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“The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else to do.”
∼ Galileo
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Samahita Retreat Center for Yoga, Holistic Health & Wellbeing - Koh Samui's original Yoga and Spa Resort.

Samahita Retreat is a dedicated retreat center, home to Centered Yoga and Samahita Wellness, that share a single purpose-to provide a place in which to practice healthy living and to share with others this particular way of life.

We, at Samahita Retreat, are committed to this life. We live it and we have many years' experience running the old center. We know what it takes not just to help people relax but to reach a point of transformation.

We cultivate a friendly, comfortable environment that allows guests to be social or private. More than just a spa resort, our excellent facilities allow guests the option to engage in a variety of practices and treatments during their stay. Our facilities include a yoga shala, a meditation garden, a wellness center (Spa) and treatment rooms, an herbal steam room, a saltwater swimming pool, a lounge, a restaurant that serves delicious vegetarian cuisine, a full juice bar, and a boutique.

After a stay at Samahita Retreat, guests often go home with much more than just a great experience. They leave equipped with tools that allow them to integrate healthier choices into their lives.

We have made a strong commitment to keep eco-friendly standards. We use 100% natural non-bleach cotton sheets and towels,solar-powered hot water, mosquito screens for cross ventilation, energy-saving magnetic key card, low energy appliances, photo sensor light switches, low-flush water-saving toilet and bathroom fixtures, structured brick-work that minimizes both energy and sound loss, rainwater harvesting. We also grow fruit trees and a herb garden and have used bamboo wood flooring in the Yoga Shala, the most renewable of all woods. When possible we encourage the use of the fans and open breeze over the AC.

We look forward to having you as a guest.