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Koh Samui, Thailand


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Green Development Lots for Sale on Koh Samui, Thailand

Samahita Residences

– land and villa for sale/investment and personal use –

We have a large area of beautiful hill land for sale 5 minutes away from Samahita Retreat, on the breathtaking island of Koh Samui, Thailand.

The property is blessed with incredible sea views that also look out over the tropical green forest and coconut trees. The land itself is rich with greenery, incredible boulders and spectacular natural features. The entire property is surrounded by conservational land, a protected forest, which means no other developments can placed around us.

Our intention is to offer a number of plots for sale to interested parties. The project is focused on nature, healthy living and environmental standards. It will foster a small community of home-owners with a similar mindset in a green development. Our own home is already completed and full infrastructure is in.

We have spent many years dealing with real estate in Thailand, mainly Koh Samui, and have completed four separate construction projects, from homes to a full resort. We are not a developer. Rather we pass on this level of experience to you. It comes with trust in the land and the integrity of the development. You, as a plot owner, can benefit from this and avoid the overpriced middleman developer. As such we offer the land at a fair price and direct you to the Project Management team for your build that we use and trust ourselves, who get the job done, in budget, on time.

From an investment point of view land values in the south of Samui have steadily risen to date. Land development Thailand continues to grow as Samui becomes an ever increasingly popular destination. With a house on it the land value increases and you can put the villa in a rental pool for those coming to Samahita Retreat or outside.

Some of our Eco-friendly/ Green Building Standards:

  • Rain water collection
  • Solar panels for water heater
  • Low consumption lighting (LED, CFC)
  • Natural roofing materials
  • Cross ventilation for air flow
  • Water savings sanitary fixtures (dual flush toilets, low flow faucets)
  • Recycled wood products when possible
  • Low energy air conditioning and appliances
  • Recycle and compost waste
  • Salt water or ionized pool system

The Project is equipped with Full infrastructure:

Concrete road, private gated community with security, 3-Phase electric, Fiber Optic WiFi internet, clean natural well water.

Plot Availability:

Plot sizes vary from 800 sq. m to 1800 sq. m. with prices starting from 1.7 million Thai Baht (approx 35,000 euro) and up. Currently 60% of the plots have been purchased soley by visitors of Samahita Retreat. There are still some key seaview plots available with sizes from 1000 to 1500 sq. m. Plot rates vary from 3 to 4.5 million Thai Baht.

For details about the plots please see Plot Details PDF file

To Purchase Your Land:

We have one of the top professional legal firms in Bangkok to help make it easy for you as a foreign national to buy property in Thailand.

To Build Your Villa:

As stated above, we direct you to our professional Project Management team (who built Samahita Retreat). This means you build at cost which is a huge saving.

Sterling Project Management

Sterling Project Management
Contact: Phil Richardson mailto:

Villa Construction Project Management Process (PDF doc download)

Architecture and Landscape

Rarin Design
Rarin Design
Contact Khun Ui

We have also selected some Koh Samui based property Thailand companies who can provide you with additional services that we have personally used with our development:

Kitchen Design and Interiors

IPM Samui
IPM Samui
Contact: Briana

Solar Energy

Samui Service
Samui Service
Contact: Claude

Interior Design and Furnishings

Beautiful World
Beautiful World
Contact: Pafi

Eco-friendly Pest Control

Eco-friendly Pest Control
Contact: Marie

IT/ Network/ WiFi

Blue Chip IT
Blue Chip IT
Contact: Matt

To Rent Your Villa:

Samahita Retreat will offer a rental service as needed during the times you are away to guests. There is no guaranteed rental but it is included within the rental pool.

You can also work directly with outside agents to rent out your villa.

To Maintain Your Villa:

Samahita Retreat currently manages the entire development and can also offer specific maintenance services for each home that includes:

  • security
  • maid service
  • gardener
  • pool cleaning

We are offering a special 20% discount from the market rates for guests of Samahita Retreat only.

To make an appointment to see the land please contact our reception if you are at Samahita Retreat or email our General Manager

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