Wellness Retreat Center and Resort - Detox Spa Therapy Programs
“If you wish to experience peace, provide peace for another.”
∼ Dalai Lama
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Wellness Retreat Center and Resort - Detox Spa Therapy Programs

Interactive calendar with all our programmes.
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Detox from an holistic point of view. Programs informed by ancient ayurvedic wisdom and modern nutrition and physiology
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The seven day detox and yoga retreat program is the ultimate opportunity to take your wellbeing to a new level.
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In this retreat you will: Discover Ayurveda and how to eat and practice for your own body type, climate and season
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Yoga, detox, wellness and health related videos with Paul DallaghanVisit the videos page
Candida is a yeast that grows naturally in the gut, however, when this yeast multiplies out of control it can unbalance your whole system.
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Ayurveda is a practical method that helps us to live in harmony with the earth, the cosmos and ourselves.
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Ivana to fully guide and support our guests in the process of achieving their inner balance and a sense of wellbeing.
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Colon hydrotherapy, Ultrasound Therapy, Far Infrared sauna, therapeutic treatments.
This section is intended to offer a variety of articles, research papers and any other relevant information pertaining to the field health and wellness.
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As part of our approach to Balanced Living we offer you the opportunity to stay with us for a customized period of time.
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Please call: 077 920 090 or email for an appointment
It is our honor and pleasure to have had literally thousands of guests over the past few years. Many have expressed their experience and impression by writing to us afterwards.
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Wellness Retreat Center and Resort

Discover wellbeing for body, mind and spirit through detox spa therapy and wellness treatments at the Samahita Retreat Center and Resort in Thailand. Find a program that suits you.

Building upon the firm foundations of modern science and ancient Ayurveda, our focus is on supporting our guests. We treat the whole person by approaching the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual elements of wellness, promoting healing, whilst helping guests learn how to implement healthy choices in day-to-day life. Whether you are joining us for a Program or a Retreat, or simply enjoying a la carte therapies, we welcome you to visit our wellness center. Home to a selection of treatment rooms and a comfortable reception and lounge, our team of skilled therapists and wellness managers are on hand to help you find what you as an individual need to refresh and find balance.

We offer a range of therapies, treatments and private sessions, from Traditional Thai Massage to detoxifying Colon Hydrotherapy as well as nourishing body scrubs, facials and pedicures.

Our facilities

  • A dedicated Wellness Director & professional team of highly trained and specialized therapists.
  • Fully qualified Nurse
  • Comfortable treatment rooms for therapies & bodywork
  • Colon hydrotherapy room
  • Far-infrared sauna
  • Wellness Library
  • A variety of natural health products available for purchase

The wellness center is a welcoming base for those who are detoxing, joining a Samahita health program or a Wellness Spa Program and is the setting for the support meetings and education classes. We look forward to welcoming you introducing returning guests to our second center, which will feature more dedicated wellness treatment and relaxation areas from July 2013.

At Samahita Retreat we offer the following Programs building upon the yoga and breathwork foundation from the Yoga Daily program.

Wellness Spa Programs

  • Simple Balanced Living
  • Pure Balanced Living
  • Radiant Balanced Living

Health Programs

  • Detox Specialty
  • Detox (Candida)
  • Healthy Weight

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We offer a range of health and wellness related Retreat and Trainings including:

  • Detox Retreats
  • Healthy Weight Retreats
  • Wellbeing Retreats
  • Thai Massage Retreats
  • Continuing Education courses in Ayurveda, Anatomy and more

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Guest feedback about Samahita Spa Wellness Retreat Thailand.

"Samahita Retreat is an extraordinary place where you are taken care of. I was on a ten day detox and received so much care, support and advice from a team of people who genuinely wanted to help. Everything about Samahita Retreat is authentic; the staff, who become your friends, the cleanliness of your room, which becomes your home, and the wonderful communal areas, where you can relax in comfortable tropical surroundings listening to the waves on the beach. The treatments available are first class, and the yoga does more than stretch your hamstrings. But if you want to discover how beautiful this place really is, and how it can help you in ways you never imagined, I suggest you book now, I promise you will not regret it. Do something wonderful for yourself"
Kelly, UK , Oct 2011

"This is my second time doing Detox at Samahita and both times the experience and the results have been amazing. I not only lost weight, but felt lighter physically and mentally. I was able to re - connect with my body and really get rid of all the toxins. The place, the teachers, the trainers and the whole staff really made my detox a great experience. The wellness center staff is amazing."
Geovanna, United States, February 2013

"A beautifully thought out yoga retreat. Amazing food, a place for everyone to find their own space and enjoy yoga to the max or simply to decompress from the daily grind!"
Sue C, July 2012

"I had one of the best experiences in my life and would definitely like to come back. I can highly recommend Samahita Retreat! I learned a lot about healthy eating and what is good for my body."
Guest, November 2012

Photo Credit: Silvina Gall
Music by Daphse Tse