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“As is the human body, so is the cosmic body.
As is the human mind, so is the cosmic mind. As is the microcosm,
so is the macrocosm. As is the atom, so is the universe” ∼ Upanishads

Samahita Wellbeing Retreat

Love Food & Yoga: Find Balance Through Ayurveda & Ashtanga Yoga

October 18-25, 2014

with Anthea Grimason

The Program

In this retreat you will:

  • Discover Ayurveda and how to eat and practice for your own body type, climate and season
  • Bring awareness to your current state of being in order to restore balance
  • Develop a Yoga self practice or go deeper in your current practice, by learning to work with your body according to your own constitution
  • Learn breath and meditation techniques to calm the mind and nervous system and balance the body
  • Bring health, vibrancy and energetic life-flow to your system
  • Explore cleansing and weight balancing suitable for your body type*

*Optional detox add-on tailored to your own constitution

This retreat aims to inspire a love for the ancient sister sciences and practices of Yoga and Ayurveda, some of the greatest tools that we have for for bringing balance back to our lives. Anthea is passionate about self-practice as a means towards personal evolution and believe in practicing and eating with awareness, intelligence and, of course, enjoyment.

The body is just one level of the system that can be out of balance, but it may be the first that we notice when it is “off”. The other legs of the trilogy: the mind and spirit can likewise be “off,” and we often notice this as anxiety or depression, a constantly running mind that will not sit still, lack of faith and trust in the bigger picture, or feeling emotionally unbalanced. The daily workshops will help you to look at what appears to be out of balance and how to bring it back to center, by using the practical tools provided through your growing practice and knowledge of Yoga, Pranayama and Ayurveda.

You will learn a basic Ashtanga-based yoga practice from scratch, or have the opportunity take your own practice even deeper, with the focus being on practicing with awareness and intelligence. You will also learn some basic breathing and mindfulness techniques to calm the mind and nervous system. And you will receive a basic entryway to the enormous science of Ayurveda by learning practical tips on how to eat for your own body type, the climate you live in and the season. By applying principles from all three to your own personal, unique constitution and situation you will have the tools to be able to come back to center and be who you truly are, no matter what is going on.

About the Teacher

Anthea Grimason


Anthea joined Samahita Retreat in 2013. She initially connected with the center in 2008 on her very first yoga retreat, again for teacher training in 2010 and for many continued education courses in between. Anthea was also fortunate to have been able to study with Paul Dallaghan on his trips home to Dublin where she is also from. Although Ireland is dear to her heart, Anthea was always a person of the world and spent almost two years prior to joining the team between Bali, Thailand and India, studying, practicing and delving deeper into yoga practices. Her curiosity for ancient cultures, love for the yoga practices and also for tropical climates, pulled her time and time again to Asia.

Since 2007 Anthea's practice has been predominantly Ashtanga Yoga, later to include Pranayama in the Kaivalyadhama tradition, mantra, meditation and most recently Yin Yoga. Teaching came naturally to Anthea, purely out of a desire to share what she was learning herself and the benefits she was experiencing. She loves to work with people on all aspects of yoga, health and wellbeing. Anthea previously tried on many roles in the corporate world and is grateful to have been given the opportunity at Samahita to combine her skills in both business and yoga teaching, in a place she already considered a second home. bio


The program begins at 5pm on the first day of the retreat with a group welcome and departure is at 12pm on the last day.
The schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the teacher.

7:30 am Day Opening, Pranayama
8:00 am Asana Practice: Ashtanga Vinyasa Led and Self Practice
10:00 am – 1:00 pm Brunch Buffet
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm Workshop + Q&A
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm Restorative Yoga
6:00 pm Dinner Buffet
7:30 pm Optional Evening Program – Video, Tratak or Mediation

Based on request and availability, you are welcome to arrive early or extend your stay, our Residential and Wellness Programs details are on 


Share two bedroom loft € 890 per person
Semi-Private room € 990 per person
Single superior room € 1,090 per person

Deluxe One Bedroom Suite

We only have two deluxe one bedroom suites located in our most private building closest to the sea. They have a private bedroom, living room, fully equipped kitchen, generous bathroom and an extra large balcony. Both suites offer a modern open living room with sofa bed, LCD TV, working desk and DVD/ iPod Stereo. They are perfect for a family or couple. The additional rate is a flat rate based on the room and is added on to the total rate package whether a single individual, couple or family.

Deluxe One Bedroom Suite - Additional cost on the total program package:

  • € 50 per day
  • € 320 for one week
  • € 620 for two weeks
  • € 900 for three weeks
  • € 1100 for four weeks

Our guestrooms are set back just over 50 meters from the water to provide with you with a private community and greater security. A selection of our rooms enjoy this spectacular sea view, while others enjoy the tropical gardens scene.

It is possible to extend your time on detox day by day from an above program as fits your timeline. You can also add extra therapies and treatments to your program at a special discounted rate.

The rate is inclusive of:

  • Full yoga program
  • Fully equipped accommodation with AC
  • Full brunch and dinner buffets
  • Mineral drinking water
  • Herbal steam room
  • Salt water swimming pool
  • Wi Fi internet
  • Service charge
  • VAT government tax

Thank you and we look forward to you joining us.

Reserve your place on this program.

If you wish to combine or extend your stay to include a wellness program please use the Wellness Booking Form



I have been sick for a while, fainting with no founded diagnosis, experiencing muscle pains, stress and constipation for many years. A friend of mine invited me to attend this retreat. After 7 days of detox and yoga, I found that I slept well, my snoring was gone, and my muscle pain in my arms was gone. I highly recommend everyone to be open minded, your health will be better. The therapists at Samahita Wellness were also experienced and approachable. Thank you to all the staff for making me better. More power to you.
∼ Maria, (2013-01-01) 

An excellent retreat, vey well thought out and designed programs. Rooms are spotless clean, the atmosphere is calm, relaxed. Staff are always friendly, willing to help and good listeners. Chef created a vegetarian banquet everyday. I’m torn between eating food and detox so I did both and will look forward to feeling cleansed and a better lifestyle. I will start saving money to come back again. Five star service without the attitude!
Thien, England (2014-03-01) 
Samahita is the perfect place to work hard at your yoga with patient and exacting teachers whilst relaxing, being very far away from normal life, gaining perspective and getting healthy. Detox is a great addition to any stay here to truly take charge of your health.
Sandra, UK (2014-01-01) 
This was an excellent holiday- I relaxed, read a lot of books, had free wifi, and lied by the beach and pool. I did loads of yoga and didn’t feel tired. I even ate and drank well, though I was detoxing. The food was well planned and I was never hungry! (I’m small.) Thank you.
Adeline, Singapore (2013-06-01) 
I can truly recommend Samahita Retreat. They are professionals who know exactly what to do and are able to tailor the detox program to your needs. With the combination of yoga, this retreat exceeded all my expectations.
Chetranshah, (2013-01-01)

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