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About YogaCoreCycle

Samahita Retreat is pleased to announce the launch of our all-inclusive, signature program YogaCoreCycle, integrating classical yoga, functional fitness, strength and cardio. Read on to discover more about our new fitness retreat facilities, located on the beach in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Yoga is an ancient and refined practice whose physical aspects have become an integral part of the thoroughly modern boutique fitness craze. While it continues to provide intensive training on all aspects of traditional yoga for prospective teachers and advanced students, Samahita Retreat is proud to announce its brand-new YogaCoreCycle program, debuting in 2016. This new program is ideal for those who are seeking a fully integrated yoga and fitness curriculum that combines mental, spiritual, and physical dynamics in a balanced way.

Conceived by Samahita Retreat founder, Paul Dallaghan, and co-designed with athlete trainer and movement expert, Arielle Nash-Degagne, YogaCoreCycle is the result of more than 40 years of combined experience in yoga, fitness, and overall health. The program is divided into three distinct focus groups: Yoga, Core, and Cycle.

Yoga sessions teach breath and meditation skills, along with grounding, foundational yoga poses. Core sessions build core strength and functional fitness through work with stability balls, TRXs, and similar equipment. Cycle classes build cardio in a fun and immersive, high-energy way.

The program is open and flexible, allowing participants to customize it to their needs. There is enough room in a week’s schedule to take all of the YogaCoreCycle classes and still put in extra work on improving yoga skills through the guided self-practice option. With this option, a yoga teacher will walk the student through the poses of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system, correcting poses as necessary and helping to build the self-confidence needed for solo work. Other possible add-ons include a daily 40-minute meditation and breathwork class that serves as a foundation for all the practices, and afternoon restorative yoga courses.

For guests who do not want to participate in the full YogaCoreCycle program, each element is also designed to stand alone. Guests can add one or two of the sections to a week that is otherwise filled with more traditional yoga education. Or, for those more fitness oriented, solely doing the core and cycle program or combining it with the balancing practices of meditation and breath are additional possibilities.

Regardless of whether a guest decides to solely do YogaCoreCycle during his or her time at Samahita Retreat, or chooses to incorporate elements of the program as part of a more traditional yoga curriculum, functional fitness integrates perfectly as part of any level of yoga practitioner’s regular routine. It is especially important to build the Core, as that is the system of muscles that supports the entire body. Connecting with the physical Core builds endurance and efficiency, and minimizes injuries. Functional fitness activities, done separately from a yoga routine, are far more effective at Core work than those mixed up within a yoga session. Core stability can then be fine-tuned in yoga, done slowly and methodically. This separation preserves the integrity of both.

Yoga and fitness experts have consistently found that asana is not a replacement for exercise. When yoga is undertaken solely for fitness purposes, much of its meaning and effect is lost. Yoga does not provide the cardiovascular benefits of a full workout program, such as indoor cycling, and its repetitive nature can cause practitioners to lose touch with the messages their bodies want to share. Changing the way the body moves, as in switching between a yoga, a core, and a cycle class, helps to identify postural concerns, weak muscles, and other issues that may be preventing practitioners from fully performing the yoga poses or finding balance in their bodies.

The physical part of yoga is designed to refine and condition the body’s form and physiology, and different people choose to live and practice it in different ways. With the current focus on boutique fitness routines, the YogaCoreCycle program, held in a beachfront Thailand retreat center, is an excellent addition to the mix. Whether students follow the full program or combine elements of it with a more traditional yoga curriculum, they are sure to develop healthy new fitness routines that can last a lifetime.

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Join our all- inclusive, signature,YogaCoreCycle program, designed to encourage you to work on your optimal health and wellbeing, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. YogaCoreCycle combines cardio and specific strength training, alongside yoga poses, breath work and meditation practices to help you achieve this balance. YogaCoreCycle is a fully inclusive one rate package that includes the full programming of yoga and fitness activities, food, and accommodation, for the perfect fitness holiday..Available for stays of a minimum three days or longer.

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Why combine yoga and fitness on a holiday or retreat? How can YogaCoreCycle benefit yoga practitioners? Discover articles and information on Samahita’s evolution and how founder Paul Dallaghan believes integrated fitness and yoga can help support a healthy life.


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