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Meet Yoga Instructor and Nutrition Specialist Tracy McDonald

Tracy McDonald

Tracy McDonald Tracy McDonald VDO  bioTracy is a Certified Nutritionist Consultant through the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy in San Diego, California. She is now completing The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts’ Holistic Nutrition program. She has completed a detox training with Natalia Rose, done countless detoxes herself, both self-led and supervised, including juice fasting (the longest was 16 days), water fasting (the longest was 34 days, healing from serious mind-body imbalance and illness), and recently, a 30-day detox at Samahita Retreat. Having been through many different detox programs and experienced many healing crises on various levels of mind-body-spirit, physical, mental and emotional for healing, Tracy now feels more than well equipped to hold space for whatever “comes up to come out.” Tracy also has an extensive healing arts background, including 5 years of practicing cranial-sacral and polarity therapy, two truly integrative mind-body therapies, and 4 years of teaching these modalities in the world-class healing arts school, The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, where she basically learned to hold space for individuals with every manner of personal challenge. Following 2,000+ hours of intensive in-class study, Tracy was designated a Master Teacher through The Life Energy Institute in Los Angeles, California. Probably the thing that has most influenced Tracy in becoming a Nutritionist was a lifelong struggling with personal eating issues, and wanting to help others with the same. At a young age, Tracy went through of phase of being not very hungry and throwing away half her lunch every day. The weight loss that ensued garnered a lot of attention, and her life thereafter became chasing positive attention by trying to become ever more thin. This of course led to rounds and rounds of weight loss and gain, which finally manifested in a metabolic autoimmune disease: Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Tracy was determined to stay off medication to help regulate her thyroid, and engaged in cleansing (and still does so periodically) to do so. She credits finding Ashtanga yoga in 2004 with finally bringing some degree of peace to her tortured mind and body, and for finally helping her put aside some intense over-exercising and marathon running of the time. By 2012, enough healing had happened that Tracy started her own business and created her own program to help others get free of food and body image issues. It is an issue close to her heart, and she hopes to help others by being candid and honest about her own struggles. On a daily basis, Tracy is blessed to witness transformation as the health and wellness of her health program guests (Detox, De-stress, Healthy Weight) come back online, their systems remember themselves, and they get a kick start back towards a path of wellness and healing. She believes that everyone has the right to experience their vibrant, life force energy, and is honored and loves to see the lights switch on for people each day. There is nothing she would rather witness!