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“When life is giving you a hard time, try to endure and live through it. You must never run away from a problem.
Convince yourself that you will survive and get to the other side.” ~ Margaret Ramsey * British literary agent

Good Health and the reason to Detox

A new beginning, a new you, rejuvenated, healthier, happier, freer. Alive again.

The nature of life is such that, unless cared for, deterioration sets in. The human body and our personal wellbeing is no exception to this. Though we may consider ourselves to be healthy and conscious we still cannot avoid the effects of nature. Add to that the thousands of man-made problems and we find that our systems tend to end up congested with a variety of toxins as the years go by.

Our Bodies and Minds are Exposed to Toxic Attack

Our body is a tremendous product of nature and is designed to heal and detoxify in its own natural way. Unfortunately we are over-exposed to a large variety of toxins in daily life plus we do not take good care of ourselves, leaving our system compromised and further polluted.


In this modern era we are exposed to thousands of chemical compounds used by industry in practically every product we consume today. These chemicals were not designed for our bodies. Add to that environmental pollution in the air and water. Our bodies end up carrying a lethal cocktail of both heavy metals and organic bacteria that will ultimately make us feel unwell, reduce our energy levels and may even bring about disease. The good news is we can remove them and that is exactly what the word “detoxify” means.


We may have just accepted the food given to us for years. We may still. Or we may now be health conscious and trying to eat organic and natural. In the past 60 years it is increasingly hard to find foods in their natural form available in the market. Add to that the pressure from modern living with time constraints in a working day and we end up taking the most convenient food option available. Most foods in the supermarket today are highly processed and often the lower priced ones are loaded with chemicals and non-food additives. In addition, foods have been broken down and genetically modified. White flour, white sugar and other similar refined foodstuffs bring on a host of digestive issues and can even lead to allergies and depletion in healthy bacteria in the colon. In short, our digestive system is unable to handle all that we put in it and very often does not know what to do with it so it gets stored in fat cells, left as a wrapped up toxic deposit. Again the good news it can be removed through a proper approach to detoxification.


Related to food and environment, the quality of the water we drink today has deteriorated. Much drinking water, especially bottled, is acidic, immediately causing a toxic internal environment. Water is vital to life and many do not drink enough, let alone get good mineralized ‘living’ water, ionically charged, alkaline and easily absorbed by the body’s cells. Unless you have a state-of-the-art filter or a spring well it is very difficult to get such natural water.


As our material level in life has risen to remove many burdens and stresses on the body, our psychological burden seems to have risen. As a people over the past 100 years we have gone from curing basic illnesses and diseases through better sanitation, living systems and modern medicine, to a rise in mental pressures and instability due to stress from modern living. This has separated us from a community feel, and increased our use and dependence on pharmaceutical drugs.

Stress and depression seem to be pretty common today yet can be cured through natural means. These negative emotional states alter the internal chemical structure themselves polluting the body and leaving toxins in our system. The education through detox is to help balance one’s life and apply learned techniques to help rejuvenate and calm our body and mind. Typically many of these techniques are of ancient origin such as yoga, meditation and a variety of energetic exercises and therapies.


Most people in the world breathe incorrectly. This is due to poor breathing habits and an increase in stress continuing year upon year through life. It is a fact that every exhale removes toxins, yet who pays attention to this? Poor breathing also leaves the system more acidic and doesn’t process the nutrients optimally that have been taken in from food. As the breath deteriorates our natural functioning and our stress level goes up. A vicious circle ensues. Luckily with effort and training the whole breathing process can be reversed and improved to make a huge change in the quality of your life.

Signs of Toxic Build-up

  • fatigue
  • illness
  • disease
  • low energy
  • low motivation
  • depression
  • parasites, worms
  • fungus, yeast growth
  • continuous headaches
  • poor digestion
  • overweight
  • constipation or poor elimination
  • susceptible to illness
  • prolonged use of pharmaceuticals
  • prolonged use of alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs
  • inability to relax or sit comfortably and still
  • poor concentration

The ancient teachings in yoga tell us that we are ‘un-well’, in “dukha” (suffering). It really is the whole issue of life. Yet on a practical level this functional physical and mental ‘un-well’ alters our nature and keeps us down. The more we move in this direction the more weak, ill and depressed we will feel. We just need to know how to undo this. We take measures to clear our systems and learn techniques to empower us. Part of this process is to detox and grow from there. That is our philosophy here. Help and educate.

From Acidity to Alkalinity

Stress, food choice, poor breathing and lack of sleep simply leave our systems overly acidic. The blood needs to remain in an alkaline range and the body’s intelligence will do everything in its power to keep this. This is a further stress on our system. A toxic internal environment is an acidic one. You will have cravings, addictions, tension, and moodiness, feel stiff, and find it hard to lose weight, suffer from poor digestion, heartburn and eventually even diseases like osteoporosis and kidney stones.

Through the water we drink, the quality of our breath, the positive food choices we make and our overall attitude to life we can change this imbalance and cause our system to move into the pH neutral zone and eventually alkaline. You will feel more energy, attain a normal weight, remove cravings, improve digestion and have an overall happier psychological state. And who would not want that?

This is exactly what the ancient science of yoga and the modern approach to detoxing can provide for us. Discover your reason to detox. – Feel great and be a positive support to yourself and everyone else around you in life.