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Weight Loss Retreat Program FAQ

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Healthy Weight Program
Who is the Healthy Weight Program suitable for?

The program is suitable for anyone wishing to clean up their lifestyle and improve their health while losing excess pounds. It is ideal for those seeking to re-educate body and mind for healthier living. Less of a quick fix, it is for those who are willing to learn how to improve their diet and lifestyle to maintain and build health over the long term. The Healthy Weight Programis also suitable for those wishing to minimize the impact of serious illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes type 2 on their health.

Will I feel hungry while on a Healthy Weight Program?

Our programs are designed so that you receive regular refreshments throughout the day, keeping fluid levels high and helping to keep hunger at bay. It is normal however to experience feelings of hunger, especially for the first two days of a Healthy Weight Program when your system will be adjusting to a drop in calories. One of the supplements that you receive daily contains plenty of bulk fiber that helps to satisfy hunger cravings. Drinking enough water during the day and in between the refreshments will also help to avoid hunger.

Will my energy levels be affected while on a Healthy Weight Program?

It is normal for energy levels to fluctuate during a Healthy Weight Program, often dropping to lower than normal for the first couple of days; this is due to the restricted calorie intake. However, after a few days of following a healthy, nutritious, whole foods diet, your energy levels should start to recover allowing you to participate to your capacity in the Healthy Weight Fitness program.

What symptoms may I expect while on the Healthy Weight Program?

A number of weight loss reactions are common, including headaches, especially if withdrawing form caffeine, constipation, diarrhea, body odor, bad breath, skin breakouts, lightheadedness, fatigue, muscular aches and mucous discharges. All of these are regular weight lossprogram symptoms and are not a cause for concern. We offer simple remedies where appropriate.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Weight loss is a natural part of theHealthy Weight Program. The restricted diet is a reduction in calories from our usual daily intake and when coupled with an exercise programwill naturally lead to weight loss. It is important to bear in mind that the rate of weight loss will vary from one individual to another, as it is dependent on a number of different factors. Our Healthy Weight Program is designed to assist your body back to its natural weight in a way that you are able to maintain when you return home. Depending on how much weight you have to lose, you may lose it all during the program or you may continue losing it gradually over the weeks following the program.

Can I continue my Ashtanga Yoga practice while on a Healthy Weight Program?

You may continue with your regular Ashtanga practice while on a Healthy Weight program. However, it is likely that you will need to modify the intensity of your practice to suit your energy levels. Our experienced teachers can help you to adapt your practice on a daily basis. We recommend you practice pranayama (yogic breathwork) daily throughout the program. Our yoga teachers will show you the pranayama practices most suitable for you.

Will I feel better after completing the Healthy Weight Program?

You can gain many benefits from completing a Healthy Weight Program including; weight loss, an enhanced sense of wellbeing, an improvement in your overall health, increased energy and stamina, improved digestion and circulation, improved skin condition, better moods, a boost to the immune system and improved quality of sleep. For more info see our Benefits of the Healthy Weight Program page

How do I transition from the Healthy Weight Program to normal eating?

After spending time on a restricted dietary program, it is important that you transition back to your home life in a balanced way. During the program you will consume a nutritious, whole foods diet including fresh fruits, juices and teas as part of your education in healthy living. If you join us on a 7 or 10 day program, you also experience a Healthy Weight Cooking Class/Demonstration to encourage you to make healthful changes to your everyday diet. As part of your Healthy Weight Program you will receive a detailed information pack with guidelines on how to transition from the program to continue eating healthily at home to achieve and maintain your body’s ideal weight. For online advice please see our Post Healthy Weight Program Guidelines page.

Can I take a Water Irrigation Treatment session while I am menstruating?

To avoid discomfort we recommend that you avoid Water Irrigation Treatment on the heavier days of your cycle. Please let us know in advance if you need to change the time of your session.

Can I leave the retreat center during my Healthy Weight Program?

In between your mealtimes, drinks, supplements, exercise sessions and therapies you are free to do as you wish, however, it is important to bear in mind that you may need to rest between activities so we advise that your free time is quiet time for contemplation and relaxation. We are situated in a tranquil and beautiful part of the island that is perfect for your restoration and rejuvenation.

Can I share a room with my friend who wants to do a different health / yoga program?

Yes. The accommodation options are the same for all of our programs.

Should I book a single or share room if coming alone?

We recommend that you book single accommodation if you wish to ensure privacy during your Healthy Weight program.

If I am already booked to come to Samahita Retreat on a yoga program, can I add on a Healthy Weight Program during the same time?

Yes. You can add on a Healthy Weight Program to your current yoga retreat or continuing education training reservation. Please email reservations for pricing.

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