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"Let food be thy medicine." ~ Hippocrates

Healthy Diet – Sattva Dining at Samahita Retreat

Get your tastebuds tingling with Samahita Retreat’s fresh and healthy dining. Drawing upon Ayurvedic principals, we source local produce whenever possible to create food prepared with love (and delicious Thai flavours!)

Sattva Dining & Juice Bar

Great emphasis is placed on the importance of food at Samahita Retreat. It serves a dual purpose of healthily nourishing the body and mind while also delighting the senses through great taste and variation. The food philosophy is based on the principle
of “Sattva”, a Sanskrit term that means pure and light with a basis of easy to digest. The emphasis is on natural ingredients including yoghurt, kefir, soy milk, coconut milk, breads, jams, muesli and breakfast juices all homemade daily.  


Juice Bar & Healthy Homemade Sweet Treats

Samahita Retreat has a full-service juice bar serving up all types of juices, including home grown organic wheatgrass, in addition to a variety of blended shakes. Guests can radically boost their well-being and change mental and emotional states by consuming
good water, fresh juices and homemade, healthy treats. Fresh juices, especially wheatgrass, can aid in detoxifying the body by restoring alkaline balance and reducing or curing many common ailments that people suffer from today. For those with a sweet
tooth freshly made cookies, energy balls, muesli bars, and ice-cream are all created using pure, unprocessed ingredients.  


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