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Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreats at Samahita give you the opportunity to go deeper into the practices with a full daily schedule and more dedicated hours for yoga! Yoga Retreats have a fixed date, and can either be with our senior Samahita Retreat teachers or with a visiting guest teacher.

Some retreats focus solely on yoga, including yogic philosophy, while others invite you to learn about health, wellbeing and creativity alongside yoga. Retreat programs are suitable for all levels of students, and you will have the opportunity to work closely with your dedicated teacher to either learn a new practice or to work upon your existing one, asking questions and learning together in a fun and supportive environment.

Some of the programs are simple retreats, excellent for integrating yoga into a holiday or vacation. Others are more specific, covering areas of special interest and training. These present ideal opportunities for intensive study, to practice deeper, learn more, or sometimes even to begin the practice of yoga. Retreats are usually priced at a set rate that covers the full yoga program, accommodation and meals.

Types of Retreats

We offer four types of retreats:

Samahita Yoga Retreats

Samahita Retreat was established by dedicated and experienced yoga teachers whose seniority is recognized internationally. We offer informative and lively programs on all aspects of yoga, including classical teaching of authentic pranayama, asana, philosophy and meditation from the tradition. Choosing a Samahita Yoga Retreat gives you the chance to deepen and further your practice or if you are new, creates an ideal starting foundation. There’s plenty of opportunity for discussion and personal guidance from the teacher as well as greater opportunity for going deeper into the study and practice of yoga. Choose from our five core Samahita Yoga Retreats each with their own specialized focus. Restore & Relax – Breathe and Meditate – Align & Flow – Strengthen & Balance – Philosophize & Harmonize.

Samahita Wellbeing Retreats

Our Wellbeing retreats have been designed to give guests the opportunity to learn and discover techniques especially designed to enhance wellbeing on every level. As with all of our programs at Samahita Retreat, there is a strong yoga element, helping guests learn the fundamentals of breath work and Yoga asana. What makes the Samahita Wellbeing Retreats different is the inclusion of alternative and holistic techniques to compliment yoga practices. From unlocking creativity and personal transformation to learning EFT or Thai Chi, Samahita Wellbeing Retreats are open to all levels. In addition, one-to-one life coaching retreats with Dorien Israel are available. Please see here for more information.

Samahita Health Retreats

Detox Retreat, Weight loss and De-Stress Retreats. This is a focused time spent on working on yourself, whether through a detox retreat, fasting or weight loss retreat approach. Experienced Samahita Retreat teachers will guide all levels of students towards establishing a yoga practice, and you will also enjoy the additional therapies and treatments designed to compliment each individual retreat.


Guest Teacher Retreats

We are happy and privileged to be able to host visiting teachers who are experts in the field of yoga. Over the years we have developed relationships with them, sometimes teaching alongside them, other times studying under them. There is much to learn from these individuals, who despite being highly regarded teachers remain humble and always grounded.




Some of the Guest Teacher Retreats may also include credits towards the Guest Teacher’s own training programs. Please see individual retreat pages for details.

Enhance Your Yoga Retreat with a Wellness Spa or Health Program:

You may choose to Add-On any Wellness Spa or Health Program to your booking of a scheduled retreat program or Education Course, giving you the chance to fully enjoy massage, detox and more at our Samahita Wellness Center during your stay.  

Oct 11, 2014Oct 18, 2014Strengthen & BalanceSamahita Yoga RetreatAmy Arman
Oct 25, 2014Nov 1, 2014Advanced Anatomy: Action, Alignment and AdjustmentsContinuing Education: AnatomyArielle Nash
Dec 20, 2014Dec 27, 2014Celebrate the Holidays and Enter the New YearChristmas & New Year Samahita Yoga RetreatPaul Dallaghan and Special Musical Guest Edo & Jo
Dec 27, 2014Jan 3, 2015Christmas & New Year Samahita Yoga RetreatSamahita Yoga RetreatsPaul Dallaghan and Special Musical Guest Edo & Jo
June 13, 2015June 27, 2015Continuing Education
Practical Anatomy: The Next Step in Teaching and Adjusting with Integrity
Continuing Education: PranayamaArielle Nash-Degagne and Elonne Stockton
July 12July 15Hatha Yoga Pradipika – Special Continuing EducationHatha Yoga PradipikaSri O. P. Tiwari and Paul Dallaghan