Wellbeing Collection
“Eat well, drink in moderation, and sleep sound, in these three good health abound.”
∼ Latin Proverb
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Holistic Wellness Centre

Indulge in one of our carefully designed packages from our Wellbeing Spa Collection to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and balanced.

Head to Toe

2 hours 15 min

Reconnect with yourself with our special Head to Toe combination of treatments. The session reenergizes you from crown to feet. Opening up with our Relaxing Foot Massage to release energy blockages by applying pressure to reflex points on your feet, following on with a full body Thai Traditional Massage stretching you out nicely for the day and closing with a refreshing facial massage with our special pure apricot kernel massage oil, to stimulate your circulation and bring back radiance and vitality to your skin. This is an ideal package to give yourself as a special treat.

A Touch of Thai

2 hours

A complete ancient holistic Thai treatment that combines Traditional Thai Massage with Thai Herbal Compress Massage to give you an exclusive 'Touch of Thai' healing. The Thai Massage will restore the flow of energy throughout your body, while aiding the detoxification process and boosting your immune system. Together with the curative 'Touch of Thai' Herbal Compress Massage, this package is the perfect way to renew the health of your body, mind, & spirit.

Jet Lag Remedy

2 hours 45 min

A relaxing, rebalancing package to sooth your tired muscles and bring you to the here and now. We begin with a 15 minutes Far Infrared Sauna session to warm and relax your tired muscles, follow with a 15 minutes Foot Soak in warm essential oil infused water to calm and center you along with a comforting leg massage to reduce swelling and boost your general circulation. Follow this with a one-hour Foot Reflexology Massage session focusing on spinal, digestive and problem points.

Take a break for a hot or cold herbal tea then follow with a one hour Aromatherapy Massage using your choice of uplifting or relaxing oil. Focusing on neck, shoulders and spinal points with a gentle abdominal massage to rebalance your digestive system, the Jet Lag Remedy will leave you feeling grounded, soothed and energized ready for a days activity or a good nights rest.