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Meet Yoga Instructor Paul Chambers

Yoga Teacher

Paul Chambers

Paul Chambers infuses his life and teaching with devotion to yoga, gratitude and love.

Paul teaches from direct experience in his own practice, giving clear and focused instruction to students whilst still encouraging exploration of the poses and the nature of breath. His classes are fun and uplifting; working intelligently with the body to safely guide his students through yoga Asana and Pranayama (Controlled Breathing). Paul translates the awareness of breath and movement into a graceful and transformative experience for his students.

After growing up in sunny Brisbane, Australia, Paul spent many years abroad working as a carpenter before finding his way to yoga. A chance introduction by a friend sparked his curiosity and it wasn’t long before yoga became a central part of his life. Paul quickly recognized the transformative power of his practice, witnessing subtle yet powerful shifts in awareness and clarity.

Over the years Paul has studied yoga and other meditative practices with well respected teachers, allowing him to draw on different perspectives in communicating his experience with others.

Paul’s principle teacher is Paul Dallaghan, Centered Yoga with whom he has had the privilege of working closely with as both resident and guest teacher for Samahita Retreat. Other key influences include Sri O.P. Tiwari, Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor, Chuck Miller, Simon Low and Tan Meddhi (Thai Forest Tradition).

During regular visits to Samahita, Paul was introduced to Sri O.P Tiwari with whom he has since completed Advanced Studies and Teacher Training in Classical Pranayama, as detailed in the Hatha Pradipika.

Understanding the importance of nutrition and diet in holistic healing, Paul has studied Holistic Nutrition and has recently qualified as a Health Coach from South West Institute of Healing Arts. It is Paul’s aim to integrate wellness and nutrition practices into his teaching.

Currently based in Far North Queensland, Australia, Paul runs classes and workshops at his studio in Cairns ( He continues to assist Paul Dallaghan and the team as a guest teacher on retreats and trainings at Samahita each year.

Paul would like to express gratitude and recognition to all the teachers in his life, and those who have walked this path before him, their dedication and wisdom have been both inspirational and humbling.