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Wellness Spa Programs

Relax and enjoy our range of wellness spa programs, designed to nourish body and soul. Choose from a range of massage, beauty treatments and detoxifying therapies to complement your time with us.

Simple Balanced Living

Simple Balanced Living

This program is the foundation for all of our Wellness Residential Programs. It offers you full benefits of our facilities and yoga plus your choice of one 60-minute ‘Body & Soul’ therapy per day to relax and revitalize at our health spa.


Radiant Balanced Living

This program takes our Simple Balanced Living Program and upgrades it to include our ‘Radiance’ Treatments. These treatments are designed to rejuvenate your face, hands and nails to leave your skin clean, fresh and revitalized.



Pure Balanced Living

This is our premium Wellness Residential Program offering all the therapies and treatments included in the Simple and Radiant programs plus our Detoxifying therapies to help you get the most out of your spa break. The health of your digestive system plays a key role in your vital energy and wellbeing so we have designed our Pure Balanced Living Program to leave you feeling vibrant and clean inside and out.


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