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“The very purpose of spirituality is to control yourself, not to criticize others. How much am I doing about my anger?
About my attachment, about my hatred, about my pride, my jealousy?” ∼ Dalai Lama
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Our Yoga Instructors

Meet our team of Samahita Retreat Yoga Instructors.

Paul Dallaghan

(Available during specific Retreats and Trainings only)

Paul Paul Dallaghan VDO Bio Paul is a senior teacher of Pranayama, Asana and the meditative art and science of Yoga. He has been a dedicated student since the late 1990s of both Sri O.P.Tiwari, one of the few remaining classical yogis and masters of Pranayama, and the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in ashtanga vinyasa. Both of these great teachers have personally certified Paul in these practices, a unique position as the only one to receive this double honor. Paul continues with Mantra practice from the yoga lineage and meditative approaches, influenced by the Thai Forest tradition. This combination of practice and study through dedication and devotion has helped him gain some understanding of practice and to apply this appropriately in Asana, Pranayama, Mantra recitation and Meditation for the different level of students he has the privilege to share the teaching with. He continues his studies in health, philosophy, anatomy and physiology. Paul is also conducting PhD research on the yoga practices at Emory University in Atlanta, USA. One of his main gifts is to be able to relate the teachings in a very down-to-earth way for the modern seeker. He does not take life or yoga too seriously and as a result the discussions and philosophical sessions are lively and humorous, helping to explain the meaning behind the practices and philosophy.

Paul is the happy father of two lovely boys and the founder of Centered Yoga and Samahita Retreat. For more please see his full bio.

Amy Arman

Amy Sharp Amy Arman VDO Bio

Amy has been teaching at Samahita Retreat since 2011, where she continues to work closely with students from around the world. Her intention is to empower students to create their own sustainable practice built on the foundations developed by Paul Dallaghan and Sri. O.P. Tiwari. Amy combines teaching with her role as Managing Director.

Amy studied acting and theatre in London and has been living in Thailand for seven years, working as a freelance writer for magazines, focused on wellness and travel. She has three young daughters. Amy lives her life immersed in raising children, teaching and the biggest practice of all; learning how to live yoga. finding balance and joy through all of life's many adventures. For more please see her full bio

Manuel Molina de la Torre


Manuel I was born in a beautiful Andalucian village called Begíjar, Spain. When I was fifteen years old, my family and I moved to the North of Spain and since then I have been travelling and living in different places around the world. I practiced yoga for the first time back in 2004 in the Spanish Pyrenees. I fell in love with it and since then I knew I wanted to teach yoga. That was just the beginning of a journey and my research would take me to other places like Ireland and Italy, where I lived and practiced yoga for a few years. I travelled to India in 2010 and Thailand in 2014 where I completed my Centered Yoga teacher training at Samahita Retreat with Paul Dallaghan. I have been involved with nutrition, organic food, vegan and vegetarian food for the last few years, working and collaborating as a cook with yoga retreats in Europe. I believe that the combination of a healthy diet and yoga practice are great tools for reaching our full potential as human beings. For more, please read full bio

Katie Parsons

Katie Parsons Katie has always been fascinated by how food directly affects our physical and emotional wellness. This interest started when Katie began experimenting with her own diet, after years of digestive issues and getting tests with inconclusive results. It was at this time when she realised the power of diet on the overall function of our bodies.

With a background as a Mental Health Nurse, Katie decided to deepen her understanding of food and nutrition and went on to study Human Nutrition, gaining a Masters Degree in 2012. Katie worked in a hospital setting, both on a one to one basis and in group settings.


Katie’s passion lies in helping people gain confidence in their understanding of which foods work best for them and why. Katie is available for private nutrition consultations. Please enquire at the Wellness reception.

For more, please read full bio

Pernille Hvidberg

Pernille Hvidberg

Since she was a child, Pernille has had a passion for sports and movement, especially for functional and core training. She completed a training in STOTT Pilates and is a certified stress management coach. Additionally, Pernille has been coming to Samahita Retreat since 2013 and has completed the Centered Yoga 200 hour teacher training and advanced trainings here. She now feels privileged to work for Samahita Retreat as the Fitness Manager.

Pernille’s style of teaching encourages students to use both physical and mental strength while maintaining a calm and open mind. This approach empowers them to take these practices home so they can continue to find balance in their daily lives. bio

Sara Pierroz

Sara Pierroz Sarah has travelled the world, and she is grateful to have found Samahita Retreat and Centered Yoga along the way. She completed her Centered Yoga teacher training in 2011 and has returned regularly for continuing education in asana, pranayama, and philosophy with Paul Dallaghan and Sri O.P. Tiwari.

Sarah is an accomplished artist. She has spent the past decade teaching Art, Photography, and Environmental Science in Egypt and Italy, at a United World College.


Currently the Wellness Advisor at Samahita Retreat, with certification in Schwinn Spinning and TRX Suspension Training, Sarah looks forward to helping others find new ways to consider how nutrition, fitness, yoga, and the arts can be integrated to support a joy-filled and healthy life. 

For more, please read full bio

Gill Breetzke

gill-bio-2016-2 Gill Breetzke Gill has been coming to Samahita since 2011 participating yearly in the Continued Education Courses with Paul Dallaghan and Sri.O.P Tiwari and in 2015 received her 1100hour Centered Yoga Certification. Samahita has always been a welcoming, transformative space for her and in early 2016 she was grateful to fully embrace this magical place and call it home.

She is one of the performers on the Samahita Live album and has regularly had the pleasure of adding her harmonies to the angelic music of Daphne Tse.


Originally from South Africa, born into a family of educators she studied Primary Education and has lived and taught in schools in London, Dublin and Yangon working, learning and growing with so many wonderful children uncovering the joys and mysteries of life. In 2004 friends in Dublin lead her to her first Ashtanga yoga class in a drafty prefab classroom and it was there that her yoga journey began. Gill combines yoga teaching with her job as Samahita Retreat Reservations Specialist.

For more, please read full bio

Anouk Prop

Anouk Prop

Anouk Prop is a psychotherapist, registered Yoga Alliance (500 RYT) yoga teacher and reiki master, originally from the Netherlands. Along the way she completed teacher trainings in vinyasa flow, Ashtanga yoga and mindfulness and dived deeper into the world of yoga therapy by following several courses in this area. She combines yoga, psychotherapy & energetic healing through their very compatible aspects and stresses on the non-medical methods in healing and offers a holistic approach as such. Postgraduate education in trauma healing in combination with yoga put into practice, she has a broad range of experience in the field, varying from working with children and adults with a history of abuse, addiction, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, but also car-accidents and other traumatic events like war or natural disasters. She encounters people with deeply rooted tension, trauma or blockages on a level which goes beyond cognition and shows that yoga and energetic healing can open doors in this. Her mindful approach is focused on empowerment and guiding people towards their own unique essence by gently inviting them to look in the beautiful, though sometimes confronting mirror life provides, taken by her hand of compassion, positivity and enthusiasm.

For more, please read full bio

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