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“Employ your time in improving yourself by men's
writing so that you shall come easily by what others
have labored hard for” ~ Socrates

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Summer Retreat Specials at Samahita

20% off these Yoga Retreats this Summer at Samahita

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August 22 – 29, 2015 : 7 Days to Vitality Cleansing with Tracy and Summer

Detox is great way for releasing “shtuff” – that tired old baggage that is holding you back from the truest expression of your innermost being, your authentic Self, and your divine potential. When you detox, you consciously call into your life what you WANT and release what doesn’t serve you!

It also cleans you out, helping to kick off a new healthy lifestyle, clearing yourself of internal garbage, or ameliorating a period of overindulgence and negligence of your Sacred Temple: your body!

On this retreat, you will learn the yogic practices of asana (physical postures) and pranayama (breathwork), which are great tools to help you find balance in your life and body. These practices are a deep purification of the nervous system, bringing the body back to a state of balance by managing the internal pressure. They work on a physiological, emotional, mental and psychological level. And they give you that wonderful yogi glow! We will help you build a self-practice that you can take home with you. Consider it a gift you give yourself.

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Did you know? If you book 4 consecutive weeks of any combinations of retreats and programs, at any time of the year you receive 10% off? Contact our reservations team for more details.

Bring Your Friends For guests returning to Samahita Retreat with a group of friends or family we offer a 5% discount off the group organizers booking.  Minimum 3 guests (plus organizer. This does not include children under 12). Email for more details.

NGO Partnership  As part of our commitment to karma yoga and helping others we’ve created a special price for NGO staff. Contact our reservations team using your organization work email to benefit from between 10-30% off your booking. Read More

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