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“Transformation won’t come from passive involvement. Take part, get into it!” ∼ Paul Dallaghan
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Yoga Classes


Discover flow through sun salutes, stabilise in foundational standing and balancing postures and learn to link breath with movement. Designed for all levels, classes will be modified each day, designed to integrate within the YogaCoreCycle program for your optimum health.

Those that would like to focus on starting or developing their existing Ashtanga yoga practice can join our dedicated Mysore teacher. Our team have trained extensively with Paul Dallaghan and can help students of all levels and series to grow.


Classical Yoga
At Samahita we teach Classical Yoga. This is a non-dogmatic approach to the rich tradition of yoga practices, based on a correct understanding of the nature and purpose of the different practices, such as asana, breath, or meditation techniques. This understanding helps inform the approach of the particular practice. This is how yoga has survived over the millennia, through correct understanding of the nature of practices, learning them well and continuing practice. Classical Yoga maintains integrity by staying true to these aspects.


Ashtanga Vinyasa – Dynamic flow style Ashtanga Vinyasa is a beautiful yet thorough approach to asana practice. It is rooted in a solid tradition and carries with it this strength of many years. Ashtanga Vinyasa is the basis of so many modern yoga approaches. It masterfully presents the asanas and lets the students move through them, growing and undoing the blocks they encounter. It incorporates movement with breath, a unique science in its own right. Its real advantage is that it gives the student a practice and something to always progress and develop in. Paul and the teachers are highly experienced in this practice.

Paul, specifically, was one of a few in the world directly certified at the advanced level by the late Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois, master of this approach.


Mysore Style – Guided Self-Practice Mysore style is the self-practice of the poses of the ashtanga vinyasa system, a very thorough approach to the practice of asana. The sequence begins with basic postures, later opening up and revealing its depth as students continue to practice. The Mysore approach works with students individually, so that they progress according to their level. A beginner starts with only a few poses, gradually adding more and more as your practice develops and your proficiency and commitment evolve. This ensures that the student is always challenged and growing while, at the same time, practicing at the level appropriate for you.


Vinyasa-flow yoga Dynamic flow classes are l detailed yet enjoyable. The classes are guided by the teacher and students of any level can participate.


Yin & Restorative yoga
Rest and rejuvenate with a relaxing restorative yoga class, designed to release stress and relax your body and mind.  Yin yoga is a blissful, gentle, deeply healing and meditative practice. It is ideal for relieving stress and tension and works on the connective tissues and internal systems of the body. All asanas are seated or reclining and maintained for a few minutes, supported by props as need be.


Hatha basics explore the fundamentals of Yoga. Asanas (postures) are held for longer time with attention to details of alignment and often with rest phases between postures. Basic inversion poses may be included.


Breath Work & Meditation will be taught during the afternoon restorative classes, helping students learn techniques which they can then practice during optional evening meditation in one of our peaceful shalas.

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