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“The very purpose of spirituality is to control yourself, not to criticize others. How much am I doing about my anger?
About my attachment, about my hatred, about my pride, my jealousy?” ∼ Dalai Lama
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Yoga Workshops in Thailand

Private Sessions

Samahita Wellness Center offers private sessions, which have been designed to suit your personal needs and support you in the process of self-development. From understanding more about yourself and your life path to learning how to prepare delicious healthy meals or training with a personal instructor to increase your fitness levels.Each private session is individually priced and last either 60 or 90 minutes. For details on our three hour Workshop modules please see the Workshop section.

To ensure availability we recommend that you book workshops in advance.

Private Yoga Classes

Private Session with Yoga TeacherA one on one private yoga session with one of our residential teachers can be of specific value to you, especially if:
– You have questions coming up about the yoga practice
– You want to get more detail and focus on particular asanas, meditation, cleansing practices or breathing techniques
– You would like more direct attention on your practice.



Personal Training

This fun and challenging private session will lead you towards a more fit and healthier body by increasing your cardiovascular endurance, core stability and strength. Our personal trainer will design and guide you through a variation of exercises and assist in reaching your personal goals, whether it’s weight loss, toning the body, improving exercise performance or overall wellbeing.


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Healthy Cooking

Healthy Cooking

At Samahita Retreat we take great pride in our delicious, healthy food. We know that food is such an important part of our day, not only should it taste good, it should be prepared and cooked with care to nourish and support a conscious, healthy lifestyle. Enjoy a 3-course menu of your favourite healthy dishes, with personalized hands on instruction.The program includes a multi-course, cook book and certificate.


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*You can also reserve a place while staying at Samahita Retreat through the Juice Bar at least one day in advance. The class is available daily between 1:30pm and 3pm except Saturdays.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching at Samahita Retreat

A combination of transpersonal Psychology, EFT, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), life coaching, yoga & spiritual understanding that will help you tune into your true self. Gain conscious control over relentless, unsupportive or unhealthy habitual mind patterns. Our life couching session will help you discover your full potential and create a sense of greater emotional fulfillment.


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We recommend that you book your private session in advance. Please contact us.


We offer a number of workshops for guests available as an extra to any Program or Retreat you have joined. The 3-hour modules were created as educational tools for guests who wish to complement their stay with new skills and knowledge. Our highly skilled teaching team will be happy to share their knowledge and expertise with you during the workshops. For information on 60 and 90 minute bookings please visit the Private Sessions tab.

To ensure availability we recommend that you book workshops in advance.


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Yoga Adjustments

Learn how to successfully adjust your students in asana practice. Hands on adjustments are a crucial element in teaching asana and guiding your students towards correct alignment and preventing injuries. During this hands-on workshop you will gain more self-confidence when adjusting your yoga students in a safe and skillful way. Although this module is intended for teachers and teacher trainees, we welcome all keen yoga practitioners who wish to deepen their knowledge.


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First Aid in Yoga Class

Adequate care provided is better than perfect care withheld. This workshop welcomes all yoga students and teachers as well as all those who wish to learn the basics of giving someone first aid. You will go through the proper use of a first aid kit and steps on how to manage emergency situations, whilst keeping yourself safe and minimizing potential danger in the surroundings.


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We recommend that you book your private workshop in advance. Please contact us