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“A fool who thinks he is a fool is for that very
reason a wise man. The fool who thinks he is
wise is called a fool indeed.” ∼ Buddha from the Dhammapada
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Continuing Yoga Education Courses

These are two-week yoga certification courses, open to all students, which focus on a specific area of study. For those who have completed the Education in Yoga Foundation Course, each of these courses is credited as an extra module adding toward the Yoga Alliance 300-hour level and the official Centered Yoga 1100-hour yoga teacher training standard

Continuing Education yoga training courses require some measure of maturity and commitment, and are open to all students with a sincere interest in growing more in yoga. The morning asana practice is a basic component of these courses. Pranayama will be introduced to new students; returning students will continue to move forward in their Pranayama practice.

The purpose of these courses is to go deeper in practice and continue studies in philosophy, anatomy, and other related areas.

For more details regarding Continuing Education Courses and their qualification level, please read the relevant sections on our Centered Yoga website.

Continuing Education Training Courses Schedule

October 25 – November 1 Applied Anatomy. Action, Alignment and Adjusting as Teaching Tools Arielle Nash

Applied Anatomy. Action, Alignment and Adjusting as Teaching Tools

This course goes beyond the basic functions of muscles and bones into movement mechanics including the fascial network.  Exploring movement as a chain of events, both controlled and automatic will guide a deeper understanding of anatomy and how the body functions as a whole. These principles will guide us to dissect the actions involved in asana practice, how to identify correct alignment, then learn how to both hands-on adjust students as well as self-adjust.  Education sessions will be a combination of learning theory and practical application, with a focus on “doing”.
Teachers will leave feeling confident in adjusting students and practitioners will gain insight into their own body and practice.


June 15 - 29 Anatomy: Yoga and the Female Body Arielle Nash and Elonne Stockton 100 Hrs

Anatomy: Yoga and the Female Body – How the female body responds to and is affected by the practices of Ashtanga Vinyasa and Pranayama

Our hormones produce significant biomechanical, physiological and psychological differences between the sexes. With a focus on applied anatomy and physiology, this course is designed for both men and women, practitioners and teachers looking to understand what these differences mean for women with an Ashtanga Vinyasa practice.


June 30 - July 13 Pranayama Detail and Practice (Part One) Paul Dallaghan 100 Hrs

Pranayama Detail and Practice (Part One)

This course is inspired and blessed by Tiwariji, Paul’s direct teacher and one of the few living knowledgeable authorities on Pranayama and its place in the field of yoga today. It is a living tradition. Paul has learnt the full practice in a special one-to-one capacity over the past 13+ years with Tiwariji.


July 14 - 27 Pranayama and The Gita (continued) Sri O. P. Tiwari and Paul Dallaghan 100 Hrs

Philosophy and Pranayama
Pranayama and The Gita (continued)

The Srimad Bhagavad Gita is an exceptional writing and is full of wisdom for anyone in life. It is also a foremost teaching in yoga. Quite different to the Yoga Sutras it delivers the different teachings of yoga in the form of a great dialogue. Tiwariji is very personally close to this teaching both from a practicing yogi point of view and being immersed in Indian culture.


August 18 - September 1 Experiential Anatomy & Physiology with Yoga and Ayurveda Jessica Blanchard and Adarsh Williams 100 Hrs

Experiential Anatomy & Physiology with Yoga and Ayurveda

This course will guide participants through an experience of how the body actually works in asana practice. This will help to understand what the body is and isn’t capable of and why.



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