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“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” ∼ Mother Teresa


Meet Yoga Instructor Elonne Stockton
Education and Trainings Director and Senior Yoga Teacher

Yoga teachers Thailand Elonne Stockton Elonne Stockton started practicing yoga at age 14. As a student at Choate Rosemary Hall preparatory school, she found that practicing 2-3 days a week helped her cope with the stresses of competitive academics and athletics, as well as with the endless challenges of adolescence.

Elonne ran with her high school cross country and track teams, and she continued to run during her first two years of college. Her running coach at Choate, a Buddhist, taught religion and philosophy, and introduced her to meditation and Eastern thought. Even before she meditated regularly, Elonne caught a glimpse of the concentrated mind through distance running.

At the time, there were no studios or teachers where she lived, so she practiced yoga on her own with books and video tapes. After transferring from Bowdoin College to Columbia University, Elonne began studying at the various studios open around New York at that time – Jivamukti, Integral, Sivananda, etc. Once she graduated from college in 2001, Elonne concentrated on going deeper into her practice, and she went to the Sivananda Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas on vacation in Fall 2002.

Yoga teachers ThailandWhile she was at the Bahamas retreat, she decided to take a break from the field of journalism to attend their 200-hour teacher training course, which she completed in January of 2003. She started teaching the morning after she finished the course and has been teaching full-time ever since. After 2 years of teaching and doing Karma Yoga in the Bahamas, Canada, and India, Elonne spent a year teaching in the United States before moving to Taipei in 2006.

Elonne taught in Taipei for three years, and it was during this time that she met her teachers, Paul Dallghan, O.P. Tiwariji, Richard Freeman, and Mary Taylor. Since then, she has earned the Centered Yoga 1100 hour certificate and has logged in thousands of contact hours with Paul Dallaghan and O.P. Tiwari combined. She has also attended Richard Freeman’s and Mary Taylor’s month-long teaching intensive in Boulder, Colorado and has attended their advanced intensives, in Thailand, each year since 2007. The support and guidance of all four teachers enable Elonne to continue to strengthen and develop her connection to the practice.

Elonne has taught asana, pranayama, and meditation in retreats, resorts, ashrams, studios, orphanages, hospitals, and clinics around the world. Both formally and informally, Elonne continues her studies in Mandarin, Sanskrit and Pali, as well as Buddhism and Eastern philosophies. Elonne completed a Master’s of Buddhist Studies in May, 2016.

Traveling Yoga Workshops

Mar 3-7 Mysore & Led Ashtanga Classes Cape Town, South Africa
April 18-20  Easyoga Taipei Yoga Life Festival  Taipei, Taiwan 

February 9-10 Accra, Ghana Nieves Lahuerta
February 11-14 Abidjan, Ivory Coast Onanchi Chappet
February 15-18 Cape Town, South Africa Shanti Capetown
April 4-7 Utrecht, Holland Yoga Moves
May 11-12 Saigon, Vietnam Catherine Walter
September 30 – October 9 Ashtanga Classes Cape Town, South Africa Shanti Cape
October 13 Pranayama Workshop Cape Town, South Africa Shanti Cape
Nov 22-24 Saigon, Vietnam Catherine Walter

August 30 – September 1 Taipei, Taiwan Pure Yoga 
September 2 Taipei, Taiwan Easyoga +886-2-2321-1283
November 23-25 Jakarta, Indonesia Namaste Festival

Saigon, November 2013


Easyoga, September 2012

Elonne is so calm and patient, makes us want to become like her. I hope the pranayama will have this effect on us.

~ Paola, France, November ’14

Elonne was calming and made philosophy interesting and approachable.

~ Tabbi, UK, November ’14

Elonne is super caring and always willing to help and support us. I loved her clear instructions and guidelines! I loved her chanting classes!
∼ Helena, Vietnam, 2013

Elonne was supportive, loving and extremely generous with her knowledge. She taught me the importance of making yoga a meditative process, one where the awareness is on the inside. When I practiced with this intention it changed me!
∼ Nada, Egypt, 2013

Sincere, kind, firm but gentle, always approachable and offers great advice. Wicked sense of humor, always gets us laughing.
∼ TT student, August 2013

I had a fantastic week’s yoga retreat with Elonne. She is an incredibly gifted, knowledgeable and dedicated teacher. I have been practicing yoga for some years but I learnt a great deal from her during the week and feel completely re-inspired about my practice as a result. The course was also a brilliant introduction to the practice of pranayama which was taught in a very clear and methodical way. I thoroughly enjoyed her balanced and practical approach and her advice on integrating yoga into one’s daily life was invaluable. I will definitely be back!
∼ Rupert, UK, 2013

It has been a very rich experience to meet Elonne and “absorb” everything she shared with us. Thanks, Elonne, for your patience and dedication! It has been a pleasure to meet you, a bless really.
∼ Daniele, Ivory Coast, 2013

Elonne, just wanted to say thank you for everything you patiently taught me throughout the retreat. You are an inspiring teacher and your gentle way resonates in your teaching. I’ll be back for sure.
∼ Bridie, Australia, 2013

Elonne, thank you for the wonderful week. I feel rejuvenated and very much re-inspired to get into my personal practice again and also to continue my training, I found you to be a great teacher and hope to see more of you in the future.
Anna, UK, 2013

You are a really talented / awesome teacher and we are so grateful we had you introducing us to Yoga :0) We will be back to do another course with you soon. By the way we still listen to and chant along to the recording we did in the class. We love it and I find it really centring and calming.
∼ Bek and Geremy, Australia, 2012

Elonne inspired me very much by her humble and caring nature, by dealing with us with so much concern and respect.
∼ Radica, Switzerland, 2011

Elonne is an amazing teacher. She does so much for the students and is so supportive.
∼ Hoang, United States, 2011

Extremely knowledgeable and approachable. Very encouraging. Fantastic chanting. I will remember her fondly.
∼ Rae, Phillipines, 2011


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