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“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” ∼ Mother Teresa

Becoming UnBound — Self-Realization by Dorien Israel

An invitation to joyous living.

Everything is energy including us. We literally vibrate with expansive joyous energy, or we are contracted by misery depending on nothing more than our thoughts and corresponding feelings. These energy vibrations radiate out constantly attracting and creating our reality. Happiness holds our highest creative frequency.

It is not only possible for you to pursue your passion and wholeheartedly enjoy your life it is your very purpose for Being this lifetime! Radical self-acceptance, enjoyment and enthusiasm are the energy aligned with being fully conscious.

Becoming UnBound Session allows you to gain conscious control over often relentless, unsupportive, unhealthy habitual patterns of the mind. With Dorien’s guidance and support, you activate your own natural ability to unravel the unconscious core beliefs, fears and anxieties that have previously eclipsed your intuition and separated you from your sense of re-Sourcefulness.

A Becoming UnBound session is a unique integration of Dorien’s 30 year journey towards Self Realization which includes a background in Transpersonal Psychology, Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP), and Life Coaching.

A typical session lasts approximately 2 hours and is recorded for your future reference. The session is profoundly practical, while simultaneously presenting you with an expansive perspective, and a personal blueprint into your true nature.

About Dorien

Psychology Therapy at Samahita Wellness ThailandDorien Israel is the author of three books; UnBoundTao Passages and The Way to the One I AM. She is a Reiki Master, Yoga teacher and Qi Gong practitioner.

In 1984 after a “near death” experience resulting from a severe automobile accident Dorien discovered she was given the ability to access ascended information (channelling or direct revelation).

In 1997 Dorien came to Koh Samui on a one week vacation and never left. During that week she had a “transcendent experience” (satori). Now at the age of 63 she is a remarkable reflection of what is possible in body, mind and Being when one aligns their life with their highest values and real identity.

TESTIMONIAL: My experience with Dorien was profoundly empowering. The process not only resolved the issues I came with, but also provided me with a template for responding to, and resolving future fears and feelings of helplessness. I left the session feeling a sense of inner lightness while at the same time a deeper connection with my authentic Self.

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Becoming Unbound Session:

90 min5,800 baht +

+ Price is subject to 7% government tax (VAT)