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“When life is giving you a hard time, try to endure and live through it. You must never run away from a problem.
Convince yourself that you will survive and get to the other side.” ~ Margaret Ramsey * British literary agent

Good Health and the reason to Detox

The nature of life is such that, unless cared for, deterioration sets in. Though we may consider ourselves healthy, we cannot avoid natural processes. Add to that thousands of man-made problems, and our systems are congested and toxic.

Toxic Attack

Our body is a tremendous product of nature and is designed to naturally heal itself. Unfortunately, we are over-exposed to so many toxins; plus, sometimes we do not take good care of ourselves. This leaves our system compromised.


We are exposed to thousands of chemical toxins in the products, air and water that we consume. These chemicals toxify our bodies with heavy metals and rogue bacteria that ultimately reduce our energy and cause disease.


In the past 60 years it is increasingly hard to find natural food. The fast pace and pressure of modern life necessitates making quick, easy choices. Even when “trying our best,” we are tempted by unhealthy, unnatural convenience foods.

Most foods in supermarkets are highly processed and loaded with chemicals, additives and preservatives. Many foods are genetically modified, and because full disclosure is not required, we don’t even know which are which.

White flour, white sugar and other refined items bring on allergies, digestive and auto-immune conditions. Our digestive system is unprepared for them, and our systems store toxins in fat cells, until a detox process releases them.


Water is vital to life and many do not drink enough, let alone good, mineralized “living” water that is ionically charged, alkaline, and easily absorbed. Unless you have a state-of-the-art filter or spring well, it is very difficult to get natural water.


Mental pressures have risen with acute and chronic stress from our lifestyles. This leads to feelings of separation and depression. We feel disconnected from community, and become dependent on pharmaceuticals to help us.

Stress and depression can be greatly helped by natural means. Chemical imbalances, as well as lifestyle and personal choices, can change. Detox is a powerful way to reset the system, and restore calm, vibrancy and balance.


Most people in the world breathe incorrectly. Every exhale removes toxins, but with stress, our breath becomes quickened and shallow, robbing us of the breath’s full, natural benefit.

Our system is more acidic, and fails to process optimally the nutrients that have been ingested, thus resulting in a vicious cycle of poor breath, greater stress. Improving the breath can greatly enhance the quality of your life.

Signs of Toxic Build-up

The ancient teachings in yoga tell us that we are in “dukha” (suffering). This keeps our true nature hidden from us, leading to more suffering, as manifest in the following symptoms:

  • fatigue
  • lethargy
  • illness
  • disease
  • low energy
  • low motivation
  • depression
  • parasites
  • worms
  • fungal, bacterial, yeast growth
  • headaches
  • poor digestion
  • overweight
  • cravings
  • addictions
  • constipation
  • poor elimination
  • skin problems
  • digestive troubles
  • susceptibility to illness
  • prolonged use of pharmaceuticals
  • prolonged use of alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs
  • inability to relax or sit comfortably and still
  • poor concentration

Detox can be a powerful first step to get us empowered and reconnected within.

From Acidity to Alkalinity

Stress, poor foods & breathing and lack of sleep make our systems overly acidic. The blood needs to remain alkaline (~7.4), and the body will do everything in its power to maintain this. This causes duress when we are toxic.

Detoxification is a way to begin to right our pH levels. Moving from acid to alkaline is essential. You will regain energy, approach your healthy weight, improve skin and digestion, and gain psychological benefits.

This is exactly what the ancient science of yoga and the modern approach to detoxing provide. Discover your own, personal reason to detox. Feel great, and become a positive support to yourself and everyone else around you in life.



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