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“Yoga has a complete message for Humanity. It has a message for the human body. It has a message for the human mind.
It has also a message for the human soul...” ∼ Swami Kuvalayananda

Yoga, Wellness, & Holistic Nutritionwellness-yoga-2

The intrinsic message of yoga is to remove “un-well”. It is a completely holistic health approach taking into account our physical, psychological, mental and spiritual state. In a sense, the achievement of yoga is perfect balance, all artificiality removed, our true nature shining forth, overall wellness predominating.

Yoga offers many tools and techniques to practice to achieve this balance, this wellbeing. It is impossible to separate the physical from the psychological as they are always interlinked. So an approach to taking care of the body is integrated with control and mastery of the mind and senses.


Nutritional Wellnesswellness-yoga-21

One of the key teachings in yoga is how to manage food with the key advice being “eat in moderation”, never over eat nor starve yourself unnecessarily. Additionally, food has a tremendous emotional impact. Modern nutrition is also very strongly focused on food for health. Both systems of yoga and nutrition apply techniques to maintain strength and vigor of body along with a positive mental state.

Holistic Nutrition

In order to move further in the field of inner growth and peace of mind the state of the body and subsequently its diet must be looked at. In a modern
world we come across so much abuse of food on a personal and global level. Much food is wasted in one area while others go hungry or under
nourished elsewhere. Even in the land of the plenty the modern state of food has led to a form of under-nourishment as the quality and composition of food has vastly deteriorated and moved away from its natural state. So today we have to navigate a mix of processed and refined foods along with chemically structured and polluted foods. With modern lifestyle being so pressured and stressed we will typically take the simplest solution available.wellness-yoga-3

As a result we will find our level “un-well” increased as we are stressed and improperly fed. This makes it difficult to progress internally and can leave us dissatisfied in day-to-day life. Our observation over years of teaching yoga is that people’s digestion and elimination is out of balance, their intake is over active, meaning their consumption of food and other items, with much of it based on habits and cravings and a lack of discipline. In the language of yoga, both “prana” and “apana” malfunction, keeping one away from the “yoga”. But it’s kind of how it works today. We are not educated on how to breathe correctly and which foods can benefit us most or the quality of the water we should be drinking. So it is the responsibility of the field of yoga and wellness to inform, educate and empower. We consider it our direct duty to offer this.

An initial step in yoga is cleaning out in order to build up our system, at first physically but ultimately mentally. Based on our diet and lifestyle we might need much more than just a few asana practices a week. In fact, one can feel blocked and unable to make progress while doing the asanas as the bodily system is having a hard time detoxifying. The combination of modern food types leaves a residue of undigested matter, “ama”, as it is termed in ayurveda, in our system. We feel heavy, stiff, lethargic and experience poor concentration and dissatisfaction with life. To regularly do a yoga practice is important but help from a focused detox program is a needed boost, almost a required step. It should be supplemented with education on how to take care of yourself through diet, physical practices and keeping up a mental well-being..

This leaves yoga and wellness inevitably interlinked. The body is nature’s greatest gift. May we take care of it. In so doing, there is a natural impact on our psychological state, our peace of mind. And the only way to achieve it is to work on ourselves. In today’s busy world, the benefits from giving yourself the time and space to visit a yoga retreat, to connect with holistic wellness will show in your day to day life, work and relationships. Whether you choose a Yoga Retreat, a Wellness Retreat or a Program, we offer you the chance to rediscover wellness and yoga in Thailand, here on the relaxing southern coast of Koh Samui.

The Wellness programs at Samahita Retreat were not created to pamper and beautify, though you may get that as a result. But rather they are to help one release tension, detoxify unwanted waste, personally empower and educate so that your onward journey in life is full of true growth and satisfaction. We wish you well and hope to be of assistance to you.

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