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De-stress Program FAQ

Who is the De-stress Program suitable for?

The De-stress Program is suitable for anyone needing to rebalance body and mind after a period of stress, ill health or hard work. It is also suitable for those simply wishing to take time out to nurture themselves and relax deeply while engaging in yoga practices, de-stress exercises and healthy living.

Can I continue my Ashtanga Yoga practice while on a De-stress Program?

Yes. You may continue with your regular Ashtanga practice while on a De-stress program. However, our experienced teachers may  recommend that you modify the intensity of your practice to assist in calming your nervous system. We recommend you practice pranayama (yogic breathwork) daily throughout the program. Our yoga teachers will show you the pranayama practices most suitable for you, focusing on yoga and stress.

Can I leave the retreat center during my De-stress Program?

Yes. In between your mealtimes, drinks, supplements and therapies you are free to do as you wish, however, it is important to bear in mind that you may need to rest between activities so we advise that your free time is quiet time for contemplation and relaxation. We are situated on the beach, in a tranquil and beautiful part of the island that is perfect for your restoration and rejuvenation – the ideal setting for a de-stress program Thailand.

If I don’t use all the treatments in the De-stress Program, do I get a refund?

These treatments have been discounted for advanced purchase and specifically selected to assist your de-stress process. Refunds cannot be given.

Can I change treatments on a De-stress Program?

Yes. There is some flexibility with what treatments you receive. You can change your treatments as long as they are chosen from the same treatment category such as “Body & Soul” or “Ayurvedic”. Speak to our wellness team for more information.

Can I add on extra treatments to my De-stress Program?

Yes. You can add on other treatments in addition to your chosen program. These will be offered at 30% discount.

Can I share a room with my friend who wants to do a different health or yoga program?

Yes. The accommodation options are the same for all of our programs.

Should I book a single or share room if coming alone?

We recommend that you book single accommodation if you wish to ensure privacy during your De-stress program.

If I am already booked to come to Samahita Retreat on a yoga program, can I add on a De-stress Program during the same time?

Yes. You can add on a De-stress Program to your current yoga retreat or continuing education training reservation. Please email reservations for pricing and any further de-stress questions.


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