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“A person who lives right, and is right, has more power in their silence than another has by words.” ~ Phillips Brook

Pre- De-Stress Program Preparation

Note: Samahita does not claim to be a medical faculty and advises that the health of the individual is his or her own responsibility. It is important to seek medical advice regarding health concerns before participating in any program.

Observe Yourself

During the period before the De-stress Program, start to observe yourself. Tune into your lifestyle, sleeping and eating patterns. You do not need to make changes; simply become aware. Notice areas that you’d like to change.


Keep a journal, and continue it throughout the program and beyond – this can be a helpful outlet for stress relief.  Writing is a wonderful release for thoughts, worries, and anxiety. It can also be valuable for you to see your whole progress.

Monitor Technology

Begin to decrease use of handheld mobile technologies. Our constant need to be connected with this stimulation can significantly contribute to degraded health and higher stress levels. Try to “disconnect” whenever you possibly can.

Time Management

“How you do one thing is how you do everything.” Begin to understand how you use your time. Where does your time “go?” Do you wish you had more time for something/ someone? You? Using this tool, we can take stock of priorities.


Try to find some time in the day to sit and focus on your breath (morning or evening may be best – though any time you can sneak some time will work!).

  1. Sit in a comfortable, upright position, on the floor or on a chair.
  2. Bring all the awareness to the breath.
  3. Just observe the breathing in and out through the nose without changing.
  4. If thoughts arise, allow them to come.
  5. Without judgment, bring your attention back to the breath.
  6. Begin with 5 minutes and increase gradually to 15 minutes.

We will work on this every day in your breathwork class at Samahita. The breath is a powerful tool for calming the mind and nervous system to a place of peace.

Dietary Guidelines and De-stress advice

One week before your De-stress Program, try to decrease your intake of addictive substances, such as: alcohol, drugs, nicotine, caffeine, refined sugars, white flour, processed and fried foods, and table salt.

Increase your intake of alkaline foods, including: fresh fruits, vegetables, and olive oil. Eat organic, local, seasonal produce, and whole foods, as you can.

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