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“My own prescription for health is less paperwork and more running barefoot through the grass.” ∼ Leslie Grimutter
Suitable for all levels - beginners welcome.

Private Yoga Classes and Programs

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A one on one private session with one of our residential teachers can be of specific value to you, especially if

  • You have questions coming up about the yoga practice
  • You want to get more detail and focus on particular asanas, meditation, cleansing practices or breathing techniques
  • You would like more direct attention on your practice

Private Yoga Class

A focused, personalized time such as this can be used as a direct workshop to help you deepen and understand the yoga practice, but most importantly, to get you to apply this yourself in practice. Applying it is the true sign of growth and learning and can only be done when understood and repeated. The attention to detail in a private session is to help this process of learning.

Discussion on the philosophy, anatomy and background of yoga and its practice can also be included in your session.

Yogic Cleansing Class

Learn about the “shat karma kriyas”, Hatha Yoga cleansing practices. What are they? Why should you practice them? How do you practice them? And which ones are appropriate for you?

The practice of “kriyas” helps cleanse the internal organs and gastrointestinal tract. Their benefits include: removing sluggishness, curing allergies and other hypersensitivities, and clearing physical and energetic blockages that prevent progress in practice.

Experience how the “kriyas” can improve the quality of your practice and your life.

Breathwork and Pranayama Class

Pranayama is an invaluable part of yoga practice. It is essential for students who wish to move towards a concentrated mind. And it has the ability to enhance the quality of your life and to strengthen your life force.

From one of our experienced teachers, in the first lesson you will learn about proper breathing. If you wish to participate in three lessons, they will also teach you preparatory exercises and pranayamas and help you to build a self-practice.

The Art of Meditation Class

Meditation practice is built on attention-setting techniques that draw one’s awareness internally to a still and focused place. It does not happen overnight but through repeated practice. It works in conjunction with the other practices, particularly with the breathwork. Here you will learn specific techniques and you will take home a practice that you can do in as little as 10 minutes – and up to 30 minutes – per day.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is a safe and empowering tool to overcome various health conditions, injuries and physical or mental disabilities. Under the guidance of a highly qualified yoga therapist, the session consists of a one-to-one consultation to assess any current condition, associated health problems and related lifestyle factors. The yoga therapy program is then specially tailored to your individual needs offering very simple and modified flexibility exercises, asanas, breathing and relaxation techniques. In addition to healing the present condition, you will gain many other health benefits as well greater awareness of your body and mind.

Ballet & Yoga Fusion Exercises

Enjoy the fusion of mild yoga and elegant ballet exercises on the floor designed to assist the process of attaining a healthy and fit body. This gentle yet effective workout was originally designed to continue training injured dancers (known as barre à terre) using the resistance of the floor to establish proper alignment and increased range of motion. Abdominal strengthening, effective use of breath, upper-body conditioning and balance work are also emphasized and in combination with relaxing yoga poses the class has a therapeutic effect on the mind and body.


Maximum 2 persons per class

90 minutes     2,900 baht +

60 minutes     2,100 baht +

We recommend you book your Private Yoga Session in advance of your stay as teacher availability is limited. Please contact us. Alternatively, you may coordinate Private Yoga Sessions during your stay through the Wellness Center. All private yoga sessions takes place at Samahita Retreat

Please see for full teacher bios.

+ Price is subject to 7% government tax (VAT)