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“We are not here merely to make a living. We are here to enrich the world.” ∼ Woodrow Wilson

10 Tips for a Healthier Life

By Claudia Jones

  1. Buy a juicer and drink a freshly prepared vegetable juice every morning – 500ml is ideal
  2. Include a good quality probiotic supplement into your daily diet or prepare some homemade probiotic foods such as kefir to maintain a healthy level of beneficial bacteria in the colon.
  3. Eat homemade cultured vegetables (kimchi) with your meals. The digestive enzymes assist digestion
  4. Increase your intake of alkalizing foods (fresh fruits and vegetables), they should far outweigh the amount of protein or starch on your plate
  5. Eat fresh, organic foods in their whole form and avoid all processed and refined foods.
  6. Reduce or eliminate alcohol and caffeine
  7. Increase digestive efficiency by food combining your meals 80% of the time
  8. Never overeat, even the healthiest diet can become toxic when you eat too much
  9. Make some time for activity during your day. Try to fit in a yoga practice a few times per week, even if its only 5 sun salutations and savasana
  10. Use the Ujjayi breath regularly. It can be used any time of day or night to keep you calm and balanced in body and mind. Take a few minutes per day for breathing practices.
  11. Be happy!

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