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Meet Health Programs Manager and Nutritionist Tracy McDonald

Tracy McDonald

Tracy McDonald Tracy McDonald VDO  bioTracy is a US citizen, born and raised just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has a personal practice of Ashtanga yoga since 2004, when she first found yoga in London, England. She immediately began with a self practice – called “Mysore style” – which lead her to the actual home of Ashtanga yoga in India and four months of study with its founder, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, and a later month with his grandson, Sharath Rangaswamy.

Since getting bitten by the Ashtanga yoga bug in 2004, she has been engaged in the lifelong journey of yogic practice and study. Ashtanga yoga is her first love, having along the way also begun teaching restorative yoga, a more “yin” kind of yoga, which complements the more “yang” Ashtanga.

Tracy’s yogic study has included studying with several advanced Ashtanga yoga teachers (long time students of Pattabhi Jois), including Richard Freeman, David Swenson, Dena Kingsberg, David Williams, Kino MacGregor, Tim Miller, Eddie Stern, Nancy Gilgoff, Manju Jois, and her own main teacher, Paul Dallaghan. She considers herself blessed to have studied with such diverse, beautiful teachers, in addition to Pattabhi Jois.

Tracy began practicing pranayama in the Kaivalyadhama tradition with her teacher, Paul Dallaghan, in 2011, when she did her 200 hour teacher training at Samahita Retreat. Since then, she has added breathwork to her daily practice of mantra, Vipassana meditation in the style of S.N. Goenka, and yoga asana.

Tracy has an extensive healing arts background from having studied, then become a teacher, at the outstanding Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona, USA. Tracy loves teaching, and always gives from the heart in her classes, aspiring to pass on the knowledge that has been passed on to her through her main teachers, Gary Strauss and Heather Principe; Jodi Johnson, Jennifer Yohe, Debbie Hart, James Arena, and Dina Fraboni. She has co-taught many classes with her colleague, Gilad Shoham, and even the school’s founder, K.C. Miller, in the Polarity and Cranial-Sacral programs at SWIHA, as well as within the yoga program.

Tracy subsequently completed her nutritional training through the Nutrition Therapy Institute of Naturopathy, and The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She is a Certified Nutritionist Consultant with a Holistic Nutritionist certification. She has also completed Natalia Rose’s “PhDetox” course, which specifically focuses on detoxification; and she continues to keep up with the constantly-evolving nutritional knowledge and scientific developments.

Tracy feels passionate about the role of “nutrition as therapy” and the power and importance of eating “SOUL foods” – seasonal, organic, unprocessed, local – probiotics and gut-healing to treat autoimmune disease, skin and digestive problems, insomnia, depression, anxiety, moods swings, and other physical, mental and emotional challenges. She truly believes that with mindful, healthy eating and occasionally detoxing, people can help and heal anything in their system that has gotten out of balance by getting to the root of the situation.


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