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“You can't teach a person anything.You can only teach them to discover it for themselves.” ∼ Galileo
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Detox Spa and Wellness Program in Thailand at Samahita Retreat

We live the life and approach that we offer here. Samahita Retreat is a direct creation from a committed and well-trained lifestyle on health and personal growth through education in yoga, ayurveda, nutrition, physiology and personal self growth. We believe in this, we live this and we are happy to share it with you.

Samahita Retreat offers a selection of Detox and Wellness Spa Programs as well as individual treatments and therapies. Mentored by Samahita Retreat’s founders, Paul and Jutima, and led by Wellness Director, Arielle, is our skilled team of therapists and nurse. Our programs combine the wisdom of ancient ayurvedic and yogic teachings along with a full modern understanding of nutrition and physiology.

Our Detox Programs focus on removing unwanted waste and toxins from the body and involve some level of diet control along with a selection of therapies and classes and our specially formulated ayurvedic herbal detox mixture. We have installed the most professional equipment to aid the process with our colon hydrotherapy machine and far infrared sauna. We have created the ideal setting for detox spa holidays, with all of the benefits of state of the art equipment and fully equipped detox retreat center, yet in a tropical beach front, wellness resort. Taking the time to gently switch off and take time away from it all makes choosing a detox spa retreat in Thailand all the more effective.

Our Wellness Programs allow the guest to still enjoy the full culinary delights of Samahita Retreat while engaging in a full program of therapies. All Samahita Wellness programs take place at Samahita Retreat. We have developed a personal and dedicated spa retreat to focus specifically on wellbeing. In addition to this is the benefit of the full facilities at Samahita Retreat. The full professional support of the yoga and environment completes the experience.

We sincerely hope we can be of service to you as our purpose for setting all this up is to help people change negative habits and build positive ones, learn skills to apply in life and feel empowered and knowledgeable about handling themselves in this modern, stress oriented world.

Thank you and we look forward to you joining us here.