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Why You Should Detox During Your Yoga Teacher Training


Why Detox During TrainingDuring a teacher training at Samahita Retreat is actually the best time to detox, because a detox supports everything that you learn in your TT. One of the main things to take from your TT is a self-practice, which consists of learning to listen to your body and taking care of yourself. Part of doing this includes doing cleansing practices. Ancient yogic purifying practices called kriyas are still relevant today, and maybe even more so, for the amount of environmental, food and water pollutants that our systems are forced to deal with every day.

Yogic kriyas help us to clean out the nasal passages, optical nerves, organs of the digestive system, the lungs, and more. And this is just at the gross level. At the subtle energetic level, these cleansing practices, including an intelligent yoga asana practice, help us to cleanse the subtle energy body, i.e., the energetic channels called nadis, of which there are literally thousands in our bodies.

Why Detox During TrainingWhen you do a detox while engaging in these yoga kriyas, you will gain deeper insight, on an experiential level, of what is cleansing and the actual effects of it on the mind, body, and spirit. This brings it all together, as yoga (coming from the root “to yoke” or bring together) is meant to do. Then you are truly doing a holistic sadhana/practice that integrates all levels of your being – from the mind (through understanding), to the physical body, to the subtle energy and emotional bodies. Your body and asana can get lighter as old things fall away that no longer serve you – and this is just the experience on one level!

If you would like to experience complete alignment of cleansing on all levels of your being – from the foods that you put into your body, the treatments that support the detox, the yoga asana, pranayama, kriya practices that you learn in the TT – then there is no better time to detox than during your TT. You are here, you are in it, it benefits you to make best use of your time and go the deepest that you can. Detoxing, on every level, in every sense of he word, can take you there!

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