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“Be faithful in small things because
it is in them that your strength lies.”
∼ Mother Teresa

Sara Granström-Thorsson Yoga and Nutrition Therapist

Sara Granström-Thorsson

A lifetime of studying

I began my path as a classical musician with studies at Malmö Music Collage (Sweden) and Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. Music has always been a great part of me and a strong influence in so many ways, I have also met some of the most important people in my life through music, for instance my husband Karl, who is the principal percussionist in the Radio Symphony Orchestra in Stockholm. It is probably impossible to play music without being in contact with something spiritual side you and when I first met yoga I was amazed how similar the yoga practice is to the practice of an instrument, it is all there: the work, the focus and the joy ?. I find both paths to be a lifetime of studying, you will always be able to go deeper, there is always something to develop and as you are doing it you are aiming for complete unification!

I did my Teacher Training at Samahita Retreat in the spring of 2005 and felt strongly connected to the center and the way the teaching of yoga is being offered here. I have the biggest respect for the practice and for all the people that for thousands of years have been carrying the teachings on, making it possible for me and many more to be a part of it today.

This respect also goes to Samahita Retreat, to the dedication and work that has been put into this wonderful place. I am very grateful towards Paul, Jutima and the rest of the staff at YT for supporting me on my journey!

Sara and nutrition

Yoga teachers Thailand

During 2006 I studied Ayurveda together with Johan Ljungsberg (one of the founders of Veda Lila in Stockholm) and Dr. Vinay Vora (ayurvedic doctor from the Jamnagar University in India). With Ayurveda being a sister science to yoga it felt natural to get at better understanding of how the body works and the influence food has on our health. The interest for nutrition and the body’s capacity to heal itself kept growing and in 2008 I finished my education as Nutrition Therapist with focus on functional medicine, anti-aging medicine and environmental medicine.

Interestingly enough food is medicine and it’s exciting to see that if we use food wisely we can prevent illness and treat illness. I’m looking forward to meet you in the future!

Sara in Sweden

When not at Samahita Retreat Sara spends most of her time in Stockholm where she teaches yoga at a few different studios around the city. One of them is yogayama ( where she also works as director of the Yogayama Teacher Training. You can read more about Sara’s classes and workshops in Sweden and abroad on her website:
Sara Granström-Thorsson
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