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“How can they succeed in getting water unless they continue to dig persistently where they started?”
∼ Ramakrishna
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Samahita Wellness Center - Media Resources

Samahita Retreat Brochure


Download PDF version of the brochure

Samahita Wellness Center Brochure


  • Body & Soul Therapies:

    A Touch of Ayurveda 60/90 min
    Therapeutic Massage 60/90 min
    Manual Lymphatic Drainage 60/90/150 min
    Aromatherapy Massage 60/90 min
    Swedish Massage 60/90 min
    Sabai Massage 60 min
    Traditional Thai Massage 60/90/120 min
    Thai Massage with Herbal Compress 60 min
    Foot Reflexology with Thai Herbal Compress 90 min
    Foot Reflexology Massage 60 min
    Relaxing Foot Massage 60 min

    Ayurvedic Therapies:

    Shirodhara Therapy 60 min
    Abhyanga Therapy (Ayurvedic Oil Massage) 90 min
    Shirodhara and Abhyanga Combined Therapy 90 min

    Detoxifying Therapies:

    Colon Hydrotherapy 60 min
    Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage 60 min
    Detoxifying Body Scrub 60 min
    Far Infrared Sauna 30 min
    Herbal Steam Room 6-8pm complimentary

    Radiance Treatments:

    Galvanic Facial Treatment 60 min
    Herbal Facial Treatment 60 min
    Apricot Facial Massage 30 min
    Exfoliating Body Scrub 60 min
    Nature's Touch: Hands & Feet polish 90 -150 min
    Nature's Touch: Hands & Feet natural 60 - 120 min

    Remedial Therapies:

    Ultrasound Therapy 30 min
    Balanced Living Packages offering a variety of therapy combinations are available. Please inquire at Wellness for details.
    Please note: in-house guests receive a special 20% discount on all Wellness services.
    All prices are in Thai Baht and subject to 7% government tax (VAT) and 10% service charge

    Samahita Wellness Center Tips & Policy

      "Cancellation" must be made at least 3 hours prior to your appointment time or you will be charged 50% of treatment cost.
      . "No Show" - if you fail to show for your booked appointment you will be charged 50% of the treatment cost.
      "Late Show" - if you show up more than 30 minutes late the appointment will be deemed as a "No Show".
      If you are less than 30 minutes late the duration of the treatment will be adjusted to fit in the remaining time left.
      Please arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment and enjoy a complimentary herbal drink
      Please turn off all mobile phones while at the Wellness Center

    Samahita Wellness Center is nestled within the healing and supportive environment of Samahita Retreat, a well-respected yoga and wellness retreat center situated in an exceptionally beautiful and tranquil beachfront setting. For your health, Samahita Retreat is a smoke and alcohol free retreat center.
    For full details on our therapies, treatments and pricing please visit
    Hours of service: 10 am to 9 pm daily
    Tel: +66 (0) 77 920 090 to 091 ext. 14

    Wellness and Detox Center

  • The body is nature's greatest gift. May we take care of it.

    Personalized Detox Programs

    A blend of science and ancient wisdom has created our Detox Programs. Inspired by Ayurveda and shaped by modern physiology and nutrition our 3, 5, 7 and 10 day Detox Programs are personalized to suit your needs and goals.
    Each detox program is individually tailored and guided: Yogi's Detox, Nature's Detox, Faster's Detox and Candida Detox- ranging from programs with some food in the form of a mono-diet to complete fasting programs, plus specialized parasite cleansing programs.
    All programs focus on alkalizing the system with a balance of fresh juices, 'superfoods', nutritional supplements and our own specially formulated Ayurvedic Herbal Detox Formula. Both Phase I and Phase II of the detoxification process are addressed, so that the body can safely release all the toxins dislodged in the initial stages of the detox rather than storing them in the liver.
    Therapies included are:
       Colon Hydrotherapy (closed system)
       Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage
       Far Infrared Sauna Therapy
       Selection of Body & Soul Therapies
    Our detox programs are professionally administered by skilled therapists in a supportive and nurturing environment.

    Wellness Residential Programs

    Our Wellness programs have been carefully created to offer you the finest therapeutic experience, combined with yoga and healthy eating. We have created three Balanced Living Programs to address your different needs. There are 3, 5 and 7 day programs available.
    'Simple' Balanced Living offers you a daily 'Body & Soul' therapy of your choice. Our 'Body & Soul' treatments range from 'Therapeutic Massage' to 'Foot Reflexology' and 'Thai Massage with Herbal Compress'.
    'Radiant' Balanced Living takes our Simple program and upgrades it to include your choice of 'Radiance' Treatments, designed to rejuvenate your face, hands and nails to leave your skin clean, fresh and revitalized. 'Radiance' Treatment choices include 'Galvanic Facial Treatment', freshly prepared 'Exfoliating Body Scrub' and 'Nature's Touch: Hands & Feet'.
    'Pure' Balanced Living is our premium Wellness Program offering all the therapies and treatments included in the 'Simple' and 'Radiant' programs plus our Detoxifying therapies, which include 'Manual Lymphatic Drainage', 'Far Infrared Sauna' and 'Colon Hydrotherapy', to leave you feeling vibrant and clean inside and out.
    Whether you wish to unwind, beautify or purify, add on a Balanced Living Program to perfectly complement your retreat.

    Wellness Education Courses

    At Samahita Wellness Center we believe not only in treating people, but in educating people to help themselves to achieve real transformation and healing. Our Wellness Education offerings aim to empower the individual with the knowledge and skills to live a more healthy, balanced and fulfilling life. We offer courses in Thai-Yoga and Therapeutic Massage, Reiki Art of Healing and Healthy Cooking. Please inquire at Wellness for details.

    Holistic Wellness Therapies

    Holistic and therapeutic treatments are available a la carte at any time during your stay. We use only the most natural ingredients in our skin care products including premium cold pressed oils, hand blended with the finest essential oils and Ayurvedic herbs for your therapeutic benefit. Our Wellness Team of highly skilled therapists tailor each therapy session to your individual needs, assuring you of a comfortable, therapeutic, enjoyable experience.
    We have chosen the most natural products for your skin care, many of them freshly prepared for your treatment using natural cold pressed oils blended with the finest essential oils and medicated Ayurvedic oils.

Download PDF version of the brochure