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Experience a Yoga Holiday on our Flexi-Date Programs

Samahita Retreat was founded on the basis of traditional and intensive yoga practice. As we have grown and looked to offer the benefits of health in body and mind our offering has expanded to additionally feature detox therapies, fitness routines, and mindful awareness. Our classical yoga program continues to pervade through everything with breath work (pranayama) and meditation as the foundation of our offering and options for the physical body that include the classic asana practice and either supplemented by, or alternated with, cardio and core strength practices within our YogaCoreCycle program offering. For the dedicated yoga practitioner a full dynamic and restorative yoga practice can still be done up to twice a day.

Whether you want a mix of a yoga holiday with fitness or just to focus on the yoga practices, both are included in our daily programming and is easily booked under YogaCoreCycle, our key Flexi-Date option to stay at Samahita.

The morning (A.M.) sessions are more dynamic and include a teacher led ashtanga vinyasa class, scheduled to fit in with the Core and Cycle classes, or for those practicing more or wanting to go further with yoga poses, the guided self-practice (mysore style) , where you determine how long you practice for, thus still able to add in Core and Cycle or focus purely on yoga practice.

The afternoon (P.M.) sessions incorporate Yin and gentle restorative yoga after the offering of afternoon Core and Cycle classes. The afternoon session concludes with basic breath work and sitting meditation practice.

Classes are taught by different teachers from our Samahita Retreat team,

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