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Detox & Wellness at Samahita


During your stay at Samahita Retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand, you can maximise your relaxation and rejuvenation by utilising our on-site wellness center.

From Ayurvedic massage to individualised Detox, Healthy Weight loss, and De-stress focused programs,  we offer different ways for you to incorporate detox and wellness into your stay.

1. If you are joining a Yoga Retreat or Teacher Training you can include a detox or wellness add-on.
2. If you are not joining a Yoga Retreat you can join a  Detox or Wellness Program.

1. Detox or Wellness Add-On

To make the most of your stay with us you may choose to join a Retreat or Training and then select a Detox or Wellness Add-On. We have taken all the elements of our Programs and tailored them to fit and support your specific daily schedule. You can choose from our Health or Wellness Spa Programs, giving you the chance to enjoy treatments, massages and various Detox options to compliment your Retreat or Training.

2. Detox and Wellness Program

Programs are packaged combinations of our best offerings including yoga classes, health and wellness treatments, along with accommodation and food. Programs are available to start any day throughout the year, offering complete flexibility with dates. There is a minimum three-day stay and no maximum.  All of the Health, Detox and Wellness Programs at Samahita Retreat include the Yoga Daily Program featuring Yoga Classes taught by different teachers from our Samahita Retreat team.


Types of Detox & Wellness Programs

Health Programs

Our Health Programs have been specifically designed to help you rediscover health and vitality, and where necessary target areas of imbalance in your life. From our range of detox and cleansing programs, to more focused weight loss and de-stress programs, our specially designed blend of treatments, nutrition and support ensure you meet your health goals.


Detox Program

Detox Program

Join our personalized Ayurvedic detox program featuring optional colon hydrotherapy treatments.



Candida Detox

Candia Detox Program

Are you suffering from Candida? Eliminate yeast overgrowth with this Candida specific detox plan.



Healthy weight

Healthy Weight Loss Program

Transform your health with our program designed to kick-start your long term weight loss.



De Stress

De-stress Program

Feeling stressed? Give yourself the chance to rediscover balance with support from our team of wellness advisors, teachers and massage therapists.  Learn new ways to manage stress and lead a healthier, stress-free life.



Wellness Spa Programs

Relax and enjoy your stay in Thailand with our range of Balanced Living Wellness Spa Programs, designed to nourish body and soul. Select from your choice of massages, beauty treatments and detoxifying therapies to complement your time with us.


Yoga Massage Therapy

Simple Balanced Living

Treat yourself to one 60-minute ‘Body & Soul’ therapy per day.



Radiant Balanced Living

Radiant Balanced Living

As well as your daily ‘Body & Soul’ therapy you can also choose therapies from our ‚ÄėRadiance‚Äô treatments plus Far Infrared Sauna sessions.



Beach Workout

Pure Balanced Living

For our full spa wellness package you can enjoy Body & Soul, Radiance, Far Infra Red Saunaas well as detox therapies including Colon Hydrotherapy and Chi Nei Tsang Massage Treatments.



2016 wellness spa program

2016 Wellness Spa Programs

We have simplified our Spa programs for 2016. As a guest you will have more variety ofchoice of treatments. You can select with or without Colon Hydrotherapy in ourComplete Program or without in our Standard Program. Choose from 3, 5 or 7days.


Yoga Daily Program

This is our basic all-inclusive yoga holiday option which includes accommodation, food, yoga and breath-work.  The Yoga Daily Program is suitable for all levels. Beginners are welcome.

For the morning sessions you can choose between led asana or guided self-practice (Mysore) with an hour of gentle restorative and yin yoga in the afternoons. Classes are taught by different teachers from our Samahita Retreat team,

All of the other Programs at Samahita Retreat include the Yoga Daily Program, and it is up to you whether you choose to combine it with one of our Detox & Wellness Programs (as above) or choose from a la carte therapies and treatments from our Wellness Center.

If you would prefer to join a comprehensive 7 day Retreat, working closely with one specific teacher please visit our Upcoming Retreat Schedule.

2015 Rates

Program3 Days (THB)5 Days (THB)7 Days (THB)10 Days (THB)14 Days (THB)
Yoga Daily17,39015,63013,61028,98026,04022,68040,58036,46031,76057,96052,08045,36081,15072,92063,510
Simple Balanced Living22,26019,95017,64036,54032,76029,19050,40045,36040,530
Radiant Balanced Living23,94022,26020,16039,48036,54032,76055,02050,74045,360
Pure Balanced Living27,72025,41023,31045,36041,58038,22063,00057,75053,130
Standard Detox27,72025,41023,10044,10040,53036,96055,65051,16046,37078,75071,82064,680105,84095,85085,850
Standard De-Stress27,72025,41023,10044,10040,53036,96055,65051,16046,37078,75071,82064,680105,84095,85085,850
Standard Healthy Weight30,45027,93025,41048,51044,61040,66061,11056,28050,99086,52078,96071,190115,840105,26094,670
Standard Candida Detox34,86032,55030,45053,97050,40046,83068,25063,63058,80092,40085,26078,120124,200113,780103,700
Essential Detox30,24028,06025,83049,44045,87042,30063,68059,14054,35089,46082,32075,180121,130111,140100,550
Essential De-Stress32,60030,41028,19051,96048,39044,82066,20061,66056,87094,84087,70080,560126,510116,510105,930
Essential Healthy Weight33,27030,87028,48054,39050,40046,54070,06065,10059,81098,41090,56082,740133,190122,010111,140
Essential Candida Detox37,38035,20032,97059,22055,65052,08076,02071,61066,780102,90095,76088,620139,320129,280118,530

2016 Rates

Program3 Days (THB)5 Days (THB)7 Days (THB)10 Days (THB)14 Days (THB)
STANDARD DETOX30,30028,60026,70048,80046,00042,80062,70058,80054,30087,80082,30075,900118,000110,200101,400
COMPLETE DETOX 33,10031,50029,60054,40051,60048,50071,00067,10062,70098,90093,30087,000133,500125,700116,800
STANDARD WEIGHT LOSS32,70031,00029,10052,70049,90046,70067,50063,60059,20094,70089,10082,800127,300119,500110,600
COMPLETE WEIGHT LOSS35,90034,20032,30058,90056,10052,90076,80072,90068,400106,800101,20094,900144,600136,800127,900
STANDARD DE-STRESS30,30028,60026,70048,80046,00042,80062,70058,80054,30087,80082,30075,900118,000110,200101,400
COMPLETE DE-STRESS35,60033,90032,00057,10054,30051,10073,70069,80065,300104,50098,90092,600139,100131,300122,400
STANDARD CANDIDA DETOX38,00036,30034,40059,20056,40053,20075,70071,80067,400102,00096,40090,100136,800129,000120,100
COMPLETE CANDIDA DETOX40,60039,00037,10064,70061,90058,70089,20085,30080,800120,500114,900108,600163,600155,800147,000
Simple Spa Package25,00023,20021,40041,20038,40035,20057,60053,70049,300
Complete Spa Package30,20028,60026,70049,00046,20043,00066,70062,80058,400

Add-On Programs

Combine your Retreat with a Health or Wellness Spa Add-On Program to make the most out of your stay. We invite you to enjoy rejuvenating massage and treatments at an exclusive rate - Enjoy a 10% discount on the Add-On Program of your choice.

Wellness Spa Add-On Program

Relax and enjoy our range of Wellness Spa Add-On Program, designed to nourish body and soul. Choose from a range of massage, beauty treatments and detoxifying therapies to compliment your time with us.

Add-On a Wellness Spa Program 2015

Wellness Spa Add-On Program Rate 2015(THB)

Relax and enjoy our range of Wellness Spa Add-On Program, designed to nourish body and soul. Choose from a range of massage, beauty treatments and detoxifying therapies to compliment your time with us.

Wellness Spa Add-On Program3 days5 days7 days
Simple Balanced Living3,2405,3007,400
Radiant Balanced Living5,1308,32011,550
Pure Balanced Living8,49013,78018,900

Add-On a De-stress, Detox or Healthy Weight Program 2015

Add-On a Wellness Spa Program 2016

Add-On a De-stress, Detox or Healthy Weight Program 2016

We recommend you book in advance for your Health or Wellness Spa Add-On Program as much preparation work is required and space is limited.