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“Love and patience are inseparable.” ∼ Swami Kripalu
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Samahita Wellness Program Team

We invite you to meet our Wellness Program & Wellness Retreat staff

Wellness Director

Rebecca is a Health Coach, yoga, pilates teacher and a reiki practitioner. Rebecca started working in the fitness industry in 1996 as a result of her passion for inspiring, motivating and educating others in improving their health and wellbeing. This included a variety of group fitness and pilates classes, and personal training sessions on exercise and nutrition. After discovering yoga for her personal benefit, life started to shift in a very profound way. Within a few years of self-discovery through yoga, she knew that it was time to expand her repertoire. Rebecca completed her Centered Yoga teacher training in 2011 in Thailand, and then returned to Sydney to share what she had learnt. Her desire to help spread the magic of yoga was ignited. Rebecca has continued to educate and expand her consciousness with many great teachers around the world, and is a certified health coach with The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. In 2016 she moved to Thailand to work at a Detox Retreat Center as wellness manager, where she was able to continue inspiring, supporting and educating people on a much deeper level. Rebecca believes in bio-individuality when it comes to the food that we eat—one person’s food is another person’s poison. Tuning into how we feel after we eat will give us a good indication as to what foods are good for us. When we get out of head and into our heart, our body naturally finds balance. Combinning the right food choices and lifestyle for us as an individual, will lead us in the right direction for a happy, healthy, life. Rebecca loves to travel and explore the unknown. Travel has opened up her eyes, spread her wings and given her the confidence to fly. She believes if we set clear intentions, take action with inspiration and excitement rather than control and manipulation, life will be kind to us.

Manuel Molina de la Torre


Manuel I was born in a beautiful Andalucian village called Begíjar, Spain. When I was fifteen years old, my family and I moved to the North of Spain and since then I have been travelling and living in different places around the world. I practiced yoga for the first time back in 2004 in the Spanish Pyrenees. I fell in love with it and since then I knew I wanted to teach yoga. That was just the beginning of a journey and my research would take me to other places like Ireland and Italy, where I lived and practiced yoga for a few years. I travelled to India in 2010 and Thailand in 2014 where I completed my Centered Yoga teacher training at Samahita Retreat with Paul Dallaghan. I have been involved with nutrition, organic food, vegan and vegetarian food for the last few years, working and collaborating as a cook with yoga retreats in Europe. I believe that the combination of a healthy diet and yoga practice are great tools for reaching our full potential as human beings. For more, please read full bio

Wellness manager (KWAN)

KWANA spa and wellness management training at Mahidol University in Bangkok, she has experience in management and related services in the 5 stars hotels in 9 years. She was able to guide and educate others about the treatment very well. She also has a certificate from the Ministry of Public Health, the spa operation. She loves to serve and good health. She hopes that all guests who come to get a good impression of the service and treatment as well.

Assistant Wellness Manager (FON)

FONFon Her excellent skills and sense of responsibility, she then became the general manager’s assistant in a Thai family resort. Fon has 10 years’ experience working in the service industry and this has helped her to assist guests in the most professional and friendly manner. She is ready to welcome everyone to come to the Wellness of us, she is ready to help, whether it is services or recommend treatment Methodism .

Personal Trainer / Guest relation officer (SO)

So has been a key part of the Samahita team since 2009 as the Guest relations officer and Personal Trainer.

A keen interest for fitness, seeing development in others and learning how the body moves has motivated So to study and complete his Personal Training Fitness qualification in 2014, accredited by ACE Fitness Thailand.

So will be instructing as part of our new YogaCoreCycle program at Samahita, as well as being available for 1 to 1 private sessions during the day.

A keen and driven individual who will always greet you with a smile and never fail to leave you feeling great about yourself after a session.

Am, Wellness Receptionist

Wellness Receptionist

Am Earned a Bachelor’s degree in Information and computer management from Prince of Songkla University. Started hotel service in 2012. She has a love of service and full service allowing guests to be satisfied. She is knowledgeable the computer is very good and tactful communication with guests as well.

Neena, Massage Therapist

Neena completed her massage therapy training, which included a full course in abdominal massage at the Thai Ministry of public health in Kho Samui in 2005. She loves to do oil massage and flower decorations.

Jeabzy, Massage Therapist

Jeabzy completed her massage therapy training at the Thai Minsitry of public health in Kho Samui in 2016. She enjoys to work with oils while massaging and also beauty treatments such as facials, pedicure and manicure.

Jeab, Massage Therapist

Jeab-Massage Therapist Jeab Completed her massage therapy training at the Thai Ministry of Public Health in Koh Samui in 2007 and has been working as a therapist full time ever since. She loves being a therapist and enjoys helping people with their physical problems. She has also passed certification from the Thai National skill standard testing in massage from Ministry of Public health.

Pen, Senior Therapist

Pen-Massage Therapist Pen Completed her massage training at the Thai Ministry of Labor in Surathani in 2006. She further completed Therapeutic Health Massage training in Krabi. Pen has also passed certification from the Thai National Skill Standard Testing in Massage Therapy. She enjoys studying anatomy and how to apply her training and experience so that she can people with their ailments.

Noon, Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist -NOON Noon graduated with a Master’s degree in Art and Cultural Administration from Burapha University in 2010. She is a talented artist, specializing in portrait drawings, and she is also a gifted make-up artist and Traditional Thai Dancer. Before coming to Samahita Retreat, Noon worked in many 5 stars hotels. She recently finished her training as a massage therapist and is dedicated to learning more and is proud to be a Samahita Wellness Therapist.

Si, Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist - Si Si Completed her massage therapy training at the Thai Ministry of Public Health in Koh Samui in 2010. Her prior Spa experience brings a great addition to our Wellness Aroma Therapy, facial treatment and body experience.

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