. The place is beautiful, so just relax, enjoy, and change your life.
~ Ylanka, Netherlands (2011-02-01)

The detox program at Yoga Thailand is one of the best gifts that I have ever given myself. I came to the program a huge skeptic – in fact, I almost quit before I even started, but I am so glad that I went through with it. The emotional and mental clarity that I feel is indescribable – I was telling someone the other day that I feel happy in a way that I didn’t know was possible. And aside (but not insignificant benefit) is the fact that I was able to bind in Marichyasana C on both sides after completing the detox. I have been working on that Asana for a year and have never once bound by myself. Two days after the detox, I popped right into it. I cannot say enough good things about Wellness Director and her staff, I fell in love with all of them.
~ Julia, USA (2011-01-01)

Do it, it can only be good for any body. We are so exposed to toxins that we don’t even realise that getting in touch with what is good for our body is essential in surviving this modern world.
~ Sarah, Israel (2011-01-01)

This program is really well organised and engineered professionally. All I had to do was follow the instructions through, and it was finished safe and sound. The body is light. I highly recommend it to those who want to improve their health to give it a trial. We only have limited time in life, these 3 – 7 days will definately improve your life.
~ Vicky, China (2010-12-01)

A very positive and lasting experience, I left feeling more healthy, and informed about my health and lifestyle / diet choices. With comfort in knowing that I can stay in touch and return for follow up care in the future. This detox experience exceeded my expectations, thank you so much.
~ Wenny, USA / Cambodia (2010-12-01)

It has been a fantastic experience. I feel lighter, cleaner, more able to focus, meditate, and practice both Pranayama and Yoga. It feels like I have reconnected with my body again.
~ Johanna, Sweden / London (2010-12-01)

I felt very well cared for during my time here. The environment is very relaxing and the yoga practice is amazing. It has been an incredible experience! I plan to come back more.
~ Belinda, USA (2010-12-01)

I chose the 7 day detox program whilst studying on the Teacher Training course. I am very pleased I did. It complemented the teachings and the staff went above and beyond to ensure everything slotted into place. The program was educational and cleansing for body and mind. A big thank you for all your kindness & support.
~ Zoe, UK (2010-11-01)

The place, the products, the facilities and the expertise and kindness of the staff are perfect to go through a detoxing experience. I highly recommend.
~ Daniel, Venezuela (2010-11-01)

I recommend taking the time to do the detox, especially if you are here for a course. Time for yourself with surrounding support is best. Enjoy and observe all processes and having the time to reflect is key.
~ Jane, Australia (2010-11-01)

It was one of my greatest holidays! Travelling as a single person I did not feel alone at any time because of the great people at Yoga Thailand. I will come back for sure!
~ Jeanette, Germany (2010-10-01)

I sort of surrendered to The Wellness Director and her team to take care of me during the program, and they did an excellent job. I lost 2.5 kg but felt so much better, healthier and my steps are lighter. The funny thing is, I didn’t feel hungry during the program. Yoga classes were great and I enjoyed walking on the beach too. The massages where the best I have ever experienced.
~ GT, Malaysia (2010-10-01)

I came to Yoga Thailand to cleanse and strengthen my body, which I feel I have achieved in a greatly shorter time than I ever could have on my own. Combining yoga with detoxing has worked very well for me, as I am improving both my body and mind on a variety of levels. I feel I have achieved a new start for my body, health and lifestyle and I am confident in making healthy choices in the future with ease. Thank you kindly.
~ Chantel, Australia (2010-09-01)

The team at Samahita Wellnessare first class. They work hard, they are knowledgeable, they care and they are here to make a tough experience (detox) work well for you. They will be flexible and at the same time they will encourage you to stay with the programme. I am a tough critic and I give them my highest recommendation.
~ Kevin, Canada (2010-09-01)

I am really happy that I took the step to come to Yoga Thailand and do the detox program. For a long time I had difficulties and pains in my stomach and I believed that I had food allergies such as gluten and lactose, but avoiding those foods did not help. At Yoga Thailand I was told it could be Candida. I followed the Candida diet here and feel better. I will continue to eat foods that are good for me.
~ Elle, Norway (2010-08-01)

I have lived with Candida for over 20 years, managing it with diet and supplements, sometimes symptoms are bad, sometimes not. This detox has allowed me to feel disciplined enough to be more strict and to attempt to finally banish all symptoms, which have flared up due to recent pressure and stress. I feel amazing, strong, clear and really focused. Thank you
~ Vicki, UK (2010-08-01)

Before coming here we were doubting whether to take a detox or not. Happy we did. It’s a good environment to do this exercise. The combination with yoga (beginner) is perfect. Schedules of therapy can be managed around other activities, they are quite creative. Take also a day to come out of the bubble, experience normal life, see how you react to traffic, noise etc. Being a ‘2 plate portion’ guy I didn’t think it was possible, but I managed easily. Might turn me into a one plate guy. Highly recommended.
~ Bert, Holland (2010-08-01)

As a person in 3-week cancer remission I found the 3 day detox program extremely healing. The atmosphere and environment of Yoga Thailand, along with the quality of care and staff are all beneficial in my healing. Thank you Yoga Thailand.
~ Jodie, Australia (2010-07-01)

I really needed to make a change in my life, so by choosing Yoga Thailand I made a commitment away from my normal life. Outside the square! I had searched many places on the net. Yoga Thailand seemed the most professionally run. It was exactly that. I had a great time, hard to leave. It is a peaceful oasis, very relaxing and very caring staff. Exceeded all expectations. Thank you Yoga Thailand.
~ Terry, Australia (2010-06-01)

I have done a 7 day fasting detox program in 2008 and an ayurvedic pancakarma program in India in 2009. Both programs were excellent for detoxing and rebalancing. Interestingly Samahita Wellness was able to combine the basic elements (such as herbs, treatments, juices) and the essence of both programs. The information packet is so complete, including post-detox guidelines. The therapists are well trained and friendly, I really felt taken care of. Everything seems to be well thought out. I lost 3kg in 4 days. If feels good to feel light and more focused.
~ Raquel, Singapore (2010-06-01)

Thank you for everything. Never expected it, but it was life changing for this ‘naughty’ and ‘down to earth’ woman! It exceeded my expectations – and I lost 6 kilos and gained a lot of positive energy and creativity.
~ Natalie, UK (2010-05-01)

I was very impressed by the whole program and I have done many detoxes. I think this is the 10th detox. I loved this one. Even though it was the Candida detox and quite challenging, what I feel like now was so worth it. The support throughout was amazing. The staff forever helpful even through my tough moments and grumpiness. I had all the detox reactions (mildly) and felt very good throughout. More importantly, the support post detox and the help have been fantastic. Thank you so much to Wellness Director and her team!
~ Tiana, Hong Kong (2010-05-01)

I was extremely impressed with the program at Yoga Thailand. The wellness center was welcoming and provided a caring and supportive environment, often surpassing my expectations in terms of how considerate and caring they were. I actually enjoyed the detox despite having to drink some particularly horrible herbs. I didn’t feel particularly low in energy and the busy schedule of therapy sessions meant I didn’t have much time to think about food. The yoga was an excellent addition to the package. I could really feel myself sweating out the toxins. The daily detox meetings with Wellness Director were educational and supportive. I now feel that I understand my body more and have every intention of continuing by implementing all the recommendations and tips given to me by Wellness Director. Yoga Thailand is a brilliant destination for a holiday, yoga retreat and detox. The facilities and therapists are outstanding – a great place to find a superb massage!
~ Francesca, UK (2010-05-01)

I have had an amazing time at Yoga Thailand, in an inclusive environment where I felt nurtured and cared for. The yoga/detox program was well designed and took into consideration my personal preferences and energy cycles. I will definitely come back.
~ Olivia, Hong Kong (2010-04-01)

This program has the supervision backed by extensive knowledge that I have found lacking at other detox retreats in Thailand. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
~ Nigel, Hong Kong (2010-04-01)

This program was ideal for my first detox experience. The entire staff was extremely friendly and creating a warm and welcoming environment. I was never too full – always given lots of juices to fuel my body. It was very informative, as I learned so much about proper detoxification. Better than I expected, plus I feel great!
~ Amanda, USA (2010-03-01)

Samahita Wellness is something that has to be experienced. I had tried, in vain, on numerous occasions to detox at home. I decided to invest a week of my time in a full detox program and after completing this I truly appreciate the support required to do this. The staff at Samahita Wellness were so kind, helpful and friendly. They made the detox schedule run smoothly so I could just relax and enjoy the benefits. The support of the entire wellness team helped me to come through the week feeling stronger, healthier and more inspired than ever. The best present I have given myself this year is a stay at Samahita Wellness Center.
~ Amanda, Ireland (2010-03-01)

I am really happy they had the Water Irrigation Treatment machine instead of a colema board. I simply wanted to have colonics and never thought that the right nurse could make such a difference. She really made me feel at ease, so double plus on the colonics!
~ Anonymous, (2010-02-01)

he detox program helped clean up a lot of digestive problems that had emerged and were affecting my practice as well as general being. The combination of the detailed detox program and the close attention to each asana in daily practice has set me up to re-begin my practice, both asana and nutrition.
~ Ross, Hong Kong (2010-02-01)

I’m very pleased that I did this and the service that I got, it was the best thing I have given myself for a long time!
~ Aafke, Holland (2010-01-01)

The detox was very easy and perfectly organized.
~ Ester, Germany (2010-01-01)

Good guest information, helpful and friendly therapists and all staff. It was a very good experience for us!
~ Barbara and Adi, Germany (2010-01-01)

The program is top notch, well researched and thorough. Yoga thailand staff are friendly and competent in their work. I would recommend the detox program without hesitation to anyone who would like to take their body to another level of health.
~ Ty, Japan (2010-01-01)

Thank you! Yoga Thailand offers a great overall package: yoga, detox, wellness center program (with such friendly and professional personal), ocean, sauna as well as a fabulous kitchen. I feel light, clear and healthy which makes me happy.
~ Anne, Luxembourg (2010-01-01)

Despite being on the Faster’s Detox Program I never felt hungry. Samahita Wellness kept us well nourished and feeling healthy, fit as a fiddle with fantastic juices, therapies and yoga sessions. I am truly motivated to make positive changes in my life after this trip. I will definitely aim to make this a regular trip. ,
~ Michelle Ling, Hong Kong (2009-12-01)

A detox program combined with yoga that allows anyone to follow easily. The Wellness Director gives you the confidence that your health and wellness is being taken care of in the best possible way.
~ Kelvin Goh, Hong Kong (2009-12-01)

The Wellness Director and the team at the wellness center are fabulous, right from the initial welcome meeting to the final goodbye. There is continues support throughout and even after with advice on what to eat and supplements to take for continued good health. I have a new respect for my colon!
~ Paula Dyer, UK (2009-12-01)

The Wellness Director and all the staff are Amazing. It was far more than I ever expected. Eye opening and life changing. There was so much support. The staff are very professional. 100% satisfied and feel like I have been completely renewed.
~ Michael Bailey, UK (2009-12-01)

The detox program was a big surprise: I expected three days of being hungry and bored, and feeling weak, but it was the opposite. We had program and nourishment all day, and I felt good almost all of the time. now, at the end, I feel light and clean- and somehow safe.
~ Nelli Sauri, Finland (2009-12-01)

We had such a pleasure of a stay at Yoga Thailand. Between Paul, Jutima and all the lovely staff, you have created such a precious oasis and sanctuary on Koh Samui. A centre filled with such light and consciousness! We are hoping that Hillary will run another fast at Yoga Thailand next year. We’ll do almost anything to come back again. Please keep up the great work! :-) Please thank all the staff for their wonderful service during our stay. Many blessings and grateful thanks,

Thank you very much for providing me with such an unforgettable experience of lightened body and mind. I would also like to thank you for the warm atmosphere that is created with the help of all the personnel and Wellness Director! I will for sure come back!
~ Maria, Russia (2009-09-01)

I was recently diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and have had many hospitalizations due to ill health. Detox and Yoga have helped me regain confidence in myself along with being able to feel better within myself. Healthy eating and exercise have increased my energy levels dramatically and I plan to continue with these changes. I sleep better, feel great when I wake up and have a much more positive outlook on life.
~ Anonymous, (2009-09-01)

The detox program, especially the Yogi one is amazingly easy to do. Yummy kitcheri!
~ Nancy, Hong Kong (2009-09-01)

Sincere thanks to the Samahita Wellness Team at Yoga Thailand. In the 7 days of my detox program, Wellness Director and her team did everything to make my life endurable. A detox program is never an easy go, it is hard work with yourself to handle different types of upcoming cravings. Therefore the environment and the team around you which are giving you support are so important. Special thanks to Sarah, you are such an incredible and sweet nurse, you made my colon experience very tolerable. I also want to thank the Therapist Team – Dee, Than and Gung. Your healing hands helped me very much to go through this time of cleansing. And of course many thanks to Wellness Director , your sun shining appearance and professional attitude made every step of the program very clear to me. Though it was not easy going, I really enjoyed this time of fasting and I would like to advise all of you to take your time and explore yourself in a detox program. You will feel lighter, cleaner and will have much more energy. DANKE!
~ Christian, Austria (2009-08-01)

I can absolutely recommend the program. It is do-able, I felt great most of the time and feel even greater on my 7th day!!!
~ Lene, Norway (2009-08-01)

any thanks to all of you ! I would recommend to everyone to take a Detox Program. I feel as I was a month only relaxing. My yoga practice during the detox program was both more intense and more relaxing. I did the Faster’s Detox Program and the juices, soups and teas were more than enough to keep my yoga practice as usual and all tasted excellent. During the detox program I didn’t feel any difficulties to take advantage of pranayama, asanas and any other activities I usually do. It was easy to manage this 14 days program. The wellness team gave me great support, and helpful information about all the questions that I had. I enjoy every wellness treatment, which were done very professionally and with great care. I felt very well during my detox program and was surrounded by the excellent wellness team. I feel healthier and very clean in my mind and my body. Many thanks.
~ Amra, Austria (2009-08-01)

Support was really great, the wellness staff were always caring for me and always lovely, helping to keep me on track with my detox program. I loved the Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage and colonic hydrotherapy sessions. Afterwards I always felt clear, light and clean. After these treatments, I could sit upright in my pranayama sessions whereas my posture was always slumped before. Continued staff support after the program for the rest of my stay was very helpful. Thank you so much,
~ Susi, Austria (2009-08-01)

My detox program was very enjoyable. I felt it was very well designed, both the food and the schedule. I was surprised that I was not hungry at all on the program and my cravings for sweets and coffee totally disappeared (and have not yet returned!) The wellness team were very supportive and kind throughout the program. They made me feel special and like I was doing something good for myself. Since completing the detox program I eat a lot less than before I started and I really enjoy fruits and juices much more now. Before the program my body felt hot and heavy, I never thought it could feel so light, clean and cool as it does now Thank you to all the detox team at Samahita Wellness!
~ Megan, Taiwan (2009-08-01)

This Detox was a fully supported, healthy way to cleanse the body. My questions and problems were addressed quickly and adjustments were made immediately. Yoga Thailand Wellness Center made this experience an easier way to detox. I came off the cleanse feeling bright and energetic.
~ Samantha, U.S. (2009-08-01)

I went into this detox with specific objectives, to gain both physical and mental clarity. These were achieved to my expectations through great professionalism, supportive therapists and great program facilities. I have come away with a stronger yoga practice, the knowledge on keeping my body cleansed and mental clarity on keeping myself present. Thank you guys for a wonderful experience and all your support.
~ Jo McHugh, UK (2009-07-01)

I would like to thank everybody at Yoga Thailand for making my recent 10- day detox a resounding success. As this was my first ‘detox ‘ I was mildly apprehensive about doing a long 10 day program but the support given throughout made it most enjoyable with all of the treatments being both relevant and of the highest standard. The combination of detoxifing ayurvedic herbs worked well with the simple foods that eased us into the juice fast proper. At no point did I feel any hunger pangs or discomfort and this in itself was a pleasant surprise. The time passed quickly, as we were kept quite busy with saunas, massages, colonics and steams all of which were explained and conducted with great professionalism and charm. All at Yoga Thailand Wellness should congratulate themselves on putting together a very polished and complete package. With thanks,
~ David St John Leach, UK (2009-06-01)

I joined the retreat to learn about yoga & nutrition. I learned that and so much more. I came away relaxed, rejuvenated and equipped with the tools and techniques to live a healthier, more balanced life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
~ Elizabeth, (2009-04-01)

Life changing one week retreat has changed the rest of our lives. We are forever grateful. Thank you.
~ Caroline , (2009-04-01)

I really can’t think of anything negative to say about the YogaDetox program! It has been such a positive experience and I learned so much valuable information about how to take care of myself, mind, body and spirit.
~ Katie , (2009-04-01)

You leave the retreat with a feeling of love for yourself.
~ Harleen, (2009-04-01)

The stay was an enjoyable experience. Friendly and motivated staff provide an excellent impression. The audience is motivating. Yoga people are inspiring and supportive for personal goals. The atmosphere among guests is excellennt and inspiring! Good vibes help! The organised tours to swim, snorkel and the visit the night markets are very welcome and a great opportunity to socialise between yoga and fitness activities.
~ Roger, December 2015

This was my first visit to Thailand and my first visit to a resort with a healthy weight programme. I felt welcome when I met the amazing and very friendly staff and instructors. I was a bit concerned about doing yoga and fitness twice a day and dieting, but the programme was manageable and the food was lovely. The teachers were inspiring and the massages were great too! After my week I felt relaxed, healthy and full of energy. It was very quiet in the week I was at the resort, but for me this was better, more relaxing!
~ Nicole, Sept 2015

I am not overweight and I think I eat quite healthy-at least in periods. Still I feel heavy and my stomach is bloated and I feel constipated, and apparently something is wrong since I suffered from gential candida for over a year. I started a detox and felt very well the first four days, then my body started to ache, I had problems sleeping and felt weak and restless. I started my liver flush and it was a really hard night for me but the result was rejuvenating-so much waste came out and I felt reborn. The next day I felt so much lighter and stronger with more energy when doing yoga. During the detox, I have gained a better understanding of the functions of the different organs in the body…Excellent combination with the yoga which made me relax and leave my bubble. The company with the other detoxers helped as well. I have more tools now that can help me in the process of living a more healthy life.
~ Maria, Sweden (2015-02-01)

Samahita is an excellent resort with everything geared towards healthy eating, drinking and exercise. The teachers were excellent and very motivating. The therapists were absolutely wonderful. Such nice, smiley people, but also very professional and knowledgeable. I have made many new friends here from all over the world. I would thoroughly recommend this place to a friend. The standard of the accommodation is of a very high level. The setting beside the beach is outstanding.
~ Anne, UK (2014-01-01)

Amazing. Chef is so great and makes the best healthy food…
~ Michelle, Australia (2014-01-01)

I was very impressed with the wellness team. They are so helpful, supportive and accommodating, I am sad to say goodbye to them. So is a very good trainer. He provided a challenge and variations each day and he incorporated weights and stability ball and bike riding for something different. He’s a real asset. The food on the Healthy Weight Program was delicious and just enough, and the supplement schedule was easy to follow.
~ Kate, England, 7-day Healthy Weight (2013-10-14)

Samahita is a fabulous, relaxing humble non-pretentious place in a quiet location on Koh Samui. The staff are beautiful, very kind and helpful, and motivating. The therapists give fantastic massages. I came here to kick start a healthy weight and diet regime as well as develop a yoga practice and that is exactly what I got. I am a much happier, lighter, stronger, and relaxed person that when I arrived!
~ Steph, (2013-04-01)

I would like to thank the wonderful smiley team. Light & love
~ Fransje, Netherlands (2013-01-19)

This is a center to be visited by professionals at least once a year. We became active both physically and mentally. Change of food brings new energy to life. Yoga is a wonderful program to keep us alert during the day and strengthen our muscles. Good friendly staff and teachers taking care of guests.
~ Sarat, India (2012-12-09)

Samahita Retreat has given me a new breath of life-the Ujjayi breath, the Victorious Breath!I arrived 2 weeks ago, nervous about entering the Healthy Weight Program-even though desperate to lose weight- thinking I am going to be starved, I will be tired and grumpy and how can I possibly wake up at 6am every day?!Quite the opposite I woke up looking forward to watching the sunrise whilst jogging with my trainer on a white sandy beach.I looked forward to the breathing exercises-I am asthmatic and now know how to take control of my breathing and calm myself if an attack occurs. I was never hungry, I finished my meals but never wanted more and never craved sweet things like I used to. The training was tough but a quick forgotten pain once 5 more repetitions had been conquered!I never had any muscle pains thanks to a great choice of treatments to compliment and smooth every thing out. And the icing on the cake was the Far Infrared Sauna: losing 600 calories in 30minutes the same as 1h30 in a spinning class! I felt the weight come off every day and could see shapes from reawakened muscles appearing. I made new friends and all the staff and especially the teachers were so supportive and attentive they all got me through the full 2 weeks in the blink of an eye. The secret to weight loss is that there is none and we all know it. The reality is simple “move more, eat less”. I was surprised to find that Yoga practice reduced my appetite and cravings. Samahita Retreat was the best environment to kick start me: training and yoga with swimming, sunbathing and healthy eating made it the perfect combination for me. In 2 weeks I built the confidence to self practice yoga-which I did for the 1st time today after a 5 day break and it felt amazing, I felt so proud and thankful!
~ Marie-Elisabeth, UK (2012-02-22)


I have been sick for a while, fainting with no founded diagnosis, experiencing muscle pains, stress and constipation for many years. A friend of mine invited me to attend this retreat. After 7 days of detox and yoga, I found that I slept well, my snoring was gone, and my muscle pain in my arms was gone. I highly recommend everyone to be open minded, your health will be better. The therapists at Samahita Wellness were also experienced and approachable. Thank you to all the staff for making me better. More power to you.
Maria, (2013-01-01)

The Wellness Director is fantastic-very helpful and knowledgeable. Huge Applause! An excellent detox program that is informative, supportive and really promotes overall wellbeing and health. Thank you!
Anne, , Australia (2011-11-01)

An excellent week-going home feeling light and rejuvenated. Iwill be back
Emma, Ireland (2011-11-01)

Way beyond excellent. The Wellness Director is very attentive, always approachable, very knowledgeable. Dear Wellness Director , many, many thanks, Iwill be back.
Anna, Russia (2011-11-01)

The Wellness Director is a great teacher. Always calm, very knowledgeable and always there for questions. I would do the detox again. It is greatly organized with high quality teaching and products. It helps definitely to get deeper in touch with body and mind.
Oliver, Germany (2011-11-01)

The Wellness Director was excellent. She took time to explain all aspects of the program not only as a group but personalized attention
Kelly, Myanmar (2011-11-01)

I was able to clear my body and mind completely. The many smiles that came my way each day only deepened my overall serenity.
Frank, Japan (2011-11-01)

Had a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for everything!
Marianne, USA (2011-11-01)

Coming out of the retreat healthier and with a good idea on how to maintain that-could not be better!
Brigitte, Germany (2011-11-01)

Great experience. Have taken a lot from this.
David, UK (2011-11-01)

Thank you Wellness Director , it really was a great experience. Really from the heart, a BIG thank you.
Pascale, Mexico (2011-11-01)

I feel very grateful for the safe space and peace that was provided at Samahita Retreat to be able to look within and build health. I feel everyone was very supportive, knowledgeable and kind. Thank you!
Laurence, USA (2011-02-01)

I truly enjoyed having The Wellness Director around. She was very helpful, explained patiently and clearly all points and questions, a very good teacher. I would recommend the Detox & Yoga retreat to others and I already see myself back again real soon.
Yoko, Japan (2011-02-01)

This was my second time to have a detox program at Samahita and I will definitely come back for an annual or bi-annual detox. I have been recommending the program at Samahita to people around me!
Chloe, Japan (2011-02-01)

A week passed by too fast, now I am heading back to the real world, hope the knowledge I learned from you can carry me through life my husband is gonna benefit aswell.
Lily, Canada (2011-02-01)

A perfect way to learn more about your body.
Sebastian, Germany (2011-02-01)

I would really recommend this place. It is a very peaceful and wonderful environment. The staff are superb-extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I had a fantastic time!
Helen, Germany (2011-02-01)

The Wellness Director is extremely dedicated and knows her stuff. She comes across with a desire to share and not tell you how to live. A very good ability! A very kind and supportive character. I have gained a lot of new knowledge.
Charlotte, Denmark (2011-02-01)

A lovely place to start over.
Katrin, Norway (2011-02-01)

Go to Samahita Retreat if you want to do something good for yourself.
Sissel, Norway (2011-02-01)

The Wellness Director was wonderful. She knows a lot about her topic and she still has a common sense approach to detoxing, eating and yoga
Ida, Finland (2010-12-01)

My stay and detox & yoga retreat at Samahita was exactly what I needed in order to reset my thoughts, re-assess my lifestyle and to have some space to breathe just for myself. I would highly recommend the program to anyone in need of a reset. A great bonus that it is located in paradise!
Sanae, Japan (2010-12-01)

The Wellness Director was fantastic throughout the program. I found her very knowledgeable and also very supportive of each of us individually. Although clearly an expert within this field, she was able to adapt for each of us depending on our depth of knowledge and experience with previous detox programs and yoga.
Ingrid, UK (2010-12-01)

Thanks Wellness Director and the whole Samahita team. Another interesting, well organized, body friendly week that makes me smile while I remember it. I will definitely take some ideas home to change my life.
Peter, Germany (2010-12-01)

The best place to detox-especially if you have not done it before because everything is well organized and The Wellness Director is a star supporter. You feel very well taken care of.
Jessica, Norway (2010-12-01)

The Wellness Director was very knowledgeable about all topics of the retreat. She was very approachable, always enthusiastic each day. I felt like I was detoxing in good hands in a safe environment. She cared about everyone's wellbeing. If you want a safe and friendly environment for your first detox, Samahita Retreat is the best place for it. And you get to learn and practice yoga while you're doing it.
Camilla, Dubai (2010-12-01)

Samahita Retreat is very professionally run. The services and therapies are superb. The Wellness Director is a warm and open person. Her instructions were always very clear. She has made the entire detox experience enjoyable.
Tuuli, Estonia (2010-12-01)

I wasn't sure what to expect from a detox program. The experience was very educational and eye-opening. This won't be my last time at Samahita Retreat (and it is already the second). Thanks for everything.
Elizabeth, Germany (2010-12-01)

The Wellness Director was great. Very knowledgeable and calming at the same time which made the week feel very supportive. I'm very happy I chose to spend a week doing this for myself. I didn't know what to expect and it wasn't always easy, but in the end it was worth the time and energy to get back on track.
Matthew, USA (2010-12-01)

I had a wonderful experience, very professional and warm, friendly staff. The Wellness Director was very knowledgeable, attentive and caring.
Liza, Qatar (2010-12-01)

After escaping a very stressful and toxic work situation, this retreat was exactly what the doctor ordered. The Wellness Director is an inspiration and I feel back on the road to recovering my equilibrium.
Willow, Germany (2010-10-01)

The Wellness Director is a great and insightful teacher, very helpful and kind. Samahita is a very relaxed and clam retreat destination; authentic yoga classes with a knowledgeable teacher and very peaceful if you want to come and rest your mind.
Alisa, Thailand (2010-10-01)

If you want to start a healthier life, this is it. Thank you so much!
Bianca, Germany (2010-10-01)

The stunning setting and the care and attention of the staff was exactly what I needed after my busy schedule. The Wellness Director is very encouraging and a calm and understanding presence. It feels like I have sparked off a healthier way of life.
Denise, UK (2010-10-01)

The Samahita Retreat detox is extremely relaxing, cleansing, enjoyable and well run. I thoroughly enjoyed and felt rejuvenated by the week.
Mark, UK (2010-10-01)

The Wellness Director is very kind, attentive and good at asking students how they are and listening and responding. I like her, I like that there was never any pressure of judgement. Thank you-I plan on returning!
Caroline, USA (2010-10-01)

I had no expectations going into the detox but am fully satisfied with the experience. The staff, the service and the environment were perfect for the program. I'd recommend it to anyone-even the skeptics.
Meghan, Canada (2010-09-01)

The Wellness Director is an excellent teacher. I learned a lot on this retreat. I will remember this experience forever. I learned a lot about ways to reduce my cravings for sweets which is my biggest problem. The people who work there from the receptionist to the massage personnel are excellent. I enjoyed my stay very much. Thank you for the remarkable experience.
Lina, USA (2012-05-25)

The Wellness Director is an amazing teacher; very good at explaining everything to us while pushing us to do better. I joined the Healthy Weight Loss & Yoga retreat mainly to relax and give my body a rest from the bad habits (alcohol, bad food, smoking). Smamhita Retreat really exceeded my expectations and gave me an overall understanding of how to eat healthily while keeping fit. I loved the yoga classes, the morning running, fitness classes and the amazing treatments. Would definitely come back for more!
Chrsitina, UK (2012-05-25)

The Wellness Director is so professional and she likes to share with all of us the benefits of healthy food, she is a super teacher. When the world is really stressful, when you work too much, it is good to spend some time here and take care of you. The only thing that matters is your health and you are the only boss, so do yoga and eat healthy food, your body will enjoy it.
Valerie, China (2012-05-25)

This program will show you how to bring health into your life in all aspects. The weight loss is just the start of a healthier life.
Reta, Canada (2012-05-25)

I really enjoyed everything. I feel The Wellness Director is very knowledgeable, helpful, loving. I can not believe how tasty yet healthy the food was.
Nicole, Canada (2012-05-25)

Dear Dorien, As I researched yoga retreat sites from all over the world for countless hours, Samahita Retreat kept coming back to me as a destination option. The One-to-One Personal Retreat really called and inspired me. Due to the fact that my time as limited to a one week retreat, I really wanted to maximize my time. Not that group settings cannot be impacting, I really was attracted to the One-to-One time for this particular journey. It just seemed right. Once word returned that you were available to meet, the confirmation within my body was immediate. The results totally surpassed my expectations. Our daily conversations were poignant, enriching, engaging, and empowering. You have a wonderful gift to focus, center and deliver a targeted message that comes from an other-worldly place. I loved that even though there was a loose outline of topics to cover, that we could stay on the prescribed course or go off on an appropriate tangent. It made our time together real and personal and not contrived. Your robust energy flows from you in generous waves drowning those in your presence. Your capacity to teach, share, laugh and love were infectious. More than anything, I absorbed takeaway spiritual and life skills that I can now use to uplift and support my future growth. The week was an opportunity to reboot my life. I return to my real world a new person - revived, fresh, and outfitted with energy that will continue to guide and support the next stage of life. My gratitude runneth over. Thank you from the crevasses of my open and gleeful heart.
Laurel, USA (2012-03-01)

Extremely good quality of food, the best vegetarian food ever enjoyed! Great chef!
Vivian, Hong Kong (2012-04-01)

Been here for a week. I am amazed how much change can be done in that time! I really toned up, my mind stilled within days, very relaxed, feeling bright and healthy, got a lot more flexibility, more muscle control and found out I have muscles that I never knew. Loved it, Rachel
Rachel, Netherlands (2012-04-01)

I found the retreat very nice and relaxing with the opportunity to do breathwork and yoga in the morning, eating healthy and delicious food and meeting nice people.
Dorthe, Denmark (2012-04-01)

Really enjoyed this week with The Wellness Director and my group, it was fun even when we worked hard. I liked Wellness Director is expertise in teaching.
Danijela, UK (2012-04-01)

That is a wonderful and peaceful place where I hope to come back again. At the end of the week I feel healthy and in good shape. Could have stayed longer. Thank you!
Kathrine, Switzerland (2012-04-01)

I highly recommend a yoga & wellness retreat to anyone looking to relax, feel healthy and reintegrate themselves. The place is lovely, the teachers and staff are awesome! An absolute must! Love Gauri.
Gauri, Singapore (2012-04-01)

I learned a lot from Wellness Director. This retreat has really made me sit up and think about how I lead my life; diet, stress management and living a more healthy and balanced life. The great thing is I now realize how I can change things and have every intention of doing so when I go home. So thank you Samahita for opening my eyes and bringing this welcome change into my life!
Belinda, Hong Kong (2012-04-01)

I feel really great after staying one week here. I fell relaxed, calm and recharged. The food is very good. The boat trip was fun. The teachers and people around are very nice. The dining area is great for socializing, meeting nice people and exchanging experiences. I will definitely come back again if any chance. Thank you for all, Sandy.
Sandy, Hong Kong (2012-04-01)

This place in excellent for people who wish to relax their mind and practice yoga. The food is great and the environment is just peaceful and beautiful. Great place for individuals traveling alone too! I love the food! I do not usually eat many vegetables and healthy food hence it is an eye opener for me to know that it is so easy to cook healthily
Siew Tzi, Singapore (2012-04-01)

Wonderful, especially the afternoon sessions, very valuable and practical lessons that I will apply to improve my health when I return home. Beautiful location, treatments and education. I feel that I have really gained from my week here and am looking forward to deepening my yoga asana practice next week with your wonderful instructors.
Louise, UK (2012-04-01)

I feel my body, mind and soul come more together to integration because of the classes. I feel more alive!
Marjolijn, Netherlands (2012-04-01)

Pablo, Taiwan (2012-04-01)

Sandra, Switzerland (2012-04-01)

I came here hoping to get my practice back on track after dealing with an injury. This retreat helped me do that and more. The Wellness Director and the other instructors helped me develop a practice I can continue without further aggravating my injury. The health and wellness aspects were informative and fun and have given me lots of new practices and ideas to incorporate into my post-retreat life.
Juniper, USA (2011-04-28)

I had a superb time on The Wellness Director retreat. I was able to expand on knowledge I already had and learn lots of completely new things. Samahita Retreat was the perfect setting for this. Thank you The Wellness Director and all the Samahita Retreat staff.
Ewan, UK (2011-04-21)

This week has been an absolutely incredible experience. Samahita Retreat provides a peaceful retreat for people of all ages and skill level to come and rejuvenate while meeting some wonderful like-minded people. I wholeheartedly recommend Samahita Retreat to anyone wanting a break at a place that promotes health and wellness. Thank you The Wellness Director for a wonderful week.
Jessica, Canada (2011-04-20)

I would highly recommend this retreat. It was wonderful having The Wellness Director as our teacher and spending time with such a nice group of people.
Catherine, UK (2011-04-15)

With the assistance of The Wellness Director, we achieved practicing the yoga, it became easier as the days went by. The quality to put forward her knowledge definitely shifted us in body and mind. We are different people. Also medically there have been some changes. The Wellness Director has been an angel along our path here.
Madhu and Jyoti, South Africa (2011-04-05)

I had a good week, a lot of yoga work which I enjoyed very much. Teaching was outstanding.
Ralf, Germany (2010-11-01)

Everything is well planned, clean and organized. Top class- excellent! Thanks Wellness Director
Pia, Finland (2010-11-01)

I enjoyed my week a lot. I will recommend the retreat for others. The Wellness Director is a great yoga teacher and she gave excellent info on the healthy diet.
Jukka, Finland (2010-11-01)

I highly recommend Samahita Retreat for all people, I am thankful for The Wellness Director who opened my horizons in healthy and happy living. I am excited to take this with me for the rest of my life. Definitely would like to come back soon! The staff were wonderful and made me feel like at home. Thank you all so much for this amazing life changing experience.
Lina, USA (2010-11-01)

I came to the retreat in dire need of a holiday that was restful. Not one for lying on the beach for extended periods I found the balance of yoga, information and gentle atmosphere combined to create the perfect scenario to be by myself. The general atmosphere was relaxed friendship. A holiday I will savou forever. I will certainly return.
Rochelle, UK (2010-11-01)

Enjoyable yet highly practical do it yourself course where you learn your A,B,C's for your everyday health and wellbeing
Nea, Finland (2010-11-01)

Samahita Retreat is a hidden gem-I have found my time here to be deeply restorative, challenging and thought provoking. I feel healthy, refreshed and relaxed and have met some wonderful like-minded friends. I will most definitely be recommending this retreat and hope to return again soon.
Lauren, South Africa (2010-11-01)

Samahita Retreat helped me find the sense of inner calm I was hoping for. I met some amazing people here, instructors and students alike and I was provided with knowledge that would allow me to live a more healthy and emotional, mental and spiritual life. The Wellness Director was a very knowledgeable, approachable and motivating, an excellent instructor. Thank you!
Jon, Canada (2010-11-01)

Excellent! A lot of handy tips and practices that I can use in daily life
Alex, UK (2010-11-01)

I found the teaching great and The Wellness Director has great knowledge on all things health related.
Jenny, Ireland (2010-09-01)

I am ready to start anew thanks to your program. I will keep the experience in my mind for a new start. Thank you.
HayeSun, S.Korea (2010-09-01)

A great retreat and just what I was looking for. Thanks again Wellness Director.
Simon, Pakistan (2010-09-01)

The Wellness Director was a really loving and caring teacher.
Hanna, Finland (2010-05-01)

Excellent. Very educational and beneficial.
Boon Bee, Singapore (2010-05-01)

I had an absolutely amazing time at Samahita Retreat. I didn't know what to expect beforehand but it certainly was what I hoped for and more. I will definitely be back.
Pauline, UK (2010-05-01)

The Wellness Director is an excellent teacher. She always had time for questions and was very inspirational. I really enjoyed the cooking class and the tratak session. Samahita Retreat is such a beautiful place, very professional, all staff very friendly.
Leanne, UK (2010-05-01)

There are no words to describe how much this retreat exceeded even the wildest expectations.
Johanna, Finland (2010-05-01)

I would recommend this retreat to anyone feeling 'bogged' down in life. To come here and treat yourself is the biggest gift of all. I leave with an amazing feeling to deal with the 'real world' in better ways and look after myself.
Catherine, Australia (2010-05-01)

johnston-2017“I attended the Samahita Retreat in February of 2016. I am a 65 year old businessman and C.P.A from Vancouver Island in Canada who had just retired in January and was looking for a challenge to begin a new phase in my life. I think that it is “fair comment” to say that I would not be considered your typical participant in a yoga retreat.

I have enjoyed sports and fitness my whole life but the cumulative effect of ice hockey and tennis injuries had resulted in me having both of my knees and both of my hips replaced. I also am a cancer survivor. I had been doing hot yoga in Canada but it was mostly of the yin variety and I was actually very nervous about my ability to participate in the yoga classes. I also had not fully appreciated the fact that there would be “core” and “cycling” classes as well. I found that a “normal” day at Samahita consists of an average of 6 classes per day spread over 5 hours; three hours in the morning and 2 in the late afternoon and this is 7 days per week. The classes consisted of an ashtanga yoga class, a yin class, at least one core class and at least one cycling (spinning) class.

Each day started with a meditation and breathing class something quite new for me. After 83 classes in a little over two weeks, I can advise that the Samahita resort exceeded all expectations. I lost approximately 6 kilos in 2 weeks including 2 inches around waist but expanded the chest by an inch but most importantly, I returned to Canada feeling exceptionally calm and centred but very confident and powerful.

I have to give all of the credit to David Tilston and his fellow instructors. They were all extremely helpful in helping me find alternative yoga positions and poses to accommodate the limitations of my joint replacements but they never made me feel self conscious during the classes. I especially felt incredibly empowered working with the more experienced practitioners (that included many of the instructors) in the Mysore classes they were very supportive and also a lot of fun to practice with. David is an exceptional athlete and he appealed to my competitive nature in the core and cycling classes in that I was challenged but given an opportunity to succeed. I also found that David and his instructors demonstrated the tremendous advantages of blending the mindfulness of yoga with the challenges of the strength and cardio classes.

Finally, it was so very interesting meeting people from all over the world; I really did not appreciate how rewarding that it is to work towards common goals with people of different ages and cultures so my advice from an “old-timer hockey player”…give yourself a challenge and an experience that you will never forget. Namaste, Doug Johnston”

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