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“The quieter you become the more you are able to hear” ∼ Rumi
Suitable for all levels - beginners welcome.

Meet Ivana Jelincic


Wellness Director and Yoga Teacher

Teaching Faculty at SamahitaIvana’s life path was strongly influenced by constant travel and moving around the world, ever since early childhood. Croatian by descent and born in New Zealand, Ivana spent most of her life living in Canada, Croatia, Portugal and Chile -acquiring and understanding the different cultures and traditions, yet realizing the great similarities of all humans no matter what language they speak. She trained ballet and modern dance for many years, taught elementary ballet classes and barre á terre and it was at that time she was also introduced to the world of yoga as an assisting tool for dancers to go deeper within. Realizing that there was so much to explore about the connection between the mind, body and breath she started to seek more insight by practicing different styles of hatha yoga, going to meditation classes and various spiritual lectures before finally settling into an ashtanga based self-practice and focusing on the breath. In 2008 Ivana completed her first Teacher Training in Nava Yoga Studio, Zagreb under the guidance of teachers from the OM Center, New York. Whilst keeping up a regular practice and teaching classes at two more yoga studios in Zagreb, she felt ready to deepen her knowledge and was lucky enough to do so by completing the Teacher Training at Centered Yoga Thailand with Paul Dallaghan, Elonne Stockton and other wonderful teachers.

Having great appreciation for the philosophy and ethics of yoga, Ivana feels it is really the effort we make to live a virtuous life that will lead us to a sense of wellbeing and and peace – just being grateful for every brand new day, all the experiences and people in our lives.

Ivana owns a university degree in Economics – Hotel & Tourism Management from Universidad de Magallanes, Chile, has professional experience in the MICE and Hotel Industry and is also a certified language teacher and interpreter for Spanish, English and Croatian.


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