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“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt
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Samahita Retreat Center Guidelines

Dear guest,

Thank you for joining us at Samahita Retreat. We look forward to welcoming you to our center where we really hope you will feel at home during your precious time here.

Our purpose is to help positively shape and affect your lives. We encourage engagement and participation in activities and practices.

We care about your well-being and know from experience and up-to-date scientific research that health, growth, and transformation cannot be served up with passive involvement but rather stimulated in you through mutual effort:  we provide a setting with infrastructure, a dedicated environment, a set of tools and techniques with instruction, a support structure through diet and relaxation, so you can step up and participate in your own transformation, growth, and opening.

By this very nature we are not a 5-star resort. We are a dedicated lifestyle-oriented retreat center. We want you to “experience the connection”. And only you can do that but with the right support and environment.

We are aware that you are here for the experience beyond mere tourism and it is our policy to help and guide you in the area of self-growth and healthier living. Please use the following guidelines to help prepare for your stay.

Further information is available in your in room directory which we suggest you take the time to read when you arrive.


What To Bring

  • Sticky yoga mat
  • Yoga / fitness clothes
  • Yoga / fitness towel
  • Sunscreen and hat
  • Insect repellent
  • Open sandals
  • Trainers / running shoes
  • Socks
  • Light rain jacket
  • Swimwear
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Alarm clock
  • Journal for writing
  • Feminine sanitary products
  • Travel documentation: passport with more than 6 months before expiry and visa if needed
  • Many of these items are available at our Eco-Lifestyle shop in case you want to travel light, including a wide range of yoga mats, yoga / fitness clothes, towels, all-natural mosquito repellant, toiletries and refillable water bottles.
  • There is a Government Value Added Tax (VAT) on all items purchased of 7%. This is added on your bill at the end of your stay.
  • Your own personal purchases and services used such as massage and juice bar snacks are an extra charge and added to your bill. There is a full Thai staff team here to help you.
  • It is common practice for guests to leave a tip upon departure though it is a personal choice. 200-300 Thai Baht is typical over a week and it is divided up amongst all the staff. They truly appreciate this kind gesture.



To keep a level of awareness, to maintain a friendly environment, and to respect to the center, we also ask for your cooperation in the following:

Early Morning Silence

Savour the early morning peace at Samahita Retreat.
Silent time is observed from dawn to 10.00 am. Enjoy!

General housekeeping and respect for others:

  • We are a smoke and alcohol-free environment. Please do not smoke in or around the property and refrain from bringing in any alcohol. There are many other venues outside where it is possible to indulge if needed
  • Please do not offer or solicit services or products to other guests. (Including but not exclusive to selling jewellery, clothes, massage, yoga sessions).
  • Please keep silence in the morning before the shala opens and only go in once the teacher has opened the doors. It is a beautiful time of day to enjoy the sunrise and peace.
  • We encourage conscientiousness and eco-consciousness. We are aware of the limited resources of our island. Please request to change your bed sheets only when necessary and use one pool towel per day.
  • Please do not use in-room towels for practice. Blue towels are for the pool and beach, grey towels are for the wellness center, please keep them separate
  • Please place your shoes in the shoe racks outside the dining area and shala
  • Bathrooms are located next to the lockers, in the wellness center, in the shop and at the front reception
  • There are water stations in the wellness center, next to the juice bar, and in front of the residences. Remember to keep hydrated
  • Please do not hang yoga mats, towels or clothes on the furniture or room balcony.
  • Laundry can be dropped off at the front reception and is priced by weight
  • If you need to arrange a taxi, rent a scooter or book a tour please see the front reception
  • Please see event schedule at reception for complimentary guest events such as meditation, boat trips and trips to the night markets
  • Please don’t feed the dogs or encourage them to come into the center


  • Herbal tea, coffee and light breakfast foods are available from 6.30 am, ideal for family members or those who aren’t joining classes. We recommend keeping breakfast very light before class or waiting until after before eating.
  • Full brunch is served from 9:30 am -1:00 pm with both breakfast and lunch items. Eggs are included but need to be ordered from the juice bar.
  • A light snack is served from 3:00 – 3:30pm
  • Dinner buffet is from 6-8 pm
  • The Juice Bar is open from 9:30 am where you can order drinks and food from the a la carte menu. All items except eggs will be charged to your room
  • Please clear your own plates and separate the dishes from the silverware
  • If you have any allergies or food intolerances, please inform the kitchen staff so we can accommodate your needs
  • If you are going to eat offsite, please let the front reception know, so the kitchen can plan accordingly



  • All guests will be asked to inform us of injuries, pregnancy or health issues upon arrival.
  • Please see the chalkboards in front of the yoga shala for classroom locations
  • Please do not bring glasses or mugs into the shalas, only bring water bottles and containers with lids
  • If you are using props, please place them back nicely in the prop room where you found them
  • There are cubbies for yoga mats near the lockers
  • If you need a lock or to borrow a yoga mat please ask at the front reception however we suggest that you bring your own mat
  • Please keep the locker area clean and return borrowed items such as keys and yoga mats to the reception when you leave
  • There is a mat washing and hanging area behind the fitness shala
  • Our fitness facilities are open to guests during class times only
  • Guests on all fixed date Retreats and Teacher Trainings may choose to join fitness classes when their Retreat or Training schedule allows for it



  • Please see Wellness reception for all questions about health programs and spa treatments
  • There is a nurse on duty everyday for any first aid requirement
  • The steam room is available every night from 6-8 pm, please sign up in the wellness center before 5pm
  • You may also book private yoga or fitness sessions through the wellness center
  • We have 3 paddleboards that you’re free to use. Please sign up at the wellness center and ask someone to show you how to use them if it’s your first time



We are a family friendly retreat center and offer babysitting service as well as Kids’ Club for children’s activities.  Please be aware of other guests who come that want to have peace and quiet during class times.  Please be kind and monitor your children’s behavior and not to cause disturbance to other guests around you.

For those of you bringing children to Samahita please take a moment to read through our Children’s Policy.

To respect other guests we ask that parents/carers ensure the following:

  1. Children should not be in areas close to the practice shalas from 7.00am -10am and 4pm- 6pm. (If playing on the beach please make sure they are far away from the beach shala).
  2. Please no children in the pool between 7.00am -10am and 4pm- 6pm.
  3. Please respect other guests during mealtimes and when guests are relaxing.
  4. Please make use of our kid’s club facilities during these times. All children under the age of 12 must be supervised at all times. (Baby-sitting services are available).
  5. Parents can organize children’s meals to be taken to their rooms/kids club/beach etc. during the quieter periods. Please ask our Juice Bar team for assistance.
  6. Our reservations team reserves the right to manage bookings so there is the optimal number of children staying at Samahita Retreat during a specific period.About our personal baby-sitting services for children 5 and under.
    • The baby-sitting rate is 250 THB per hour.
    • Minimum 1 hour.
    • After minimum of 1 hour, 30 minutes charged at 125 THB. (Above 15 minutes is charged as 30 minutes).
    • For children aged 5 and under, one babysitter per child is required.
    • For sibling’s aged 5 and up, a minimum of one babysitter for a maximum two children is required. (375 THB/hour).
    • Our staff provides babysitting services during their rest periods. They are not trained nanny/child-care providers.
    • Babysitting services are provided in a first come, first served basis and are not guaranteed.
    • We cannot guarantee that our staff will speak English.
    • During peak times, we also offer supervised playtimes at the Kids Club by our staff.
    • Children aged 5 and under must have their own dedicated baby sitter. Once you have booked your babysitting services either via email or on site, we will ask you to fill in a form which provides us with details about your child’s allergies, medical history and any requirements like nap times.You will also be asked to sign the following waiver onsite.I/We, the undersigned, are the parent(s) of the above named child/children and we agree, in taking advantage of this child care services, to release and hold harmless Samahita Retreat from any and all claims, demands, suits, cost, and charges in connection with or arising out of the child care service, including, but not limited to, bodily harm or injury to our children, except only for loss, harms or injury occasioned by gross negligence or intentional misconduct by Samahita Retreat. I hereby grant permission for Samahita Retreat and its employees full authority to take whatever actions they deem necessary regarding my child’s health and safety in the event I cannot be reached or in the situation where time is of the essence; and fully release Samahita Retreat and its employees from any liability in connection with those decisions, I grant permission for emergency treatment by a rescue squad, private physician and/or hospital or emergency health care facility staff if needed. Any such action will be taken in the best interest of my child and will be reported to me as soon as possible.

Kids Club

During specific, peak season retreats we offer a supervised kids club facility.

Children aged 6 and up can be left with supervision at our Kid’s club between the following times:

08.00 – 10.30

16.00 – 18.30

The charge will be 100 baht, per child, per hour. Light snacks and drinks will be provided.

If you have any questions or to reserve baby sitting services, please email us.

Samahita Retreat is a fully serviced retreat center.
We are also smoke and alcohol free for health and environmental reasons.
Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to welcoming you.

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