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“Boredom is not a real problem; if we look closely we can see that the mind is always active. Thus, we always have work to do.” ∼ Ajahn Chah

Yoga, Health and Wellness Resources

Our primary purpose in setting up Samahita Retreat is to teach what we have learned, to share the information, and to encourage understanding in as many individuals as possible, so that they may grow to a point of transformation. The goal, however, is not merely to be more learned but to become experienced in inner ways, to not just be calm but to go from this place of calm and undo all the old behavioral patterns that keep us bound and limited.

We offer here a selection of written yoga articles, health articles and wellness articles from Paul, from our resident teachers, as well as from other contributing teachers. We hope these yoga resources and health and wellness resources help you arrive at a deeper understanding, one that helps you “connect” concepts and ideas to your practice and to daily life.


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